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    • If the exhibitor requires the assistance of a forklift to un-load or to move your trailer, they will be required to pay a forklift fee of $50. They can arrange for the use of the forklift on-site at the Full Circle table inside the Event Office based on availability.





VENDORS: included in registration:


ONE free 10 lb bag of ice per vendor per day and six bottles of water will be delivered 30 minutes after the rally opens each day. (Vendors should be in booth then.)

Additional bags of Ice 10lb. Bag = $4

Additional Water can be picked up in Event Office Free of Charge.

Vendor Move-In

Person Responsible: Chuck



Check in at Event Office




Prepared By

Mike Clark

Staff Contact

Chuck Schwartz

Set-Up Time

Wednesday, 7am; Thursday, 7am


Show Office: Chuck

Show Office: Regina

Show Office : Laurie






  • Computer with ACT access

  • Check-In Sheet

  • Receipt Book

  • Vendor Check-In Signs

  • Cash Box

  • Comp Tickets

  • Trailer Parking flyer

  • Set-Up pass

  • Vendor wristbands

  • Large Map

  • PAID Stamp

  • 2016 VSRAs

  • 2016 VSRA Binder

  • 2017 VSRAs

  • Equipment Order Binder

  • Exhibitor Check-In Checklist

  • Vendor Packet (Katie to assemble)

    • Welcome Letter - move in and move out info trailer parking info

    • Tax Notice

    • 2 ride Pins

    • Wristbands

    • Install pass if they install

    • Program

    • Lot Map

    • Vendor set Pass for north or south lot or Fremont .





  • All Vendors to be emailed Check-In procedures on 9/19. Any new vendors after that, Regina will email upon receiving contract.


  • At 7am on Wednesday and Thursday, place "Vendor Check-In" signs at the following locations:

    • Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont

    • Las Vegas Blvd and Carson

    • Fremont and 8th St

    • 8th St and Carson

    • 9th St and Carson

    • Outside Event Office

    • Along South 9th Street (Vendor Parking)

  • Vendors will park on S. 8th Street and walk to Event Office

  • Highlight Vendor on Check-In sheet.

  • Check-In sheet will indicate if they are unpaid. If unpaid, you must collect outstanding balance. Cash only. Issue receipt from receipt book.

  • Write name of person and cell phone number on Check-In sheet.

  • Issue the Nevada tax form. Companies not selling do not need to do this.

    • Have the company representative fill-in their Federal ID Number (FID) or social security number and sign the tax form.

    • Nevada companies must provide their Sales Tax ID number on their tax form. They then indicate "0" (zero) sales on their return and pay with their usual quarterly returns.

    • Have the vendor sign one copy. We keep it on file for when they come in to pay their taxes.

    • Remind them they should come back in the office on Sunday to turn in their taxes and complete their paperwork. If they aren't able to come in, we will go to their booth.

  • Give them the following:

    • Welcome Letter

    • 25 Installation Passes (if applicable) - they can come get more any time.

    • Trailer parking flyer

    • Rally Pin (two per company)

    • Program

    • Vendor Wristbands - note with hash marks the amount issued. Do not go over allotment. Additional vendor wristbands can be purchased for $15 each.

    • Set-Up pass (one per vendor). If they ask for a second pass for an additional vehicle only give to them if they have at least a 20x20. Do not give more than two.

      • Write company name, booth number, driver name, and cell phone number on pass.

      • Tell them to keep visible in vehicle.


  • Vendor Parking Pass

  • On Thursday, remind them they must remove vehicle from Rally Central by 2pm.

  • If they request complimentary tickets to Rally Central, you can give them up to four (4). These can be exchanged for comp wrist bands at the ticket booths.

  • Show vendor where vendor parking is on the map and let them know they can use their Vendor Parking pass to gain entrance. Trailers are not allowed to park in Vendor Parking lot.


  • Ask the Vendor if they ordered furniture, tent, tent accessories, or electrical in advance.

    • If Yes, send them to the Laurie.

    • If No:

      • Ask if they need to order anything. If they do, send them to Laurie


  • Instruct Vendor to go to their vehicle and proceed to their booth.

  • Show them on the map which gate they should enter in order to get closest to their booth.






  • Entrances are as follows:

    • South Lot: Enter at gate off of 8th

      • Exit gate on Carson

    • Fremont: Proceed north on 8th. Turn right on Fremont Street.

      • Exit gate on 10th

    • North: Proceed north on 8th to Ogden. Turn right on Ogden. Enter at gate off of Ogden.

      • Exit out same gate

    • Security guards will be posted at entrance and exit gates. All other gates will be locked.

