Accreditation requirements for pediatric dentistry programs

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2.4.0 Preparation for Practice

2.4.1 A graduate of the program must be capable of meeting the dental health needs of the public as a specialist in pediatric dentistry. Sufficient opportunity for the development of competency in the specialty of pediatric dentistry must be provided. There must be a sufficient supply of patients with disorders requiring a wide variety of pediatric dentistry services in order to provide adequate clinical experience. Accordingly, the graduate must be capable of diagnosing and treating oral disease as defined by the scope of the specialty. Clinical experience must be such as to produce a graduate who can assume the level of professional responsibility appropriate to the specialty practice of pediatric dentistry and provide those services usually provided in the practice of pediatric dentistry.
Documentation Required

    1. Describe how the program manages patient assignment.

    2. Describe how resident’s clinical experiences are monitored.

    3. Describe how the program ensures that each student is provided with sufficient experiences to develop competency within the contemporary scope of pediatric dentistry practice.

2.4.2 An appropriate patient pool must be available to permit residents to demonstrate competency in the development and implementation of an integrated treatment plan for comprehensive patient care. The availability of such experiences must be monitored to ensure adequate experiences for each resident. An ongoing record of the number and variety of clinical experiences accomplished by each resident must be maintained.
Documentation Required

    1. Provide evidence that the patient pool available for educational purposes is sufficient to allow residents to develop competency within the scope of the pediatric dentistry practice.

    2. Describe the strategies that have been implemented to ensure that residents have sufficient patient experiences.

    3. Identify any areas where a shortage of patients may exist. Describe the strategies that have been implemented to address these areas.

2.4.3 Residents must have opportunities to work with other health care professionals.
Documentation Required
Describe the opportunities available to pediatric dentistry residents to gain experience working with physicians and other health professionals.

2.5.0 Evaluation

2.5.1 Reliable and valid systems of resident evaluation must exist and be applied. Processes must be defined which ensure that residents are individually evaluated in terms of their achievement of the program’s stated objectives and outcomes. These evaluation systems must be the basis for judgements that govern resident promotion and graduation.
Documentation Required

    1. Describe the resident evaluation system(s).

    2. Describe how the program ensures that residents are evaluated in terms of their achievement of the program’s stated objectives and outcomes.

    3. Describe how residents receive formative evaluation.

    4. Describe how residents are involved in providing feedback regarding the evaluation system.

    5. Attach as an appendix, the results of the Canadian National Dental Specialty Examinations, administered by the RCDC, for graduates of the program since the last accreditation survey visit.


3.1.0 Program Administration

3.1.1 The dean or director of the faculty/school/college of dentistry must be an individual who has the educational background, professional experience, authority and responsibility necessary to fulfill program objectives and outcomes.
Documentation Required
Attach as an appendix, the job description of the dean or director of the faculty/ school/college of dentistry.
Program Director
3.1.2 For the purposes of the accreditation documentation CDAC regards the program director as the individual with responsibility and authority for the clinical academic program. A program director appointed after January 1, 2007 who has not previously served as a program director* must hold Fellowship in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC) or have completed the National Dental Specialty Examination (NDSE) within two (2) years of their appointment.
The program director must be a recognized licensed/registered specialist in pediatric dentistry and have the professional experience, authority, and responsibility necessary to fulfill the program objectives and outcomes. Program directors completing the NDSE are encouraged to apply for Fellowship in the RCDC.
The program director must have the necessary time to oversee program administration, operation, supervision, evaluation, and revision. Teaching contact hours must not compromise the ability to fulfill these obligations.
Documentation Required

    1. Attach as an appendix, a brief curriculum vitae and a copy of the job description for the program director.

    2. Attach as an appendix, the teaching contact hours of the program director and the teaching contact hours of other faculty members in the discipline.

* Please note the statement “who have not previously served as Program Directors” refers to programs directors of accredited dental specialty programs.

3.1.3 When a new program is being planned, the program director or equivalent should be appointed in advance of the program starting date to allow time for developing curriculum, recruiting faculty members, preparing facilities, ordering equipment, making clinical program arrangements and establishing admission procedures.
Documentation Required
If the program is a new program, identify when the program director was appointed.

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