Be it enacted that the student government association of the university of kentucky

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An Act Relating To: American Association of Women Dentists

S. 13-2015


Senator Karah Brown



Provide funds for a Senate Special Project to assist the American Association of Women Dentists at the total of $1,770.00.
(See the following page for more details)

Name of Org: American Association of Women Dentists

Contact: Brooke Faulkner


Phone: 8595889080
Purpose of Org: AAWD is an organization of students faculty, and staff who support the interests of women in dentistry and advocate for women in the community.

100 members
Type of Grant: Senate special project

Sponsoring Senator: Karah Brown

Event/Project: Strut your Smile

Location: The Campbell house

Date: Sept 11 2015

Time: 7:30pm
Purpose of Event/Project: The 9th annual Strut Your Smile event is organized by women dental students at the UK College of Dentistry. It is a fashion show and silent auction benefitting Greenhouse 17. 100% of proceeds go to providing free dental care to women affected by domestic violence. Each year, over $10,000 has been raised which goes towards treatment provided in our student clinic.

Total Cost: $5000

Org Funds Used: Remaining funds will be paid for through membership dues and fundraisers such as tshirt sales and bake sales.
Detailed Description of Request:

Ballroom rental: $250

Hotel employees service charge: $750




​-Set up/breakdown teams

Josh Diamond: $50.00


Amber Philpott: $50.00


Paper: $300.00

​- for silent auction sign ups (paper & printing)

​-crinkle paper/tissue paper

​-advertisement signs (paper & printing)

​-flyers (paper & printing)

​-parking signs

​-event programs (paper & printing)

​-silent auction winners sign

Silent Auction Fillers: $300


​-sticks to hold item descriptions

​-miscellaneous items to fill out baskets

​​-Garden Ridge


​-baskets, buckets, etc to hold items.

Stamps: $130.00

​Mailing thank you’s to donors, stores, etc

Thank you cards: $50.00

​-thank you cards for all donors, stores, etc


T-shirts: $600.00

Sound/Lights/Set up: $575

​-Microphone $30

​-Sound patch $105

​-Three 10 ft Black Pipe & drapes (for changing & hiding areas) $360

​-LED stage lighting $80

Miscellaneous Supplies: $150

​-Flowers/decorations for event

Have you received SGA funding this year: No

Will your organization use FedEx/Kinko’s for any printing/copying: Yes

Is this event open to all UK students: Yes

Do you agree to the Terms & Conditions: Yes

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