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Frequently Asked Questions – Pricing and Payment
How are you pricing products on Eyeconic?

  • When developing our overall plan for pricing products on Eyeconic, we conducted extensive research to ensure that we create a compelling offering that meets online consumer buying trends.

    • Contact lenses are competitively priced to mirror the leading online contact lens retailer.

    • Sunwear will be priced at manufacturer suggested retail pricing.

    • Eyewear will be priced at the high-end scale of the online market.

  • In later phases, VSP members will receive 20% off the pricing listed on the site, as part of their VSP Vision Care benefit.
Am I obligated to match the price on Eyeconic in my office?

  • No. Just as you set your dispensary pricing based on the characteristics of the market you cater to, we’ve set the pricing on Eyeconic to meet online consumer buying trends.

How does the site know to pay my practice?

  • Based on information provided by the shopper, the order is connected to a participating VSP doctor; we will pay that doctor a professional support fee within 60 to 90 days.
What is expected of my practice in exchange for the professional support fee?

  • For contact lenses, your practice agrees to provide any support services the patient may request.

  • Eventually, for frame purchases, by accepting the professional support fee, your practice agrees to provide frame fitting and adjustment services for the corresponding eyeglass order at no additional cost to the patient.

  • Whether or not a customer chooses to have their frames fitted or adjusted at your practice, your practice still receives a professional support fee for the online purchase.
How about return visits?

  • By accepting the professional support fee paid by Eyeconic, your practice agrees to providing frame fitting and adjustment services for the corresponding order at no additional cost for the patient within 90 days from the day the order was shipped.
Can I charge for PDs?

  • Please follow your established office policy for such additional charges based on your state regulations and requirements.
How do you decide what to pay me?

  • Because of licensing limitations and a diverse selection of products on the site, we aren’t able to give a simple formula on how we calculate the professional support fee.

  • The professional support fee for orders placed on Eyeconic will vary depending on the optical products ordered and product licenses that your practice carries, and is subject to change at any time.

  • Based on our current catalog offerings, supporting fees for plano sun and optical frames will typically range from $30 to $120, and selected lens packages will result in an additional $15 to $155. For example, a Michael Kors frame with premium AR polycarbonate lenses and a total Eyeconic price of $238 will result in a $70 professional support fee payment to the practice.

  • For contact lenses, Eyeconic support fees will range from $0.25 to $27 per box, and $5 to $30 per vial. In the case of an annual supply of Acuvue 1 Day (30 pk), the payment to the practice would be $170.

  • For doctor storefronts, upwards of 35% of the indicated price.
How will you pay me? What is the payment cycle?

  • Eyeconic will pay the professional support fee associated with an order within 60 to 90 days from the date the order is shipped, after the return period of the order has expired.

  • If we referred patients to you on Eyeconic, we’ll send you a check each month within 60 to 90 days from the date the order ships. All professional support fee payments will be bundled in one check, sent once a month. The same applies for doctor storefronts.
Why didn’t you add this payment to my VSP explanation of payment?

Could I choose direct deposit for my payment?

  • At this time, direct deposit is not available for payments from Eyeconic.

  • However, we are looking at adding this option in the future.

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