Account of the gallaudet family compiled by: Jean Taylor Kimball Wilson

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Compiled by:

Jean Taylor Kimball Wilson
Year 1953


In compiling the account of the Gallaudet family, I have been greatly indebted to the efforts of Mr. S. F. Dorrance, Genealogist. He has searched various records, Wills, land grants, etc. besides communicating with numerous members of the Gallaudet family; to the Oliver family; “Extracts from Life of Thomas Gallaudet” by his son Edward Miner Gallaudet; “History of the Huguenot Society of New York”; Baptisms, marriages and deaths recorded in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York; Records of same in New Rochelle, New York and Brooklyn Board of Health and City Council records; Information from the French Church of Saint Esprit, Brick Presbyterian Church; Trinity Church of New York and other early Churches. Mr. Henry Nelson Gallaudet sent very useful lists of the family to Mr. Dorrance including a letter from a cousin, Mr. Robert Prioleau Gallaudet Munro-Erwin. Mr. Erwin has been kind enough to let me read this note in regard to both the Prioleau and the Gallaudet families and has permitted me to quote from them and from his letters to his cousin and to Mr. Dorrance.

In an old record of my father’s (David Stearns Kimball Jr.) I found incomplete data copied from my Grandfather’s record. Possibly some of it copied from Great Aunt Doretha’s Bible. She was Doretha Harmon Gallaudet. My father’s mother, Ann Eliza Gallaudet (Kimball) was a second cousin of Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.


Chapter I. page 4.

Early account of the Gallaudet and Prioleau families.
Chapter II page 8

The first Gallaudet in America.

Chapter III page 13

Descendants of Pierre Elisee Galladet, Col. Peter and

Elisha Gallaudet.
Notes on the following families: Beeny, Hyland, Kimball,

Sicard-Secord, Wilmot

Chapter IV page 26

Descendants of Elisha Gallaudet and Jeanne Dubois, continued.

Judith, Marie, Joseph of New Rochelle and his descendants.
Notes on the following families: Badeau, Seacord, and Doty (Doten).
Chapter V page 32

Descendants of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, continued.

Jean, Susanne, Thomas and his descendants.
Notes on families: Budd, Beveridge, Edgar, Finne, Richards, Tyler,

Sherman and Smith.

Chapter VI page 42

Descendants of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, continued.

Catherine Fowler, Alice Cogswell, Edward Miner Gallaudet

and his descendants.

Notes on families: Budd, Edgerton, Fowler, Trumbull Wemple.
Chapter VII page 47

Descendants of Peter Wallace Gallaudet, continued.

Descendants of Thomas Gallaudet, continued.

Notes on families: Beury, Erwin, Hardee and Seton.

Chapter VIII page 50

Descendants of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, continued.

Notes on families: Gendron, Temple de St. Croix, Parcot,

Thompson, Oliver and Willett.



A part of the text which follows was received by Mr. S. F. Dorrance, Sept. 10, 1936 in a letter from Mr. Henry Nelson Gallaudet of Elizabeth, New Jersey in which he copied “Extracts from the Life of Thomas Gallaudet” by his son Edward Miner Gallaudet, published by Henry Holt & Co. 1888.

“Tracing the ancestry--- we go back to Joshua Gallaudet who lived at Mauze, a village about 20 miles East of La Rochelle, France, at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685---- The name seems to be rather Latin than French.--- A Coat of Arms brought by the family from France has as its motto “Ut Quiescas Labora.” “The wife of Joshua Gallaudet was Margaret Prioleau, Granddaughter of Elizee Prioleau, a distinguished Huguenot pastor at Niort near La Rochelle from 1639 to 1650.

