A rocha Camp Resource Buckets By Ruth DesCotes, a rocha’s Environmental Educator

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A Rocha Camp Resource Buckets
By Ruth DesCotes, A Rocha’s Environmental Educator

For more information, email Ruth – ruth.descotes@arocha.ca

An Introduction to Creation Care: these buckets were put together by A Rocha to give camp program staff a resource for practicing and teaching creation care at camp. Please contact Ruth for assistance in assembling these buckets and activities.

1-Animal charades (cards)

2-Noah’s Ark: matching animals & sounds they make (cards)

3-Hug a Tree: observing a tree without using sight (10 blindfolds]

4-Feel a Rock (or shell, etc): observing an object by touch

5-Rainbow Colours: colour-matching in nature (colour chips)

6-Crab Soccer: animal movement soccer game

7-Balloon Busters: animal survival game [2 bags of balloons]

8-Re-Naming: an observation circle activity

9-Mini-Habitat- discover what’s in your ‘habitat’ [9 string circles]

10- Who Am I?- Animal clue game [cards, clothespins]

11-Un-Nature Trail- test your observation skills in the forest

12-Camouflage-predator/prey survival

13-Forest Incense-what smells do you like? [collection containers]

14-Sensory Maps-mapping activity

15-Scavenger Hunt [list]

16-Tie-dye Expression-use natural materials to make dye

17-Survival Tea-What can you find in the forest to eat?

18-Freeze Improv-Situation comedy

19-Sparrow Seek- camouflage activity [master shape]

20-Build-a-tree-dramatic role-playing

21-Picture-framing-observation in detail [slide frames]

22-Owls & Crows-true or false team game

23-Bird Behaviour Bingo- bird observation [sheets]

24-Duplication-an object memory activity

25-Web of Life: group activity about interconnectedness [strings]

26-Oh Deer: learn about habitat

27-Make a Pooter: collect bugs!

28-Creature Memory game

29-Secret Spot


EXTRA RESOURCES: *some are site-specific

-Field Guides-3

-Bird Silhouette/Bird behaviour cards, Plant ID cards, tree ID cards, Bug ID cards

-Beach ID cards/Seashore Snoop card OR Lakeshore cards

-Nature Bingo/Bug Bingo cards

-Predator-Prey Animal Wide Game kit

-Crayons, pencils, cord, ‘treasure’ box, small magnifiers, * nets, bingo chips, blindfolds, armbands

Inspiring Change. Caring for Creation.


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