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Please note: Current students and recent alumni (within 6 months of completion) are not required to fill in this form. Please update your Banking details on Sydney Student
For other payees, please only fill in if you have not previously given details or if your address or banking details have changed

SID and Student Name

SID: Name:

Student Address

Student Contact details (phone)

Student email (University of Sydney email address)

Name of bank

Name of Account holder

Address of Branch

Bank Account Number




















(Bank Code)

(Branch Code)



(Account Number)


Conditions of Use of EFT: -

  • Future payments by the University of Sydney will be by EFT/TT.

  • Changes in the above particulars are to be notified immediately to Manager, Accounts Payable, Margaret Telfer Building K07, University of Sydney.

  • The above-named student agrees to repay to the University of Sydney on demand any payments credited to the student in error. The University of Sydney reserves the right to set off the amount of any overpayment made in error against any future debt or liability owing to the University of Sydney by the student.

  • The University of Sydney reserves the right at any time to terminate or suspend this EFT/TT payment system and to pay by any other manner which the University of Sydney may determine from time to time.

I agree to the above conditions.

Name: _____________________________
SID: ______________________
Phone: _________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________________

Signature: ______________________________
Date: __________________________________

Office use only:

New: Amend: Date:__________

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