The Prioleau family furnished many devoted and eminent clergymen to the Huguenot Church among them a son of Elisee named Samuel, a pastor at La Rochelle 1660 and later at Pons in Saintonge where he died in 1683, and Elie, Samuel’s son who succeeded his father at Pons, fled from France after the Revocation and became the first pastor of the Huguenot Church in Charleston, South Carolina where some of his descendants are still to be found. Among the faithful followers of Elie Prioleau to America was his brother Elisha, in whose family Bible, still existing, may be found a record under the date of Sept. 3, 1734 which declares that his father was the Rev. Samuel Prioleau of Pons.---- Elisee Prioleau of Niort had the title of “Sieur de la Vieunerie” and, is on good authority stated, to have been the son of Antonio Priuli, Doge of Venice 1618-1623. There are writers who deny this---- and derive his lineage from an ancestry of Clergymen resident in the district of Saintonge. If these writers are correct, the connection between the Prioleaus of France and the Priolis of Venice still remains: for it is recorded in the history of Venetian diplomacy that in 1554 a young nephew of the Doges Lorenzo and Jerome, named Antonio, going with a maternal uncle on an embassy to France, fell in love with and married a daughter of a gentleman of Saintonge. A law of Venice forbidding the Nobility of the Republic to marry foreigners, young Antonio was banished and took up his residence in Saintonge among his wife’s relations. There he became the father of a numerous family which embraced the Huguenot faith during the reign of Henry IV. Among his descendants was Benjamin Priolo, born at St. Jean d’Angely in Saintonge in 1602, who became a distinguished author and diplomat. Benjamin Priolo’s claim of descent from the Priulis having been disputed, he submitted evidence to the Venetian Government----- he received a patent, under the seal of the Republic in 1660 recognizing--- his right to consider himself a Member of the Noble Venetian family.”

(From a letter from Mr. Robert Munro-Erwin to Mr. Dorrance) “The sister of Margaret Prioleau Gallaudet, Jeanne Prioleau, married Jean Le Gendre, a member of the Parliament of Bordeaux, and for whom was built about 1656 the Chateau of “La Grilliere” about two miles from Mauze, and it is still standing. From this family is descended Comte Le Gendre (A Papal title) and the Comtesse de Limour (born Berthe La Jollet Perigue du Harley- her grandmother was a Le Gendre) Her son, Comte Jean de Limour has married one of the Crockers of San Francisco and is in the French Embassy at London.”

Further record of the Prioleau Family:--

  1. 1. Elisha (Elisee) Prioleau “Sieur de la Vieunerie” Pastor at Jonsac prior to 1637, later at Niort, married Marie Martin. He died at Niort 1650.

Children of Elisee Prioleau and Marie Martin:

  1. 1. Elisee, Pastor at Exodun nr. La Mothe, St. Theray 1649-1663 married Rennee Roccas (or Rochas).

Children of Elisee Prioleau and Renee Rochas::

  1. 1. Elisee, “Sieur de Chamier” near St. Maxieut 1706. Senneshall of Fors and St. Gelais; married Francoise Rouget (or Rogier). He died in 1706.

III 2. Margaret, married Josua Gallaudet. In 1699 she was a widow and lived at Rancon, Parish of Dey.

III. 3. Jeanne, married Jean Le Gendre.

  1. 2. Samuel, Pastor at Pons 1659-1683 married Jeanne Merlat. He died at Pons in 1683.

Children of Samuel Prioleau and Jeanne Merlat:

  1. 1. Elias became his father’s successor at Pons. He married Jeanne Bugeaud born in France 1659. After the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes this family went to England, from there to America where the Rev. Elias Prioleau founded and was Pastor of the Huguenot Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He died in 1699 and was buried at Medway (now Black) River.

III. 2. Elisha came to America with his brother the Rev. Elias Prioleau.

  1. 1. Samuel, probably son of Rev. Elias Prioleau and Jeanne Bugeaud, born 1690, died 1752. He married 1713 Marie Magdelaine Gendron daughter of Captain Phillippe Gendron and Magdalaine de Chardon.

Will of Philip Gendron----“Further I leave to Madeline Gendron my daughter, wife of Mons. Samuel Prioleau the sum of seventeen hundred Pounds, current money of this country, and a negress named Diana--- (He speaks of his sister Catherine Gendron’s Will)----

(Baird’s History of the Huguenot Emigration to America)

“We find that Madeline Chardon, widow of Louis Pasquereau of Tours, France, married second Philippe Gendron and that they came to America, to South Carolina with their daughter Madeleine Gendron and with her sons by her former marriage, Pierre Isaac and Charles Pasquereau. Also Jean Gendron, brother of Philippe.”

