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ASUWB Agenda

9:35AM Call Meeting to Order

Note Attendance: Ali, Maryam, Xheni, Kendra, Andrea, Sam; Amira has accused absence

Approve Minutes: approved

9:40 AM New Business

      • Time in Commons

        • Sha Li

      • Student of the Month

        • Ali Bulzomi

        • Sindi Diko

        • Jaime Shapiro

**A selection committee will be made with an alumni, staff member, & faculty to vote on a monthly basis

** The month of Feb. SMA will be chosen by Student Life on Thursday (2/25)

  • Director of Business and Operations

        • Rough Draft (xheni will type up-ASUWB will revise) & Finalized by Next meeting (3/3)

        • Ask Seattle & Tacoma about Governmental Relations

  • Guidelines for New Mascot

  • Board of Regents

        • Ali- Dream Project Presentation, Non profit Management certification, online learning (financially; lack of academic side of conversation, class room sizes), financial aid

        • March Meeting: Bothell (Xheni & Elisabeth Thomas will be speaking)

10:15 AM Guest Speaker

      • Chancellor Chan

        • Budget

          • State Legislature: Finalized on March 11, 2010

          • 23 New Staff Autumn 2010 (increase full-time faculty: $2million)

          • Staff retreat this summer will allow a restructure of roles/responsibilities

          • Array of classes and times of classes will remain

          • Growth of students will continue to grow, yet at a very small pace

          • 6% cut expected

          • Financial aid will NOT be cut by 60%- other funds will be tapped into

          • Time schedule: standardize classes to not overlap rooms, possible Friday and/or Saturday classes/ Dead Hour: discussion in progress

          • Looking at buying more space/build/4th floor classrooms

          • Nursing Bill: possible Everett program-unsure of future

          • Legislative: CCC move to Lake Washington

        • Campus Life

          • Food Services

          • Housing (100 more beds for next Fall)

            • Possible City of Bothell wants to build Student Housing with UWB near City Hall

            • Possible on campus-housing

            • Shuttle Buses

          • Conversation with Students to be determined

          • Concerns: Spaces: to hang out-outside and in (Sports field, benches (under North Creek), gathering places, Food, Dead Hour, [thinking: coffee place in library], North Creek usage- should we leave it open? How do we do this? Wants to keep duel use, yet not consistent with events. Coffee/food service in North Creek or Library. Hire a designer to look at space (chairs and tables) *Bring up @Leadership Meeting Friday (2/26) and Xheni will get back to Chancellor Chan with results

11:10 AM Game Plan for this Week





Spring Orientation Dates

Wednesday, March 10th 5pm—Kendra, Ali, Xheni

Friday, March 12th 12:15pm---Kendra and Maryam

Monday, March 15th 5pm---Amira and Maryam

Wednesday, March 24th 5pm--Xheni

Friday, March 26th (hidden and only used if needed) 12:15pm

Things I want to talk about at the next meeting: Wednesday, March 3rd

(Please e-mail Xheni by Monday, March 1st)

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