Adult focus sheet- how to brush your teeth

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Adult focus sheet

This is an adult led activity targeted towards meeting ELGs in health and self-care. As each group completes the activity plot their names in the table below, when complete a whole class overview will show any key next steps needed to improve further development.

ELGs – How to brush your teeth

Adult focus sheet- How to brush your teeth

Week beg:



Learning Intention:

To sequence how to brush your teeth.

Success Criteria:

*To manage their own hygiene.

* To know the importance of good health.

*To sequence and order familiar events.


HA-To write instructions with time sentence starters for Buddy.

MA- To write simple instructions for Buddy.

LA- To sequence pictures and talk about them to Buddy.


Show the children a puppet and introduce them. Explain that buddy has a problem, he is growing some teeth and doesn’t know how to look after them. What does he need to do? Encourage the children to use time openers- first, next, then and finally and discuss. Can they write/draw some simple instructions for buddy to remind him how to brush his teeth? Now read out their instructions to buddy. Give the instructions to buddy to keep in his special bag.


Have picture cards to help prompt the children with their sequencing.


  • Puppet (buddy)

  • Word cards

  • Picture cards

  • Writing paper

Children ( * achieved / support)


Next step:

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