In an account of the Gallaudet family Dr. Baird in his “Huguenot Emigration to America” states; “on the authority of Prof. E. M. Gallaudet L.L.D., that a memorandum partly undecipherable is in the possession of the Gallaudet family in America. This account in French states that Pierre Elisee, son of Josua Gallaudet and his wife Margaret Prioleau, daughter of Elisee Prioleau, Minister of Exodun, was born in Mauze (Moze) pays d’Annis, seven leagues from La Rochelle and four from Niort en Poitou.”

(Lippincott’s 1910) - Mauze, a town in France in Deux Sevres, on the Mignon, 13 miles S.W. of Niort, population 1,500. Niort is the Capital of the Dept. of Deux Sevres, 34 miles E.N.E. of La Rochelle.”

(Letter from Mr. Robert Munro Erwin to Mr. Dorrance) ------

“As far as we know or have record they (the Gallaudets) originated in the Island of Belle-Isle off the coast of Brittany, near St. Malo. In 1920 when searching the records at La Rochelle, I found the record of one Pierre Gallaudet, a Mariner of “Le Palais” in the Island of Belle-Isle, and there I went and found a Joseph and a Thomas each with a son Thomas circa 1580 and I feel sure that either of these Thomas’s was the Thomas of La Rochelle circa 1613, as while both were baptized there, there is nothing further pertaining to them at “Le Palais.” Pierre was a brother of Thomas, son of Joseph.

Thomas of La Rochelle married Elizabeth Bionneau. Isaac of Mauze married Marie Jousseaume. The family of Jousseaume were of noble origin, or they at least belonged to the “Petite Noblesse.” “Noblesse de la Robe” as it is called in France. Isaac Gallaudet and Marie Jousseaume were married in the old Parish Church of Mauze called St. Pierre. All their children were baptized there and from there they were buried. In it (L’Eglise de St. Pierre) I have place Chimes in their memory, as with them ended, as far as our line is concerned, until myself, the old Catholic line. None of the children of Isaac Gallaudet and Marie Jousseaume apostacised except Josue.--- He renounced the Church of Rome on July 12, 1685 at the Church of St. Marie Dey-Prin-Rancon and joined the Calvinist or Huguenot cause, influenced undoubtedly by the great noble family of Desnier d’Olebreuse who were, at that time, the head of the Huguenot party in the Province of Saintonge and Annis. --- Josue Galodet was Preceptor and “procurateur fiscal” for this family.—At the time of the marriage of a daughter of this house, Eleanor to the Duke of Brunswick-Zell: and I have seen letters written by this lady from Zelle to Mons. Coppet, the Calvinist Minister there (at Mauze) in which she makes inquiries for M. Galodet.” “No one knows the origin of the name “Le Gallaudec” or “Galaudec” as it was called in Brittany. It means in Breton “The little cock.”
(Letter from Mr. Robert Munro Erwin to Mr. Henry Nelson Gallaudet)
--- “I have just given up my little house at Mauze which I have had for five years--- the Chateau of “La Grilliere” built for Jeanne Prioleau and her husband Jean Le Gendre still stands. She was the aunt of the émigré Pierre Elisee Gallaudet. Also the house where Josue Gallaudet lived at Mauze: it is not very sumptious as the Prioleau family seems to have been more affluent.”

(Letter from Mr. Robert Munro-Erwin to Mr. Dorrance)—

--- “Pierre Elisee Gallaudet had an aunt Jeanne Gallaudet who married Jacob Pillot of “Beau retour” 1684. She was born in 1658. Pierre Elisee’s sister Jeanne married Francois Guimet in 1724. She was bapt. 1794. Another sister Marie married Renee Boudet of bellvard--- somewhere between St. Gelais and Niort.

Descendants of Jeanne Gallaudet and Jacob Pillot live at Mont Morillon, about 40 miles from Poitiers. ---- I have often visited them. Mr. Andre Pillot and his brother of New York are descended from this family. The last two Gallaudets at or near Mauze were two old peasant women named Galodet who lived at St. Georges du Bois some 10 miles from Mauze; both died in great poverty between 1865 and 1873.” --- “Pierre Elisee Gallaudet had another brother Casimir ------------“

“After spending five afternoons on my hands and knees scrubbing the stone floor of the Parish Church of St. Gelais and removing the dirt of an Eleventh Century Church, I found the tomb of Marie Gallaudet and Renee Boudet of Bellvard.”

