Art 2 Chapter 10 Art Talk: Proportion

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Art 2 Chapter 10 Art Talk: Proportion
In your sketchbook, please write the definition for each art term after finding the examples listed below. Page numbers are from Art Talk, chapter 10. Please click on links to find the examples on the internet. Please sketch each of the 'Do' assignments.

1. Define Scale. See p 260, figure 10.4 example of realistic scale.

2. Define Hierarchical scale. See figures 10.8, 10.9, 10.10. Look for figure

numbers in chapter 10.

hierarchical Egyptian sculpture, Ron Mueck's Monumental Scale sculpture
3. Do: draw a hierarchical/monumental sculpture of someone or a part of someone in this room to go in a park or museum. Show the scene around it so viewers can see the hierarchical scale. Write a short explanation for why you are devoting a sculpture to this person and the specific part of them.

4. Define Proportion. See p256.

hand/body right size/fit, proportion visual

babies' heads larger proportion to body than adults

figure 10.13 Medieval artists did not understand this.
5. Write: What is the difference between 'scale' and 'proportion'?

6. Define Realistic proportion. See p267 normal, expected, p268 realistic.

Picasso Distorted Face, Realistic Proportion Portrait sculpture

Greg Halbert's Distorted Face of Actor Bill Murray

7. Define Distorted proportion. See p 268 definition, abnormal, unexpected, p269 distorted arms too short, hand too large, p270 more distorted, elongated, p272 what makes this sculpture distorted?

Distorted Portrait, Digital Enhancing

8. Do: Make a distorted caricature of yourself as a bobble head. See p 272.
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