Autograph book for Taffy Evans (42857)

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Autograph book for Taffy Evans (42857)

Inscription inside cover: Miss J. Evans Jan 1st 1919


Jan 6th

I cannot say, words cannot tell

Of the kindness shewn me there,

I only know I came through Hell.

To find a (H) Evans there.

With many thanks and best wishes

(W.G. Moody. L/cpl. [Lance Corporal] R.E.[Royal Engineers])

My hearts' too full, I say but thanks

For all the kindness shewn me,

I hope my luck holds good so that

We meet again in Blighty.

With the best o' luck to a pal

(Belly Brown SigL [Signal Lieutenant] 140. S. Bty [Battery]

R.G.A. [Royal Garrison Artillery])

Jan 7th

Champagne to real friends,

Real pain to sham friends.

With all good wishes for the future

from (T.S. Nesbitt Seaman)

I wish to thank you very much

For your kindness shown to me

And may the future hold nothing but

Real happiness for thee.

With best wishes and many thanks

(E. Marven Corpl.[Corporal] A.S.C. [Army Service Corps])

At writing prose I am no use

Poetry I can't write for a toffee,

But there's a nurse I'l ne're forget

She's known as good old Taffy

Jolly Jack the Sailor

(Joseph Hay. Seaman)

I'm giving my wishes, both sincere & true

I hope to remember one whom I know,

With a heart full of thanks, I write these few lines,

Realising, alas, I shall need no more 9's

With all good wishes for a bright & happy future

(W. Foord. Sgt [Sergeant] 1st K.R.R.C. [King’s Royal Rifles Company])

Flowers may wither

Flowers may die

Friends may forget you

But never will I.

With best wishes for your future happiness

and a speedy return to dear old Blighty

(Pte [Private] Joseph Lack R.A.D.C. [Royal Army Dental Corps])

The rose is red

The carnation pink

Enclosed is a fiver

(I don't think)

Wishing you all you wish yourself.

(Pte [Private] H. Bloomfield M T. [Military Training/ Military Transport] ASC. [Army Service Corps])


To Sister Evans

In the days of the Campaign in Crimea

Midst the Shells & the Sickness and Damp.

The shadow was kissed as it passed near,

Of the Lady who came with the Lamp.
But in the 52nd here, out in France

Whilst recovering from Bodily Ills

We shall always keep in Remembrance

The Sister who gave us the pills

Wishes for all that is best from

(Signaller W.H. Flowers 220 Siege Battery R.G.A.[Royal Garrison Artillery])

Jan 8th

The shades of night were falling fast

and number ten got into bed last

He'd had a 9 and it made him sad

To think that all night he was going to be bad

With Good Wishes

(W. Zortheoff)

Hospital Etiquette

H Stands for Heal of which there is plenty

O Stands for Orderly who trials is most gently

S Stands for Sister so gentle & sweet

P Stands for Patients who, her [illegible] seek

I Stands for Isolation of which all of us know

T Stands for Tommy who for walks want to go

A Stands for Apples of which we get a lot

L Stands for Locker which holds all we've got

Although this ends with L 9' is in 'H' Evan [illegible] and a kinder staff of sisters we never have seen

With best of wishes

(Pte [Private] H.W. Rolfe A.S.C. [Army Service Corps] M.T.[Military Training/ Military Transport])

Jan 9th

With nerves and bodie [body] racked with pain

I came into dock. with flu.

But kindness and skill made one quite well.

I feel deeply indebted to you.

With all good wishes and a speedy return to dear old Blighty

From. (T. Edwards. Cpl. [Corporal] 2nd Field Bky)

To Sister Evans

S. stands for Sister

Our nurse in Ward. C.

Devoted to duty

The "boys" all agree

Every evening at eight

With a "box" she is seen

Distributing to Tommy

The 9s or 13

Sincerest wishes

(Pte W.T. Archer M.T.A.S.C. [Military Training Army Service Corps])


Every morning at four

When the Sister comes round with our water

We do not get out of bed

Although we know that we ought(er)

With best wishes and good luck

(W. Edge)

To Sister Evans

Sister Evans brings in pills for soldiers.