(Record in Eglise de Saint Esprit, New York)

“Pierre Elisee Gallaudet’s estate between his sister (words illegible) --- the name of the place called Purneall a St. Gelais entre Niort et Surin.”

(Letter from Mr. Erwin to Mr. Dorrance)

“Pierre Elisee Gallaudet possessed an estate together with his sister--------- so many purnall this way and so many purnall that way between St. Gelais and another town. Purnall is an old French measure of distance, not used now at all.”

Mr. Erwin doubts the possession of a Coat of Arms rightfully belonging to the Gallaudet family. I agree with him; although the one referred to by Edward Miner Gallaudet may have come down from the distaff side of the family (J.T.K.W.)

(Letter from Mr. Erwin to Mr. Dorrance)

“There are no Gallaudet or Prioleau stones extant in any cemetery at Mauze: the old burying ground at Mauze was transferred some 80 years ago, and the old cemetery beside the church, where our ancestors lie is now a Public Playground, used for the Circus when it comes to town.”

The records found by Mr. Erwin in his long search in France follows:

“Joseph Gallaudet of Belle-Isle Brittany about 1585. Thomas Gallaudet (probably son of Joseph) Notaire Royale during the reign of Louis XIII at La Rochelle, married Elizabeth Bionneau or Vionneau.


  1. Francois b. 1601 d. 1691.

  2. Isaac Gallaudet married Marie Jousseaume. Their children:

  1. Jeanne b. about 1658 m. Jacob Pillot Sieur de Beauretour 1684.

  2. Thomas m. Marie Catherine Beaux in 1693. She was the daughter of the Procureur Fiscal de Benon. “Baptized Church of St. Pierre Mauze Sept. 7, 1694 Thomas, son of Thomas Gallaudet and Catherine Baux.”

  3. Josue married Margaret Prioleau. His son Pierre Elisee Gallaudet was probably their first child, born about 1690.

(Records of Mauze)

“Baptism. Gabriel Casimir, fils Legetime de Josue Gallaudet et Margate Prioleau batisee Dec. 9, 1691 a l’Eglise de St. Pierre, Mauze.”

“22 ieme Juillet 1693 Batemne de Marie Galaudet, fille legetime de Josue Galaudet et Margaret Prioleau.”

“20 ieme Novembre 1694 Bateme de Jeanne Galaudet fille legetime de Josue Galaudet et Margaret Prioleau.”


The First Gallaudet in America

As Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, the first ancestor of the Gallaudet family in America, was an early settler of New Rochelle, I am copying a communication from Mr. Dorrance;

“A few selections from a long article in Valentine’s Manuel of the Common Council for New York City 1862 (pp. 743-761)

