A cultural Context for Othello

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A Cultural, Historical and Feminist Context for Othello

“A Cultural Context for Othello” from Shakespeare Theatre Company

“Cultural Context: Elizabethan Era” and “Othello Historical Information Context Sheet” from MsNGPrelimaryEnglish

  • http://missngpreliminaryenglish.wikispaces.com/Module+B+Critical+Study+of+Othello

  • The PDF files of these documents are available from this website (see links)

  • Has information on the history, culture, and racial and gender stereotypes of the time period

“Othello, the Moore of Venice” from the Marin Theater Company

  • http://marintheatre.org/productions/learn-more/othello/othello-the-other/

  • Has information on Othello’s character as an outsider in society and the impossibility if his success in his relationship with Desdamona

“1500-1600 End of the Renaissance and the Reformation” from Khana Academy

  • http://userpages.umbc.edu/~rfarabau/engl250h/wiki/index.php?page=Rights_of_Women

  • Gives a historical context for Venice in the 1500’s (the time period in which the play was placed)

“Elizabethan England” from PhillyShakespeare.org

  • http://www.phillyshakespeare.org/uploads/elizabethan%20women.pdf

  • Has Information on the role of women in Elizabethan England

“Adultery” and “Chastising Bad Women” from Duke

  • https://web.duke.edu/rpc/women_and_sexuality/joadultery.html

  • https://web.duke.edu/rpc/women_and_sexuality/chastisingbadwomen.html

  • Has information about how women were expected to behave in marriage and what adultery and sexuality meant to men and women

“Rights of Women” from UMBC

  • http://userpages.umbc.edu/~rfarabau/engl250h/wiki/index.php?page=Rights_of_Women

  • Has information about how women were seen in the Elizabethan era

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