Announcement Launch of the University of Cape Town Australian Trust, and invitation

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6 June 2011

Announcement Launch of the University of Cape Town Australian Trust,


Invitation to Meet UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price at Events in Australia
Dear Alumni and Supporters of the University of Cape Town,
We are delighted to announce some innovations that we hope will improve communication and interactions between UCT and its Australian alumni and supporters, and also to invite you to meet Vice Chancellor Dr Max Price when he visits Australia in June and July 2011.
The University of Cape Town Australian Trust has been established in Sydney to heighten the UCT profile in Australia, and to initiate the process of obtaining tax deductibility for donations to UCT made by Australian residents (a privilege long enjoyed by UK, USA and Canadian residents). The Trust is a charitable foundation formed to assist financially disadvantaged South African students to attend UCT; it aims to empower bright and talented youth to rise above poverty to earn a UCT degree, and to enable them to assist their local communities and South Africa as a whole in pursuit of the nation’s social and educational goals.
Lenore Plummer has been appointed as CEO of the Trust, and Ruth Thornton has been appointed Alumni Manager to facilitate networking and events for Australian alumni and supporters. We hope to establish UCT alumni chapters in each Australian state and territory.
The UCT Australian Trust will be introduced during a visit by Vice Chancellor Dr Max Price, accompanied by UCT Development and Alumni Department Senior Manager Lungile Jacobs at events in Sydney (27 June), Brisbane (28 June), Melbourne (3 July), and Perth (5 July). Dr Price will introduce Lenore and Ruth during these events, and will provide insights on UCT today and on the state of South African higher education.
Please see the invitation for these events on the next page.
PLEASE NOTE: The launch of the trust will necessitate a change in the method of collecting donations to the University, as one step in our process to achieve tax deductibility is to submit audited Australian accounts annually. You can assist with this process by contacting Lenore regarding donations and support for the Trust, and by contacting Ruth to indicate your interest in attending the June/July or other events, to give suggestions for future events or to initiate or join a local chapter.

Lenore Plummer Contact Details:

UCT Australian Trust

Level 9, 45 Clarence St Sydney 2000

Tel: 02 92480313. Mobile 04 1603 4971

Ruth Thornton Contact Details

Tel: 02 9973 3807.

Mobile: 04 1422 4494

Bank Account Details

Account Name: University of Cape Town Australian Trust

Bank Name: Westpac Bank BSB 032044

Account No: 303552
Donations can be made either by cheque to Lenore at the above address, or by direct deposit to the bank account. In both cases, it is essential to provide the donor name, address, donated amount, purpose of the donation, email address, and (ideally) a phone number.
All information will remain strictly confidential. Funds collected will be transferred in full to UCT, in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Any donations, regardless of the amount, made before 30 June 2011 would be especially appreciated, to ensure we have funds to report for this financial year as part of our quest for tax deductibility.
Please note that currently there is no tax deduction available for donations in Australia, and in fact this may take some years to achieve, as a very detailed application to AusAID is required. But we’re working on it!
We look forward to your participation, feedback and assistance in this new phase of UCT’s engagement with Australian Alumni and Supporters.
Meet UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price at Events in Australia






Friday 24 June to Wednesday 28 June

6pm for 6.30pm on Monday 27 June

UNSW Circular Quay Campus

1 ‘O Connell Street


Tuesday 28 June to Wednesday 29 June

6pm for 6.30pm on Tuesday 28 June

The Customs House

399 Queen Street


Friday 1 July to Monday 4 July

4.30pm for 5pm on Sunday 3 July

Mantra on Russell

222 Russell Street


Monday 4 July to Tuesday 5 July

5.30pm for 6pm on Tuesday 5 July

Mantra on Hay

201 Hay Street

Please RSVP to Ruth on or phone 0414 22 44 94 if you are interested in attending any of these events.

Dr Jim McNamara

Executive Director

Development and Alumni Department

University of Cape Town, South Africa
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