“The Huguenot settlers of New York City and its Vicinity” by Frank W. Ballard. “The settlement of New Rochelle dates back to 1689 when some 6000 acres previously included in the Manor of Pelham were made over to Jacob Leisler of New York, in trust for the Huguenots, who were then arriving in large numbers from England. These refugees were a portion of the 50,000 who left France for England in 1681, four years before the Revocation. Tradition unsupported by evidence, tells us that one of King Charles ships brought out the founders of the town of New Rochelle, and we find that during the year 1690 Leisler was parcelling out the Pelham purchase among the French families, who preferred to sustain a new settlement, which might possess all possible characteristics of their native land. The New Rochelle settlement was augmented and strengthened by continuous arrivals of refugees until the year 1700---- and although some of the settlers had great difficulty in paying for their land, and privations of various sorts were experienced by them, they all united, in expression of thankfulness to God, for the advantages enjoyed by them in this land of liberty----- Friendly correspondence was also maintained between the two Huguenot Colonies of New Rochelle and Boston. The French language was preserved in its purity for at least two generations in New Rochelle, and the town besides being noted for the politeness and hospitality of its inhabitants, became a place of resort for La Belle France. In after years, the French clergy here were the instructors of many subsequently distinguished men, among whom may be named John Jay, General Philip Schuyler, Gouverneur Morris and Washington Irving. The late venerable John Pintard in some “Recollections” furnished the author of the “History of New Rochelle,” supplies the following information. “The Holy Sacrament was administered to the Huguenots of New Rochelle four times a year, viz: Christmas, Easter, Whitsunday and the middle of September. During the intermission that occurred, the communicants walked to New York for that purpose. Prior to their departure they always collected the young children and left them in care of friends, while they set off, early in the morning and walked to the city barefooted, carrying the shoes and stockings in their bare hands. They were accustomed to stop at a rock about twelve miles from New York, to rest and to take some refreshment: and also at a fresh water pond (within the bounds of the city) where they washed their feet and put on their shoes and stockings. They then walked to the French Church.------- The interval between the morning and afternoon service was shortened for their accommodation, as they had to walk home again--------- They continued to worship in this manner until the American Revolution broke out, when this part of the country became harassed and overrun by the British troops.------- In 1704 there was erected a more convenient and commodious meeting house in Pine Street (between Nassau and William. S. F. D.) The new society was named “L’Eglise du Saint Esprit.” The building fronted on Pine Street; the balance of the plot was used as a burying ground. ----------- Their first place of worship was a small building in what is now (1862) known as Marketfield Street near the Battery. It was to this humble shrine, that the devoted Huguenots of New Rochelle directed their pious pilgrimage, undeterred by twenty three miles of weary walking; that in their own loved liturgy, they might unite with their refugee brethren in the old familiar forms of worship.” Many of the names of these Huguenots in America are common to the families to-day. Pierre Monunet came from near Niort; his name later changed to Manet, Maney, Manee. The Mercereaus came from Moize (Mauze), Saintonge (St. Onge). The La Montagnes from Saintonge. Among the freeholders of New Rochelle in 1708 are some of the names following, -- Lambert, Badeau, Girard, Gougeon, Bourepas, Mercier, Le Roux, Valleaux, Faneuil, Allaire, Le Comte, Angevin and many more.

(“Huguenots in Westchester” by William Watson Waldron A. B.)

“In 1709 the New Rochelle congregation following the example of some of their reformed brethren in Europe, conformed to the Church of England and agreed to adopt her “Liturgy and Rites,” as by law established. Among the families then worshiping here we meet the following familiar names: - Bleecker, Le Conte, Nicolle, Angevin, Gallaudet and Badeau.”
I. 1. Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, “Chirurgien” of New Rochelle was undoubtedly the first Gallaudet in America. He was the son of Josue Gallaudet and Margaret Prioleau. It is claimed that he came to New Rochelle as early as 1711. (letter from Mr. Erwin to Mr. Dorrance) “----- if he came in 1711 he must have come very late in that year as Pierre Elisee Gallaudet was a witness at the marriage of his sister Marie Gallaudet to Renee Boudet of Bellvard in 1711 at the Parish Church of St. Gelais; the signatures of both Thomas and Pierre Elisee Gallaudet appear on the Marriage record.”

There is a monument with bronze plaque at New Rochelle, erected to the Memory of the Huguenot Settlers. Many of the names, in which we are interested in this account are inscribed there:- Angevin, Badeau, Bonnet, Boudet, De St. Croix, De Vaux, Du Bois, Gallaudet, Sicard etc.

In the Church of Saint Esprit New York City, there is a brass tablet inscribed to the Memory of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet and Margaret Prioleau (his mother).

“A careful examination of the records of New Rochelle reveals very little about him (Pierre Elisee Gallaudet).” (S.F. Dorrance) He may have been in New Rochelle as early as the latter part of 1711. The first record of him (in New Rochelle Town Records) is in 1722. “Deed of Daniel Bonnet to Cornelius Tienhoven 1722, 14 acres of land in New Rochelle bounded Northerly by Docteur Gallaudet, Westerly to Alexander Allaire, Southerly and Easterly to Boston Road etc.”

(Bolton’s History of Westchester) “On the 17th. April, 1724 we find the following free holders granting to Anthony Lispenard a portion of land situated on Davenport’s Neck, for the erection of a mill. Among these names are Zaccarie Angevin, Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, Aman (Ermand?) Guion, Alexander Allaire and many others. In a footnote in this History- Extraits from the Lispenard Diary in possession of the late Peter Gallaudet upper Rochelle.”

