Active Member Role: nape management Committee member rtpi staff Member Support

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Active Member Role: NAPE Management Committee member

RTPI Staff Member Support: NAPE Administrator

Description: To ensure each region/nation delivers on all actions identified in the annual NAPE Action Plan, and to act as a first point of contact for NAPE members in each region/nation

Commitment: Regular correspondence with other Committee members and the NAPE Administrator, attendance at Management Committee meetings, regular liaison with NAPE members in the relevant region/nation to ensure delivery, and promotion of NAPE

Eligibility: Must be a member of NAPE and live or work in the region/nation represented

Period of Involvement: Elections for Management Committee places are held every two years (six areas are elected each year). Committee members can stand for re-election

How to get involved: Contact the NAPE Administrator

Active Member Role: External stakeholder representative

RTPI Staff Member Support: All staff in the Policy Practice Networks Team

Description: To represent the RTPI at stakeholder meetings and report on proceedings

Commitment: Attend meetings as required, sometimes at short notice

Eligibility: RTPI members only

Period of Involvement: Indefinite. Reviewed by RTPI Head of Policy

How to get involved: Contact a member of the Policy Practice Networks Team

Active Member Role: Media Ambassador

RTPI Staff Member Support: RTPI Head of Communications

RTPI Networks & Associations Developer

Description: To provide the RTPI with expertise and respond to enquiries from the media

Commitment: Able and willing to provide comment and be interviewed, often at very short notice. Must be familiar at all times with current RTPI policy positions

Eligibility: RTPI members only. Must be wiling to speak only on behalf of the RTPI

Period of Involvement: Initially 12 months. Reviewed by RTPI Head of Communications

How to get involved: Contact the RTPI Head of Communications or the RTPI Networks & Associations Developer

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