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AprilLaceWig.com Custom order form

Customer name:______________ Country______________


Cap types

  1. Cap1(full lace wig with stretch)

  2. Cap2(glueless full lace wig with adjustable straps back, combs sewn)

  3. Cap3(Lace front with stretch)

  4. Cap4(Lace front wig machine weft, no stretch)

5. Cap5 360 wig cap (lace around and wefts in the center)

6. Cap6 (Glueless hard lace front)

7. Silicone cap (Silicone in around, no straps or combs)

Your choice OR other : ( )

Silk top

YES or NO ( )

Lace Material

a. French lace b. Swiss lace ( )

Lace Color

a. Transparent b .Light Brown c. Medium Brown d .Dark Brown ( )


Hair Type

  1. Indian Remy b.Indian Virgin c.Chinese Virgin,d.Malaysian Virgin,

e.Brazilian virgin,f.Burmese virgin,g.Mongolian virgin ( )


Hair Length


Hair Color

Hair Texture

(such as Straight, Yaki, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy…OR add picture): ( )

Hair Density

a. Little Thin 80% b. Medium 100% c. Medium Heavy 120% (most used) d. Extra Heavy 150% e.180% f. other ( )


Bleach Knots

a. Front b. Perimeter c. No ( )

Baby Hair

a. Front b. Perimeter c. No ( )

Hairline Shape

a. M -Shaped b. Invisible Hairline ( )




Medium 22

Front to nape


Medium 14

Ear to ear across forehead


Medium 12

Ear to ear over top


Medium 12.5

Temple to temple round back


Medium 14.5

Nape of neck


Medium 5.5

Special Instructions

Pls notice: custom order can’t be returned. Thank you!!

Please send the form to: aprillacewigs@gmail.com

Thank you!

AprilLaceWigs.com Co.,LTD custom lace wig order form

Website: http://www.aprillacewigs.com

Email: aprillacewigs@hotmail.com

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