Before eating – Taking my time (wanting fair share) Step 1

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BEFORE EATING – Taking my time (wanting fair share)
Step 1

Truth Statement (Read aloud and rate how true 0 to 10): I eat too fast

Step 2

Set Up Phrase (Read aloud three times while tapping on side of the hand): Even though I eat I eat too fast, I love and accept myself.

Step 3

Read the following phrases aloud while tapping on the prescribed spot with your dominant hand. Remember to focus on the feelings about I eat too fast. Your goal is to get it as close to 10 as possible.

Karate Chop: Even though I want to wolf this food down, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.

Karate Chop: Even though I have always eaten very quickly, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.

Karate Chop: Even though it has always been difficult to eat slowly, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.

Eyebrow: I love to eat my food fast.

Side of the eye: I always have.

Under the eye: It’s just the way I am.

Under the nose: I don’t even like taking it out of the container.

Chin: It’s easier to eat it directly from the container, standing up at the counter.

Collarbone: I’m sure I learned that for a reason.

Liver: Maybe when I was little if I didn’t eat fast enough, I wouldn’t get any food.

Under the arm: Or I wouldn’t get my fair share.

Top of the head: So I learned to eat it quickly.

Eyebrow: Then I know I get my fair share.

Side of the eye: Lots and lots of people do that, I’m certainly not the only one.

Under the eye: It’s really very common.

Under the nose: There’s nothing wrong with it, if that is my choice.

Chin: But maybe there is another way.

Collarbone: Maybe I could start to look at this a little differently.

Liver: I’m older now, and I’m in control of my food.

Under the arm: I’m in control of when and how much I want to eat.

Top of the head: I can always get more.

Eyebrow: There is an abundance of food.

Side of the eye: If I eat it all, I can even buy more.

Under the eye: Nobody is going to take this food away from me.

Under the nose: Maybe I can start appreciating that there is an abundance of food.

Chin: I can have as much as I want.

Collarbone: So I don’t NEED to eat it quickly.

Liver: I can take my time.

Under the arm: I can eat more slowly.

Top of the head: Nothing bad will happen, like it did when I was little. (note: it’s good to tap on specific memories of that happening when you were little)

Eyebrow: I am in control now.

Side of the eye: I am an adult, and I have power

Under the eye: I am safe taking time eating my food.

Under the nose: I am safe eating more slowly.

Chin: I choose to start integrating that thought, and be open to the possibility that it is safe to eat my food more slowly.

Collarbone: And to even see the opportunity in that.

Liver: The opportunity to enjoy my life even more by enjoying my food even more.

Under the arm: By spending more time with my food, savoring the bites.

Top of the head: Just really enjoying it.

Eyebrow: Instead of rushing through it.

Side of the eye: It’s nice to enjoy things, and I can see this opportunity.

Under the eye: But if after this tapping, I STILL want to eat it really fast, that’s okay too.

Under the nose: Nobody is making me eat slowly.

Chin: It’s still completely my choice, and in my control.

Collarbone: I get to decide what I want to do.

Liver: I am willing to be open to the idea of starting to enjoy eating slowly.

Under the arm: If I’m not there now, I’m okay with that.

Top of the head: In fact I love myself for it, for that tenacious part of me.

Eyebrow: That demands her/his fair share.

Side of the eye: That will do what it takes to get it.

Under the eye: For the fighter in me.

Under the nose: I needed to do that when I was little, it was important.

Chin: I learned how to stand up for myself.

Collarbone: Food is necessary to live, I was fighting for my life and I made it!

Liver: So I love that about myself, for my resourcefulness.

Under the arm: That’s a really important part of me, and I honor it.

Top of the head: I am proud to have that part of me and want to hold on to it when it’s needed.

Eyebrow: I’m not letting go of that part of me, I’m just open to seeing that I don’t necessarily need to do that with food anymore.

Side of the eye: I can use that energy in other parts of my life.

Under the eye: And that now as an adult, with more power, I can start to let go of this habit of eating fast.

Under the nose: But if that feels scary to me, that’s okay.

Chin: I’ve done it this way for a long time, and it’s scary to change.

Collarbone: That’s completely normal.

Liver: I can just try it out only as long as I feel comfortable.

Under the arm: Maybe I can just try it for part of meal, see how that feels.

Top of the head: I can always choose to eat the rest as fast as I can.

Eyebrow: Or maybe take a few quick bites and then eat the rest slowly.

Side of the eye: No pressure here.

Under the eye: Just open to the idea of eating a little differently than I have in the past.

Under the nose: Giving myself permission to have this extra enjoyment in my life.

Chin: On my own terms, as I want to do it.

Collarbone: I can do that.

Liver: I can be open to a possible transition on my own terms.

Under the arm: I am open to taking the time to enjoy my food.
Grab your wrist, take a deep breath. PEACE
Step 4

Truth Statement (Read aloud and re-rate how true 0 to 10): I eat too fast.

If the statement is still true to some level, return to Step 2.

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