Approval of Minutes Minutes from the previous meeting were distributed and approved. President’s Update

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Florida Ambulance Association

Meeting Minutes | November 17, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. | Lake Mary, Florida

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the previous meeting were distributed and approved.

President’s Update

  • President Skavroneck noted that meeting time was limited due to room use constraints, but asked that the group begin or continue several key conversations, including those regarding succession planning for the FAA.

  • He requested that member organizations increase their volunteer leadership involvement as both he and Secretary/Treasurer Dave Dyal plan to step down in June following many years of service.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Budget Update

  • FAA’s present bank balance is $7547.80.

  • Renewal invoices have not yet been mailed, pending several decisions by the board and members regarding the future of the FAA.


  • FAA needs to identify a new state lobbyist as well as to determine an advocacy budget based on forthcoming membership dues discussions.

  • Former lobbyist Terry Meeks is no longer under contract, and is not an option for future contracts.

  • Previous lobbying budget was at one point $80k, then $38k, and has dwindled since.

  • It may be challenging to locate new talent based on the potentially limited budget as well as the fact that many lobbyists in FAA’s space “conflict out” due to their association with large managed care organizations.

  • Charlie Maymon of American Ambulance/Falck and a small group of others agreed to lead the search.

Medicaid Managed Care (MMA) Payment Problems

  • Of Florida’s approximately 274 licensed EMS providers, 20 are private. Polled by show of hands, most attendees were owed 5–7 figures from MMA.

  • Sunstar Paramedics Plus, Lake EMS, and American Ambulance have each made individual efforts to resolve the payment issues, but to no avail. All FAA members are encouraged to add their voices to this issue.

  • Some providers are electing to involve the state attorney at this point.

Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) Meeting

  • FAA will propose several dates for the Tampa meeting with AHCA, including December 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Preference will be requested for Tuesday—Thursday dates, with a 4:00–5:00 p.m. timeslot.

  • Sunstar/Paramedics Plus volunteered to provide meeting space, including a polycom phone pendant, in Tampa.

  • The American Ambulance Association’s healthcare law consultant and lobbyist Kathy Lester, JD, MPH, will be invited to attend the meeting via conference call.

Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) & Balance-Billing Issues


  • As some of the current leadership will be stepping down at the end of their terms in 2016, the President reiterated the importance of succession planning and increased volunteer leadership.

  • The President and Secretary/Treasurer were thanked for their longstanding, dedicated service to FAA.

  • The President’s Florida EMS Advisory Council (EMSAC) term ends June 30, and the replacement must be an FAA board member. Mark Postma of Sunstar/Paramedics Plus agreed to take on this position, if confirmed.

  • Nominations for board positions will take place next meeting.

Discussion of the Future of the Florida Ambulance Association

The FAA is currently experiencing some operational and financial difficulties, in addition to succession planning challenges. These challenges are common among state ambulance associations. There is strong interest in revitalizing the association’s lobbying and membership activities through increased dues and perhaps professional management.

  • History of the Organization

    • Charlie Maymon shared with attendees the history of FAA, including its founding in the 1980s in Orlando by a deeply dedicated group including Bob Garner, Walt Eismann, and several others.

  • Professional Association Management

    • Several members suggested that FAA consider moving to professional association management. As such, American Ambulance Association’s Executive Vice President, Maria Bianchi, and Membership Director, Amanda Riordan were in attendance.

    • Costs of a management contract would depend on services desired, and a more in-depth discussion of needs will be conducted before the Tampa AHCA meeting via email and conference call.

  • Governance

    • FAA is registered as a Florida not-for-profit under ID# 65-0101850.

    • FAA does not appear to have current 501(c)6 status with the IRS.

    • There are presently five positions allotted on the board: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two Directors-At-Large. All five are opening in 2016.

  • Membership Structure & Dues

    • Members expressed preference for continuing a model with several membership types, including active members, associate members, and affiliate (vendor) members.

    • Upon receipt of historical membership data, AAA staff will develop several dues models for FAA’s consideration, including tiered and flat-percentage options based on either vehicle counts or transports.

    • Sunstar/Paramedics Plus, AMR, and American Ambulance each pledged $10,000 in dues immediately upon receipt of invoice to refill FAA’s coffers while other details are settled.

  • Short term focus

    • Send membership renewal invoices to provide cash flow.

    • Provide AAA with a membership list and a copy of the bylaws.

    • Approve new model after deciding upon a dues structure (options to be modeled by AAA).

    • Determine founding members/continued participants

    • Finalize MMA meeting plans.

    • Hire lobbyist after renewal money is received.


Next Meeting

  • December 15, 2015, tentatively scheduled to run 9:30 or 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., immediately preceding the 1:00 p.m. AHCA/MMA meeting. (Information current as of 11/25/15.)

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