Bds I (First) Prof. Annual Examination 2014-15 Course Code: bds103

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BDS I (First) Prof. Annual Examination 2014-15
Course Code: BDS103 Paper ID: 0311110

Dental Anatomy Embryology and Oral Histology
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 70 Max Marks: 75
Note: Attempt all questions. Draw the diagram wherever necessary.

1. Describe difference between deciduous and permanent human dentition. (8)

2. Write the anatomy of human permanent maxillary canine (All aspects) in detail. Draw labeled diagram of all aspects. (8)

3 Write short notes on the following: (3x3=9)

a) Cusp of carabelli

b) Spillways

c) Line angle

4. Select the best answer for each question: - (2x5=10)

i) According to palmer notation system permanent maxillary molar of right side is denoted as:

a) 3 b) 6

c) 26 d) 16

ii) Corner stone of the dental arch is:

a) Molar

b) Canine

c) Incisors

d) Premolars

iii) Permanent maxillary first molars have:

a) 5 cusps

b) 4 cusps

c) 3 cusps

d) 6 cusps

iv) Bicuspids are:

a) Molar

b) Premolar

c) Canines

d) Incisors

v) Mandibular notch is present in the:

a) Upper border of the ramus

b) At the angle of the mandible

c) Distal border of the ramus

d) Anterior border of the ramus


1. What is periodontal ligament? Describe in detail about different types of periodontal fibres. (8)

2. Define hypercementosis. Write about hypertrophic and hyperplastic hypercementosis. Write the clinical consideration of cementum. (8)
3 Write short note on the following: (3x3=9)

a) Histology of shedding of deciduous teeth

b) Composition and functions of saliva

c) Mechanism of tooth movement

4. Select the best answer for each question: - (2x5=10)

i) In vitamin- a deficiency, the dentin formed is:

a) Normal dentin

b) Few tubules dentin

c) Osteodentin

d) Irregular dentin

ii) Perikymata are external manifestation of:

a) Lamellae

b) Tufts

c) Spindle

d) Line of retzius

iii) The diameter of rod from DEJ towards the surface of enamel increases at a ratio of about:

a) 1:2

b) 2:1

c) 4:1

d) 1:4

iv) In cross sections of human enamel under the light microscope, many rod resemble:

a) Fish scale like

b) Key holes like

c) Staggered arches

d) Irregular rods near DEJ

v ) Occlusal trauma causes:

a) Changes to intra alveolar tissue

b) Gingival recession

c) Pocket formation

d) Gingivitis

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