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Two Year Program Goals and Objectives

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Two Year Program Goals and Objectives

The two year AEGD program incorporates all the goals and objectives of the one year program and is designed to expand the educational opportunities offered by:

  1. gaining experience in managing highly complex comprehensive dental care;

  2. improving clinic management skills;

  3. pursuing areas of individual concentration, e.g.: temporomandibular disorders, public health dentistry, special patient care, etc;

  4. *providing residents with an interdisciplinary graduate foundation in the biological and clinical sciences for careers in dental research and/or education and the practice of dentistry;

  5. *gaining teaching experience, performing original research and earning an optional Masters of Science degree if indicated.

* This is only the Masters tract. Not all Year II residents are enrolled in Masters

coursework or do research.
Note: In order to achieve the above, a personal camera and computer are strongly recommended

for each resident. The program has an intraoral video camera to aid in case

Each resident shall:
1. Provide professional comprehensive care and treatment to assigned patients; keep a complete record of activity, maintain a portfolio.

2. Maintain at all times the highest professional conduct with respect to patients, faculty and support staff.

3. Consult with faculty members when arriving at a diagnosis and treatment plan.

4. Function under the supervision and guidance of the teaching staff.

5. Develop the ability to assume increasing independence. As a result, a greater amount of responsibility will be placed on your clinical judgment as the year progresses.

  1. Manage all treatment plans for assigned patients, maintain primary responsibility for discussing treatment cost with each patient, and utilize one of the acceptable protocols for the collection of all fees (see Clinic Manual).

  2. Assume responsibility for following your patient’s financial accounts; render treatment only after payment is assured.

  1. Attend all regular and special dental meetings.

  2. Review and sign the Attendance Policy.

  3. Review and follow Policies of the Clinic Manual, Medical Emergencies, Infection Control and OSHA policies ( Select “Current Students”, then, Policies – Clinic Manual.

  4. Residents are assigned an email address. Emails are used as a means of communication. Residents should check their emails on a daily basis.

  5. Support the On-Call Service by responding to pages.

13. Read and understand UMB Dental School Academic Due Process Policy found on page 8 of the manual.

14. Residents will participate in the Journal Club and other academic activities.

15. Each resident will be responsible for formally presenting a completed comprehensive case at the end of the year. Format found on page 58.

16. Residents must correct their Missing Charges Reports on a bi-weekly basis. Reports are to be return to the Business Office within 5 days. Failure to comply may result in a Judicial Board violation and the resident may be subject to suspension of clinical privileges.


1. Be fully aware of the philosophy and objectives of the Advanced General Dentistry Program.

2. Present seminars, lectures, conferences, journal clubs; attend treatment planning seminars, and engage in other research and service.

3. Review charts of patients assigned to residents to assure their accuracy and comprehensiveness. Countersign charts. Perform quality assessment audits.

4. Discuss patient evaluation, treatment planning, management, complications, and outcomes of all cases with residents.

5. Supervise residents in clinical sessions, pre-approve extractions, removable deliveries and fixed cementations.

6. Serve as a role model by being involved in the active treatment of patients.

7. Attend all staff meetings scheduled that involve them.

8. Be current in all disciplines of clinical general dentistry.

9. Screen new AEGD patients.


Residents are granted the following:

Holidays: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Dr. King’s Birthday, Spring Break and Memorial Day. In addition, the residents are allowed 10 vacation/sick/personal leave requests.
Requests for personal days shall be submitted in writing, for approval, to the Director AT LEAST THREE WEEKS in advance of the anticipated dates (unless an emergency situation exists). If approved, it is the responsibility of the resident taking leave to do the following:

  1. Make sure that no conflicting assignments exist and all assigned duties are completed (i.e.: seminar chairperson).

  2. Notify the receptionist concerning patient scheduling.

  3. Ten days of leave is allowed. These days may be used for sick, personal or vacation.

  4. Promptness and attendance are critical to maintaining schedules. Repeated tardiness and/or absences will not be tolerated. Any missed time past the ten days of allowable leave will need to be made up before receiving a certificate.


1. Residents should notify either Ms. Chenowith, Dr. Barnes or Dr. Kaplowitz, if they are going to be late or out sick.

Sharon Chenowith – 410.706.4156 (office); 443.504.8292 (cell)

Dr. Douglas Barnes – 443.271.2194 (cell)

Dr. Gary Kaplowitz – 443.504.8292 (cell)

Tuition for the Master’s program is charged to the master track resident.

All residents are paid a stipend. Stipends vary from year-to-year and are discussed during the interview process.

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