Becoming a Fellow of Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology American Psychological Association

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Becoming a Fellow of Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology

American Psychological Association

Fellows Committee Q&A

APA Division 22, Rehabilitation Psychology

February 20, 2016

Q: What is the History of Fellows in APA and Division 22?

1946—APA was formed with merger of the American Association of Applied Psychology (AAAP) and the American Psychological Association.

1951—APA Membership Committee established

1951-1952—Divisions 1-18 adopted Uniform Fellowship Requirements

1958—APA adopted 3 categories of membership: Associate, Member, Fellow

1958—Rehabilitation Psychology officially a Division
Q: What are the qualifications for applying?

  • Doctoral Degree with dissertation

  • Member APA for 1 year

  • Nomination by Division

  • Engaged in Advancing Psychology

  • Five years of Post-doctoral experience

  • Evidence of unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of psychology

  • You can demonstrate National Impact of your work

Examples of contributions:

Serving as Division President, work that advances Rehabilitation Psychology as a science or profession and has national impact.

Janet Niemeier, Ph.D., ABPP (RP)

Chair, Fellows Committee

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Q: How do I apply?

  • Check with a current Fellow of the Division or Fellows Chair to see if you have the qualifications to apply

  • You will begin the process of application on the APA Online Fellows site by logging in to MyAPA

  • You must be approved by your Division.

Q: Is there support during the application process?

The APA Online Fellows Application Platform help section for applicants, endorsers, and division chairs—See Instructions for initial fellow applicants.

Q: What are the important dates in the application process?

Early August—application process opens in mid-August each year. instructions for applicants and endorsers are at:

Deadline to submit Mid-January

Want to know more? Or apply? Contact Jan Niemeier.

Mid-January: Fellows Committee reviews applications.

Early February each year—Division Committee considers Fellow nominations and vote to approve, considers current Fellows of other Divisions who apply to be Fellows of Division 22. Chair sends final approved list to APA Fellows Committee

March—APA considers Division nominations, Announces approved Fellows

July 1—Fellows Chair 22 tells APA Fellows Committee liaison, names and addresses of current fellows of other divisions

approved by 22.

Q: What are next steps after I apply?

- March APA Fellows Committee recommends candidates

-Division Fellow Chair notified

-Final list of nominees submitted to APA Board of Directors

-APA Council of Reps meets

-October—APA officially notifies division of outcome

-Certificates sent to Fellows

-Fellows listed in Monitor, American Psychologist

DIVISION 22 FELLOWS (as of May 2015)