(From the Journal of the Legislative Council of the Colony of New York begun the 9th. Day of April 1691 and ended the 27th day of September 1743. Published 1861. Information very kindly given by Mr. E. R. Wheat to Mr. Dorrance.) “At a Council held at Fort George in New York June 17- 1726---- An act for naturalizing Peter D. Lae, John Zenger, Paulus De Seer, Nicholas Jaboien, Abraham Rodriguez Rivera, Abraham Carcas, Nicholas Van Faerlingh, Matthias Borrell, Johannes Roorbagh, Johannes Lashier, Louis Sacombell, Marianne, the wife of Daniel Bonticou, Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, John Drangaud, Michael Bertham, William Crolges, Jean Ballereau, the wife of James Ballereau and Garret Corneliusen.”

(Recorded at White Plains Feb. 11, 1726) “Peter Elisee Gallaudet of New Rochelle, Chirurgien, bought land in New Rochelle from Samuel Bonnet of the same place for 200 pounds.” “At the Town meeting (New Rochelle) Apr. 4, 1727 among other officials chosen “Pour townsmen, Galodet et Isaac Guion.” The same Apr. 1, 1729. “Will of Benj. Griffin of Marmaroneck Westchester Co. May 1, 1731, Proved June 14, 1731. Witnesses – Gallaudet, John Griffin and John Buller.” “Mar. 1, 1732 Pierre Elisee Gallaudet and his wife Jan sold the same or part of the same land (that which he bought from Samuel Bonnet in 1726) to Zachariah Angevins for 130 pounds.”

(New Rochelle Town Records 1699-1828) “Deed of Angevins to Isaac Guion” substance of it: - deed of 25 acres of land in New Rochelle “butted and bounded as follows; on the highway westerly by Alexander Allaire, Northerly by Arman Guion, Southerly by the remaining land which formerly belonged to Daniel Bonnet together with all and singular, the houses, barns orchards etc. Excepting and reserving to the heirs or assigns of Daniel Bonnet out of this present bargain and sale, all that the Dwelling house adjoining to the south of ye premises where the Partition line toucheth and cutteth off a corner thereof, as also free liberty to erect or build a Kitchen adjoining to the said house, with free Ingress, Egress and regress, into and out of and from the same, which hereby Bargained and sold Lands and premises before mentioned, with the Exception aforesaid purchased by Peter Elisee Gallodet by the aforesaid Zacharias Angevins, as by the deed poll, under the hands and seals of Peter Elysee Gallodet and his wife Jan Gallodet. Bearing Date ye thirty first day of March in the fifth year of the Reign of King George the second, Anno Dominie, one thousand seven hundred and thirty two.”

(Letter from Mr. Erwin to Mr. Henry Nelson Gallaudet.)

“------- there was an old stone house, standing on property that now belongs to Adrian Iselin Esq. of New York, which he had torn down when he bought the property, twenty five years ago, (1900, 1902 S. F. D.) that was undoubtedly the house where the original Émigré (Pierre Elisee Gallaudet) lived when he came from Mauze and I suppose he was buried on that property------ but no graves have ever been discovered; at least there are no stones.”

(Historical Landmarks of New Rochelle, by Morgan H. Seacord)

“Gallaudet-Carpenter House. Site - North side of Huguenot street, a few rods east of Columbus Place. This house, partly stone and partly of wood, stood on land that was owned by Daniel Bonnet Jr. and had tan vats and a bark Mill in the rear of the property, along the Burling Brook, but this was not the Bonnet house. This house appears to have been built by Dr. Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, who purchased part of the Bonnet property in 1726. Dr. Gallaudet came of a very distinguished Huguenot family and was the second physician to come to New Rochelle, but he remained here only four years, selling out to Zacharie Angevins. From the latter it passed to the Guion family from whom it came to Captain Daniel Williams, soon after the Revolutionary War. Thomas Carpenter bought it in 1805 and the latter’s son Stephen Carpenter and daughter Lydia Carpenter occupied it until the end of their days. The old house was demolished when the “Neptune Storage Warehouse” was constructed.”

We find proof that Pierre Elisee Gallaudet was in New Rochelle from 1722 until 1732. Real proof of earlier or later residence there has not been found. We have not been able to trace the family name of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet’s wife Jan.

