A visit to Russian Centre for Science and Culture

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A visit to

Russian Centre for Science and Culture

On July 9, 2014, 48 students from Indraprastha International School visited Russian Centre for Science and Culture. The students were welcomed by Ms. Tatiana Shipilova, Director, and Ms. Olga Sharma, Teacher, Institute of Russian Language, RCSC. The programme comprised the overview of the RCSC, acquaintance with the Russian Classical Ballet School, Botvinnik Chess Academy, Art School, Library and the Institute of Russian Language. Students visited the exhibition “There is only a moment…”, dedicated to the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The screening of the documentary film “Welcome to Russia”, followed by the multi-media presentation “Different shades of Russia”, formed the highlight of the event. The cultural part of the programme consisted of the multi-media presentation on the Russian singing and dancing traditions, which culminated in the Russian traditional dance “Kardil”. In the course of the programme, the students got the opportunity to try on Russian shawls, winter boots- Valenki, winter cap- Shapka-ushanka, and even tried to ski, which left an indelible impression and positive emotions on the students. The event concluded with the screening of modern Russian animated films in English. It was indeed a memorable experience for the students.

Ms. Tatiana Shipilova, Director, RCSC, expressed gratitude to the teachers and students for the visit and showed great interest to go ahead with such programmes aimed at spreading the history, culture and traditions of Russia.

A Visit to Russian Centre for Science and Culture

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