  1. Ackerman, Rosalie

  2. Alexander, Craig J.

  3. Ashman, Teresa A.

  4. Baker, Jeff

  5. Banks, Martha

  6. Barclay, Allan G.

  7. Barry, John R.

  8. Bennett, Thomas

  9. Ben-Yishay, Yehuda

  10. Berven, Norman L.

  11. Boake, Corwin

  12. Bombardier, Charles H.

  13. Brenner, Lisa

  14. Brieland, Donald

  15. Brown,

  16. Brown, Ronald Terry

  17. Brucker, Bernard S.

  18. Bruyere, Susanne M.

  19. Bush, Shane

  20. Butler, Alfred J.

  21. Butt, Lester

  22. Callahan, Charles D

  23. Caplan, Bruce M.

  24. Carnes, Giles Derwood

  25. Chan, Chetwyn

  26. Chan, Fong

  27. Chenven, Harold

  28. Chwalisz, Kathleen

  29. Cicerone, Keith D.

  30. Cook, Daniel W.

  31. Corrigan, John D.

  32. Cox, David R.

  33. Cox, Richard H.

  34. Crewe, Nancy M.

  35. Cushman, Laura A.

  36. Deluca, John

  37. Dembo, Tamara

  38. Devins, Gerald

  39. DiCowden, Marie A.

  40. Diller, Leonard

  41. DiMichael, Salvatore G.

  42. Dole, Arthur A.

  43. Donders, Jacobus

  44. Ducharme, Jr., Stanley

  45. Dunn, Dana

  46. Dunn, Michael E.

  47. Ehde, Dawn

  48. Eisenberg, Myron

  49. Elliott, Timothy R.

  50. Emener, William G.

  51. Farmer, Janet E.

  52. Fishman, Sidney

  53. Fordyce, Wilbert E.

  54. Frank, Robert G.

  55. Fraser, Robert T.

  56. Gellman, William

  57. Glueckauf, Robert L.

  58. Goldberg, Alan

  59. Gordon, Wayne A.

  60. Gorman, Patrick

  61. Gray, David

  62. Hagglund, Kristofer J.

  63. Hanks, Robin

  1. Hanson, Stephanie

  2. Harper, Dennis C.

  3. Hart, Tessa

  4. Heinemann, Allen Walter

  5. Hershenson, David B.

  6. Hibbard, Mary

  7. Hinkebein, Joseph

  8. Hoffman, Simon

  9. Jacobs, Durand Frank

  10. Jansen, Mary A.

  11. Johnson-Greene, Douglas

  12. Johnstone, Brick

  13. Katz, Elias

  14. Keith, Robert Allen

  15. Kerkhoff, Thomas

  16. Kerr, Nancy J.

  17. Kewman, Donald G.

  18. Kirsch, Ned L.

  19. Kreutzer, Jeffrey Scott

  20. Lam, Chow S.

  21. Lazar, Irving

  22. Leigh, Irene

  23. Leung, Paul

  24. Lichtenberg, Peter A.

  25. Lindsley, Ogden R.

  26. Livneh, Hanoch

  27. Malec, James F.

  28. Martin, Thomas

  29. Mateer, Catherine A.

  30. McMahon, Brian T.

  31. Meade, Michelle

  32. Meyer, Ann Beck

  33. Meyerson, Lee

  34. Michael, Jack

  35. Millis, Scott

  36. Moed, George

  37. Morris, Richard J.

  38. Mutbard, John E.

  39. Myklebust, Helmer R.

  40. Niemeier, Janet

  41. Novack, Thomas A.

  42. Olkin, Rhoda

  43. Parker, Randall M.

  44. Patterson, Cecil H.

  45. Patterson, David R.

  46. Peters, James S. II

  47. Pollard, Robert Q., Jr.

  48. Prigatano, George

  49. Ramsey, Clyde L.

  50. Richards, J. Scott

  51. Ricker, Joseph

  52. Rohe, Daniel E.

  53. Roseman, Morris

  54. Rosenthal, Mitchell

  55. Ruchinskas, Robert

118. Rusin, Michele

119. Rybarczyk, Bruce

120. Sands, Harry

121. Schein, Jerome D.

122. Scherer, Isidor W.

123. Scherer, Marcia J.

124. Shatin, Leo

  1. 125. Sherer, Mark

126. Sherr, Rose Lynn

127. Shulman, Edward

128. Siller, Jerome

129. Silverman, Hirsch L.

127. Snyder, C.R.

128. Stiers, William

129. Strohmer, Douglas

130. Tate, Denise G.

131. Taub, Edward

132. Thomas, Kenneth R.

133. Thoreson, Richard W.

134. Tikofsky, Ronald S.

136. Trieschmann, Roberta

137. Uomoto, Jay

138. Uswatte, Gitendra

139. Uzzell, Barbara

140. Vernon, McCay

141. Warren, Sol L.

142. Warschausky, Seth

143. Wegener, Stephen T.

144. Weiss, Samuel A.

145. Weiss, Herman R.

146. Wendland, Leonard V.

147. Whitehouse, Frederick

148. Whiteman, Martin

149. Wolff, B. Berthold

150. Wood, Nancy E.

151. Wright, Beatrice Ann

152. Wright, George Nelson

153. Zaretsky, Herbert H.

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