(Letter from Mr. Erwin to Mr. Dorrance) ----- “I think his wife Jan was a Wilmot--- they (the Wilmots) were very near neighbors, prominent English settlers and land owners. ---- I did not find the baptism of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet. Although his father Josue became a Calvinist in 1685, this was not until after the birth of all his children, who were therefore baptized in the Catholic faith.”

It is quite possible that Pierre Elisee Gallaudet however, was the youngest of the family, born after his father embraced the Protestant faith. If he were born in 1686, he would be 25 when witnessing his sister’s wedding and when he came to America. (J.T.K.W.)

It is probable that Pierre Elisee Gallaudet married second Marie Gendron. Their name appears in a baptismal record on Staten Island Nov. 5, 1738. Baptism of child Esther.

Apparently in early times Dr. Pierre Elisee Gallaudet’s sons Thomas, Peter, John and Paul were peruke makers; a calling well thought of in the early history of America. Later they and many other men of good families became physicians, surgeons, clergymen and lawyers. The Rev. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet was in 1816 able to introduce into the U. S. the language for deaf mutes. This lead to the establishment of many institutions and schools.”

In 1776 “A list of members belonging to the Society of Peruke Makers held at Mr. Kitchums No. 22 Ann Street.” “David Barclay, Michael Tremper, Leonard Fisher, Thomas Winslow, Lorrant Marcy, Richard Penny, George Cook, John Van Deusen, John Clits, John Fenton, James Rose, Jacob Leonard, Francis Leonard, Isaac Jones, Anthony Latour, James Bell, Jonathan Penny, Thomas Shepherd, John Baldwin, Bernard Sohots; Donald McKay Chairman; James Steuart Treasurer; Charles Oetzen, Clerk. First Dist. of New York.”

(Library of Board of Aldermen Municipal Building N. Y. Freemen 1749)

“Sept. 26, 1749 Thomas Gauledet Peruke Maker R. (registered) Freeman made and Registered in the Mayorality of Edward Holland Esq.”

Dec. 9, 1760, Freeman made and Registered in the Mayorality of John Cruger Esq. John Gallaudet, Peruke Maker.”

“Nov. 8, 1769 a certificate as to the good character ------ of Paul Gallaudet, periwig maker, signed by Charles Keteltas, John Beeckman, Richard Yates, G. D. Ludlow and several others.”

“John Gallaudet, peruke maker at 10 King Street in 1789 and 59 Chatham Street from 1790 to 1794.”

“Peter Gallaudet at 33 Chatham Street 1792. 1794 at 126 Chatham Street same house as Paul, son of Elisha Gallaudet.”

(N.Y. Hist. Soc. Coll.) “Freemen – New York City,- At a Common Council held Apr. 24, 1691 - That no person or persons whatever within this City or Libertyes, doe Keep Shop and Sell any goods or wares by Retaile, or Exercise any Handicraft trade, or Occupation, but such as are Freemen, Thereof, or so admitted by the Mayor or Court of Aldermen for the time being, under penalty of five pounds for each offence; and all Persons hereafter to bee made free shall pay as followeth. - Every Merchant, Trader or Shop Keeper the summe of three pounds, Twelve shillings besides fees, and every handicraft man, one pound, four shillings besides fees, or being made free, as aforesaid, for the use of the City.”

I have never been at all sure of the Sequence of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet’s children, as given in various records. I have thought it probable that the first three were Jean, Susanne and Thomas, the others coming later. If Peter were the first child he would be about fifty six years old at the beginning of the American Revolution (J.T.K.W.). In Bolton’s “History of Westchester Co.” he gives the sequence of the Gallaudet family as follows – After speaking of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet settling in New Rochelle he writes “His son Pierre died in 1774 A.D. married ----------- Willmouth and left 1. Elisha 2. Col. Peter, Commander of a troop of light horse in the Continental Service, 3. Joseph of New Rochelle married Ann Badeau, 4. Mary married Samuel Pease, Frances married -------- Costing.” This record disagrees with all others: However, Col. Peter may have been a grand son of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, son of his son Peter. This would account for his being in the Revolutionary War. I am, however, following sequence of the descendants of the Gallaudet family as given by various Gallaudets. (J.T.K.W.)

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