Be it enacted that the student government association of the university of kentucky

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An Act Relating To: American Association of Women Dentists

S. 32-2015


Sen. Corbin Hawks



Provide funds for a Senate Special Project to the American Association of Women Dentists at the amount of $2,500.
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Name of Org: American Association of Women Dentists

Members in Org: 76

Contact: Corbin Hawks


Phone: (270)309-0366
Purpose of Org: The University of Kentucky's chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists strives to provide resources, advocacy, service opportunities, and collegiality for its membership and all women in dentistry. We also advocate for women and children in our community to receive much needed dental care and provide those we serve, our membership, and the College of Dentistry with opportunities to learn about the importance of dental care and specific issues facing women in the profession.

Type of Grant: Senate Special Project ($2,500)—Corbin Hawks
Event/Project: Strut Your Smile

Location: Grand Ballroom Student Center

Date: 41930

Time: 10:30am - 2:30pm
Purpose of Event/Project: Strut Your Smile is a fall fashion show, silent auction & brunch that raises funds to provide free comprehensive dental care to women and children harmed by domestic violence in a partnership with Greenhouse17. The event is open to the entire student body and the community and provides an enriching opportunity to hear first hand accounts from women who have survived domestic violence situations and are undergoing dental rehabilitation. It is also the singular means by which we as students have access to treating this population of patients, which greatly enhances our abilities as clinicians. The event itself provides a wonderful social and networking opportunity for our students with other students, faculty, healthcare professionals, and community members who attend the event. With this event, we as an organization bring awareness to important issues facing women and empower and provide access to a vulnerable population, while at the same time providing unique and life changing clinical experiences for our students.

Total Cost: 6150

Org funds used: We have a goal of getting sponsorships for the event in the total of $3,600 from local dentists.

Detailed Description of Request: Josh Diamond (DJ) - $50

Paper - $400 (Silent auction sign ups, crinkle/tissue paper for baskets, advertisement signs, flyers, parking signs, event programs, name tags)

Silent Auction Fillers - $300 (baskets, buckets, ribbon, miscellaneous items to complete lighter baskets)

Photography Banner - $125

Balloons - $35 for designation of parking and event

Stamps - $135 for mailing Save the Dates and Thank You cards

Thank you cards - $50 (for all donors)

Save the Dates - $200

Sound/Lights - $605 (Technician $215, Light Truss $175, Technical Rig Pack $65, DJ Hook-up $15, Microphones $60, Tear Down $7)

Website Design - $200 annual fee for event

Miscellaneous Supplies - $300 (floral center pieces $200, other decorations)

Brunch through UK Catering - $3,600

Payment of speakers - $150

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