Anthropos contents volume 94 number 1-3 1999 Articles

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VOLUME 94 NUMBER 1-3 1999
1. Konstruktionen von "Cargo". Zur Dialektik von Fremd- und

Selbstwahrnehmung in der Interpretation melanesischer


Holger Jebens und Karl-Heinz Kohl 3
2. The Presentation of Self in Touristic Encounters. A Case Study

from the Trobriand Islands.

Gunter Senft 21
3. No Room for the Dead. Burial Practices in a Constrained Environment.

Dirk H. R. Spennemann 35
4. Categories of Animality and Canine Abuse. Exploring Contradictions

in Nuaulu Social Relation- ships with Dogs

Roy Ellen 57
5. The Burning Question. Sacred and Profane Space in a South Indian

Temple Town.

Anthony Good 69
6. Camel Racing in the Gulf. Notes on the Evolution of a Traditional

Cultural Sport. ...

Sulayman Khalaf 85
7. Back to the Future. The New Age Movement and Hunter-Gatherers. ...

Ruth Prince and David Riches 107
8. Living and Dying. Images of Death and Mourning in the Alentejo (Portugal)

Dorle DrackIe 121
9. Das Bild Afrikas in Karen Blixens "Out of Africa"

Ulrike Schuerkens 141
10. Pastoral Identities. Memories, Memorials, and Imaginations in the

Postcoloniality of East Africa. "

Mario I. Aguilar 149

11. Musik und Xylophontexte der sudlichen Tussian (Burkina Faso)

Franz Trost 163
12. Witchcraft Beliefs among the Yamba (Cameroon)

Hermann Gutter 181
13. Der Kiesel von Makapansgat. Friiheste Urkunst der Welt?

Robert G. Bednarik 199

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