Annual Chapter Report 2016

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Annual Chapter Report - 2016

Date of report submission: May 15, 2016

Name of School/College: University of Houston College of Pharmacy

Chapter name and region: Beta Omicron Chapter, Region VI

Chapter advisor’s name and e-mail address: Sujit Sansgiry

Chapter co-advisor’s name and email address: Jeffrey Sherer

Delegate who attended the Rho Chi Annual Meeting: Amber Wright
Date delegate’s name submitted to Rho Chi: February 10, 2016
Past year’s officers and e-mail addresses:

President: Amber Wright

Vice President: Chelsea Wong

Secretary: Komal Hooda

Treasurer: Marissa Blumenthal

Historian: Nicole Ho

New officers and e-mail addresses for next academic year:

The Rho Chi Beta Omicron Chapter anticipates that the induction of new officer’s will take place in October of this year.

Number of Rho Chi student members at college or school, listed by class year and program (and by campus if more than one campus): 21 PharmD Students Class of 2016, 4 Graduate Students Class of 2016, 22 PharmD Students Class of 2017, and 1 Graduate Student Class of 2017





Action Steps



  • First officer meeting for newly elected officers

  • Discussed each officer’s expected duties

  • Set goals for the upcoming year

  • Brainstormed ideas for fundraisers and discussed plans for the year

  • Advertising Peripheral brains as our first fundraiser



  • First officer meeting in the spring semester

  • Discussed upcoming events and fundraising opportunities

  • Began considering speakers for the Rho Chi Lecture in the fall

  • Determine a date for the Rho Chi blood drive and Rho Chi challenge

  • Advertised the Rho Chi would be selling law books

  • Began preparing for the Rho Chi Blood Drive and the Rho Chi Challenge



  • Prepare for the Rho Chi challenge

  • Establish question bank

  • Finalize teams

  • Determine time and responsibilities of all officers on the day of the challenge



  • Quick officer’s meeting to discuss handing out and collecting ballots for the teaching excellence award

  • Handed out and collected TEA ballots on 4-13-2016

Strategic Planning: What goals were set that relate to the Rho Chi mission?

After being inducted in the fall, the officer’s determined the goals for the Beta Omicron Chapter for the year would be to continue all past events Rho Chi has already established for the past few years, create a more permanent fundraising event that could be continued every year, and try to establish a new service event. More specifically to encourage and establish intellectual achievement we held our annual Rho Chi Lecture where we recognized 3 faculty members for teaching excellence awards, we also hosted the annual Rho Chi Challenge and encouraged members to participate in HOMES clinic and the Rho Chi blood drive. To foster fellowship among our members, we held the induction ceremony in a banquet hall and shared in fellowship with former members and family and passed out cords so each newly elected member can be recognized for their hard work and achievements at graduation.

Activities: See last pages of report
Financial/ Budgeting: Unable to obtain current bank statements. Two fundraisers were held throughout the year to make money for the chapter. The peripheral brains fundraiser held in the fall made $371.52 and the law books fundraiser held in the spring made $332. All budgets are determined in conjunction with our Chapter’s advisor for each event held.

Initiation Function:

Initiation was held after the Rho Chi Lecture on September 16, 2015 at the Hilton University of Houston Banquet room. Those in attendance included faculty advisors, teaching excellence award recipients, deans of the school, current members, and newly initiated members. Past president, Katie Williams, made opening remarks and began the initiation ceremony. Officer elections were held immediately after initiation while everyone was served dinner for the evening. At the end of the night newly elected officers were given the chance to talk with past officers about their new positions.


I believe our chapter worked very hard to accomplish the goals initially set. We were able to improve on some of the traditional events Rho Chi has held over the past years. For example we had 6 teams participate in the Rho Chi Challenge this year vs. 4 teams last year and we also had a better student vote for the TEA by handing out paper ballots and collecting them vs. sending ballots to all students via email. We were also able to successfully create a new fundraiser this year that could possibly be continued throughout the next few years. Our peripheral brain fundraiser we held in the fall made $371.52 for our chapter. We also were able to increase the number of people who donated at the Rho Chi Blood drive this year. Our current officers are still working hard at the moment to prepare for initiation of our new members and the Rho Chi Lecture in the fall of this year.

Appendix 1
Chapter Activities Report Template

[Chapter Name, School Name] Activity Table

Category of Activity1

Title of Activity

Brief Description2

How Does This Activity Align With the Rho Chi Mission Statement?

Years the Activity has Been Ongoing?

If Activity has Been Ongoing for >1 Year, What Evaluations Have Been Done to Assess the Success of the Activity and What Improvements Have Been Done Over the Past Year?

How Many Members Participated in the Activity?

How Many Students (non-members) and/or Patients were impacted by the Activity?

Financial Information for the Activity [Budget Required, Fundraising Amount]

Intellectual Leadership Activities (i.e., tutoring, sponsored lectures, poster sessions, etc.)

Rho Chi Lecture

Dr. Thomas L. Lemke, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UH College of Pharmacy spoke to all UHCOP students about the future of pharmacy.

Advocates critical inquiry and contributes to the development of intellectual leaders

Many years

Surveys are sent to Rho Chi members every year on ideas for upcoming speakers and ways to improve next years lecture.


~350 UHCOP students (P1-P3) and ~20 Faculty members attended the lecture


Rho Chi Teaching Excellence Awards

One faculty member from each department is nominated based on student votes, faculty evaluations and rho chi members vote

Encourage and recognize intellectual achievement

Many years

Students are given the opportunity to vote for a faculty member based on their personal experience and knowledge of the achievements the faculty members have made


3 faculty members received awards at the Rho Chi Lecture


Rho Chi Challenge

6 teams made up of 3 students and 1 faculty member each competed in jeopardy style game answering pharmacy related questions

Encourage and recognize intellectual achievement

Many years

Surveys are sent out to all students who participate in the challenge to rate the overall fairness of the questions and gain information on what needs to be improved


18 Students and 6 Faculty participated in the challenge this year


Patient Outreach Events/ Community Service

Rho Chi Blood Drive

Rho Chi partnered with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and recruited blood donors on the UHCOP campus

Fosters collaboration

2nd year



24 people successfully donate blood (13 donated whole blood, 5 gave a combo of red cells and plasma and 6 people gave double red cells), 35 units of blood total collected, reached 105 lives



The HOMES clinic is a free clinic for homeless patients that is ran by pharmacy and medical students in Houston

Stimulates critical inquiry

Many years



4 patients were seen during the clinic day


Fundraising Events

Peripheral Brains

Rho Chi sold Peripheral Brains to UHCOP students

Fosters collaboration

1st year



64 peripheral brains were sold

+ $371.52

Texas law Books

Rho Chi sold law books to P3 and P4 students

Fosters collaboration

Several years

Students were offered a discounted price by purchasing law books through Rho Chi


83 law books were sold


The Rho Chi Society

National Office Contact Information:


Telephone: (919) 843-9001

Fax: (919) 962-0644

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