  • Security guards will be instructed not to allow entrance into lots without Vendor Set-Up pass.

  • Security guards will keep a log of everyone who enters with vehicle description, License plate, vendor name, driver name, and cell phone number.




  • Vendor vehicles will not be allowed in the lots until 5:30pm

  • Vendors do not need to check-in or stage anywhere for move out. This will be included in the move-in letter.

  • Vendors will be instructed in their move-out letter to pack booth before bringing vehicle in.

  • If it gets too congested, floor managers will notify guards not to let anyone in.





Wednesday, September 28th

  • Advance Orders – Check-In before 2pm

    • Deliver by FCE from 2pm – 3pm


  • Advance Orders – Check-In 2pm – 5pm

    • Deliver by FCE from 5pm – 6pm


  • Advance Orders – Check-In after 5pm and Onsite Orders

    • Deliver by FCE from 6pm - 9pm, first-come, first served


Thursday, September 29th

  • Advance Orders – Check-In before 10am

    • Deliver by FCE from 10am – 11am


  • Advance Orders – Check-In 10am – 12pm

    • Deliver by FCE from 12pm – 1pm


  • Advance Orders – Check-In 12pm – 2pm and Onsite Orders

    • Deliver by FCE from 2pm – 3pm, first-come, first served



FCE will staff the storage area during vendor move-in hours. If a vendor wants to hand-carry their rental items to their booth they can check-in the FCE staff and sign the furniture out.


On- Site Tent Orders need to be approved prior to purchasing based on FCE stock/availability.

Tables and Chairs need to be approved prior to purchase based on ConvExx's stock/ availability.

All electrical orders can be filled on site.


 Vendor Rig & Trailer Check-In Times

Person Responsible: MC



Tuesday (Rigs & Trailers Only Appt.)……….. 8:00am - 5:00pm

Wednesday (Rigs & Trailers Only Appt.)…… .8:00am – 11:00am



Vendor Rules


    • Vendors can use their own stakes, but are not required to stake their tent. Vendors are responsible for repairing/patching of stake holes. See the order form from Full Circle Event to order stake patching in advance. All Tents must be weighted down with stakes or weights.


    • Vendors are permitted to use their own UL approved generators.

    • There is no overnight sleeping in RV’s or trailers at Rally Central.

    • Service animals must have proper I.D. or permit info.



Vendor Space Assignment


    • Priority space assignment was given to 2014 vendors. Vendor Space Rental Agreement and deposit must have been received by 12/01/2014 for priority assignment prior to new vendors. Space is assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Space assignments will be given to vendors upon arrival at the Event.



VIP Areas

Person Responsible: KG
The VIP area will be available for VIPS to use throughout the day to sit down in the shade.

Will include:

  • Seating*

  • Shade

  • Tables*

  • Board games


North Lot - Specified area underneath tent, will be blocked off with signage for VIPs only, will be controlled by a guard for the length of show hours


*Please keep an eye out for funky one of a kind furniture (chairs and tables), and board games*



Volunteers - Groups

Person Responsible: KG


  • Groups contacted include : High school clubs, high school sports, parent booster clubs, sororities and fraternities

  • Groups will be compensated for their time with money (lump sum)

  • Shifts will include bag stuffing, greeters, street control, and parking helpers


Groups interested in working the event need to contact Katie at



Shift Descriptions

Bag Stuffing

  • Help place materials in registration bag



  • Greet attendees and direct them to various locations


Street Control

  • Stop motorcycles from driving on the sidewalk

  • Help control flow of traffic


Parking Helper

  • Help direct flow of traffic into parking areas

  • Standing position


Onsite Volunteer Check in Process

  • Confirm the volunteers shift with them

  • Give the volunteer their volunteer shirt

  • Explain to them any new information about their shift or answer questions they may have

  • Confirm where and when they are to report, and that they must check in with LVBF staff to get their hours recorded



Volunteers - Motorcycle Volunteers

Person Responsible: Casie


    • Register: and click on Volunteers.


    • What they receive:

      • The volunteers work 4 hour shifts to receive:

        • free party pass registration

        • Gift

        • Volunteer t-shirt

      • The volunteers work two 4 hour shifts to receive:

        • free ultimate pass registration

        • Gift

        • Volunteer t-shirt


The shifts include line monitors, poker run attendants, hanging/removing signs, bike show helpers and greeters.