Such a STRAFING of the pill box

The men never did see,

And some soldiers write epistles

They would rather wet their whistles

Than partake of Sister Evans No 9's and her 13's

Composed and sung by the Boys of C Ward

W. Loord Sgt [Sergeant] Thos. S. Nesbitt "Baby"

WH Flowers Thos. Edwards Cpl. [Corporal]

E Marven. Cpl. [Corporal] Harry Bloomfield. Pte. [Private]

Pte [Private]W.T. Archer W. Zortheoff

J. Lack G. Brewer

[Picture of tree stump before a bare hill with a building in the far distance]

Text: Dear Mother, The country round here isn’t much to look at.

(T.H. Taylor R.H.A.)

Mar 13th

Hospital life would be awfully slow,

If it were not for a Sister Evans I know.

When into the Ward arrives this Sister aglow,

The patients they all start rushing so,

Everyone wants to be assisting her so.

Once she played me a nasty trick,

Instead of "Port Wine"she gave me "Mist Tonic."

But when the time comes for me to go,

I shall plead to her to stay..(I don't think so.)

Thanking you Sister Evans for all your kind attentions from

74773 Sgt.[Sergeant] Wilks M.G.C. (Motors)

Very many thanks for all the kindness whilst on the D.I. and S.I., and A.1.

Cymru Am Byth [Welsh -Wales]

This boy stood on his sister neck,

His trousers wanted mending.

The captain shouted from the bridge,

My word if I catch you bending.

Wishing you everything that is good.

Hoping all your troubles will be little one's

David Llewellyn Williams Royal Marines Cymrs [Welsh-Wales]

Mar 16th

Mary ate jam, Mary ate jelly

Mary went to bed with a pain in her -

But don't be mistaken, don't be misled,

Mary went to bed, with a pain in her head

With best wishes and Kia Ora

(P Mackay 2nd [illegible letter] Z.R.B.)

April 9th

To Sister Evans

A Simple message of remembrance true

To let you know I'm thinking of you

(E. Stewart R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps] E.E.F.[Egyptian Expeditionary Force])


To Sister Evans

We are the three kitchen boys

The three kitchen boys we are

We get the breakfast at 7 o'clock

And the Sisters tea and toast by nine

Dinners at 12 and tea at four

Cocoa at 6 and we say. No more

But bed at nine

With all good wishes for the future

W. Lizzard Sgt. [Sergeant]

C. Goodwin. Spr. R.E.

A. Trotter 16 [th] K.R.R.C. [King’s Royal Rifles Company]

Apr 12th

52 Stationary Hospital Le Havre

Life is merely what you make it.

Two things stand alone.

Friendship in another's trouble

Courage in your own.

S. J. Patricia Judy Sister

Remember me always Judy

(T Ward.)

May (?)

69 Stationary Hospital Le Havre France

She did not bring the thunderclouds.

She did not bring the rain

Nor did she bring the old Jack Frost

With cold dark hurricane

But brought with her bright sunshine

Bright rays from out the skies

The favourite in our Ward I say

Was Taffy with the Boys.

(L.E. Gurry 72nd can. Infy. [Infantry]) DAD [Directorate of Armament Development])

[Picture of a nurse in uniform carrying two dishes on a tray]

Text: ‘Roll up for your medicine’

(Pte [Private] W. Quinn. R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps])

May 16th

Egypt a land, with plenty of sun,

Sometimes very hot, sometimes not, "by gum,"

While homeward bound, I became very ill.

Was sent into dock, by the Doctor's will',

I did not know, I had caught the FLU,

For if I had, perhaps been in a stew;

But Sister's attention, to me, I must "say",

Has put me Al, [All right] in fact O.K.

With wishes and many thanks

(S. Kivman. Cpl. [Corporal] R.E. s [Royal Engineers] )


To Sister Evans

I thank you very must [much] for your kindness very must [much] thank[s] I’ll never forget you Sister Evans you is very good but not like sister Judge. Sister, I want to give you advice today. Don’t you take Mr L Kennedy for a husband he is very bad Good bye rum Good bye stout I am really going away Sunday Good bye I remain the right hand man of Sister Judge.

Thank [you] for your kindness

Eseusa [excuse] me for bad writing

(Dr Jantges J no 2518 RASC [Royal Army Service Corps])

(Mrs E Kennedy)

May 18th

52nd Stationary Hospital Le Havre

To have a friend

Be one!

A.L. Bryant 1st M Gun Coy A.I.Y.

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