They first need to fill out the volunteer form on the LVBF website ( and be approved by Casie Stock before they fill out an register on the website. If they have questions please have them email Casie at



Shift Descriptions

Hang Banners

    • Help Event Management hang banners around the event space


Poker Walks

    • Help the poker player select their card


Custom Bike Show

    • Custom Bike Show entries will greet you at the check in counter. You will take their information and check them in to the CBS.


Line Monitor

    • Control the entry of people in to the area.

    • Make sure only one group goes at a time.

    • Help make sure that no one cuts in line


Crosswalk Street Monitor (see blow for specs)

    • Help people crossing the street

    • Hold stop sign

    • Standing Position


Street Monitor

    • Stop motorcycles from driving on the sidewalk


Onsite Volunteer Check in Process

    • Confirm the volunteers shift with them

    • Give the volunteer their volunteer shirt

    • Explain to them any new information about their shift or answer questions they may have

    • Confirm where and when they are to report

    • If they have not received their VIP package pass them along to registration



    • Setup: see registration

    • Volunteer Binder

    • Volunteer schedule

    • Volunteer Shirts Ordered

      • S - 5

      • M - 25

      • L - 90

      • XL - 120

      • 2XL - 75

      • 3XL - 35



Crosswalk Monitor Spec Sheet



    • Safety Vest

    • BikeFest Staff hat

    • Stop/Slow signs

    • Ice chest with ice/Water



    • Two monitors per cross walk

    • Stand on opposite sides of street

    • Keep in eye contact with partner at all times. You must be able to communicate with each other when to stop traffic.

    • Stop pedestrians from crossing when motorcycles are coming.

    • When pedestrian traffic builds up, stop motorcycle traffic. Try to wait for a break in traffic.

    • Be sure to wear hat and sun screen. Stay hydrated.

    • First shift of day fill ice chest with ice and water

    • Subsequent shifts add ice/water

    • Last shift of day return ice chest



Street Monitor Spec Sheet



    • Safety Vest

    • BikeFest Staff hat

    • Ice chest with Ice/water



    • Barricades will be setup so motorcycles can fit through, but vehicles cannot.

    • Rove all streets in your area to ensure barricades are not moved.

    • Instruct riders where to enter/buy tickets.

    • Be sure to wear hat and sun screen. Stay hydrated.

    • First shift of day fill ice chest with ice and water

    • Subsequent shifts add ice/water

    • Last shift of day return ice chest


Wrist Band Monitor Spec Sheet



    • Safety Vest

    • BikeFest Staff hat

    • Ice chest with Ice/water



    • Ensure all motorcycles entering Rally Central have wrist band.

      • Wrist band required for driver and passenger, if applicable.

    • Direct riders with wristbands east on Fremont Street.

    • Direct riders without wristbands north on 8th Street.

    • Be sure to wear hat and sun screen. Stay hydrated.

    • First shift of day fill ice chest with ice and water

    • Subsequent shifts add ice/water

    • Last shift of day return ice chest



 Wet T-Shirt Contest

Person Responsible: SK


    • Friday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm

    • Sponsored by Red Rock Harley Davidson

    • Location: Red Rock Harley Davidson

      • No shuttles

    • 1st Place - $500 + $500 Harley Davidson gift card

    • 2nd Place - $250 + $250 Harley Davidson gift card

    • Anyone can enter or watch




  • There will be a total of $750 in prize cash awarded. Las Vegas BikeFest will provide the cash. The breakdown is:

    • 1st Place - $500 + $500 Harley Davidson gift card

    • 2nd Place - $250 + $250 Harley Davidson gift card



Wire Transfer

    • Account #: 572017804

Routing #: 122400779

For international transfers, give them the SWIFT NUMBER


Bank Name: Nevada State Bank

Bank Address: 4001 E. Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV 89014



World's Strongest Biker Registration & Competition

    • World's Strongest Biker - Canceled for 2016




Person Responsible: JC

  • Vendors can order Wifi for North and South Lot lots by completing the Tent, Furniture & Electrical order form at

  • Each day the password will be reset and each vendor will receive the new password via email.





4 Day fee - $160.00





Wristbands - Vendors



Vendors will receive vendor passes when they check in upon request. Number is based on booth size.











































For Internal Use Only: Rally Central tickets will not be automatically distributed to vendors. 2 tickets per vendor will be given upon request in the Event Office.



10x10: $795


$50 Corner fee per 10x10


See Booth Price for all pricing and more information.



Wristband - Registration

Person Responsible: Kenyotta



VIP Pass (250)


Ultimate Pass


Party Pass

Aqua Blue

Weekend Pass

Neon Yellow




Neon Orange


Lime Green Stripes


Dark Green

2 for 1




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