8: 20 meeting called to order Role Call by President Fletcher

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8:20 meeting called to order
Role Call by President Fletcher

Absent excused:

VP Store






Absent unexcused


Motion to approve agenda Hanson/Campa – approval of agenda by voice

No discussion

10-0-0 approval of Old Business SF0308-04 By-Laws Amendment to remove Ad-Hoc Committees

Open student forum

  • None

President Fletcher

  • News on Student Health Services Search and Screen

  • Vicki- 3 candidates, April 9th, 17th and 18th open forum for candidates to present issues facing students today. President Fletcher notes the times of

  • Groundbreaking 4/7 at noon. Encouraged Senate to talk to students to promote.

  • Milton McPike - Board of Regents member died Saturday night

Vice President Store (absent) is working on coming up with a training proposal for SGA & working on the Medical Leave of Absence policy

I/E Director

  • Packets for election were due today—fairly good turnout

  • Developed a list of the official candidates running in the election.

  • Need volunteers willing to serve an hour of poll time 8am-8pm next Tuesday and Wednesday 4/8 and 4/9

  • Candidates debate on Monday at 2p in the snack bar – send questions to Director Ryder

SUFAC Director

  • None

Legislative Affairs Director

  • None

Shared Governance Director

  • Reformations on cross campus committees

Communications Director

Senator Erickson

  • Daycare Advisory committee met – Tammy Fanning is putting together a proposal for a graduate student to do a project concerning a childcare center in the future –contact Tammy with interest

Senator Peot

  • He and Speaker Toth attempted to create a recycling pilot project in CMO but it was rejected by Res. Life.

Senator Wilkerling

  • RA training doesn’t include proper training for what to do if a student is smoking in the dorms.

  • Thinks the problem is lack of awareness on the part of both students and RAs

  • Wants to talk with Ryan Kreuser to add more training for RA’s so they are more aware of the procedures for smoking in the dorms.

New Business

1. Differential Tuition Discussion

Initial Discussion

Goal: Set up a time frame for discussion and how to deliberate and vote on it

General comments:

  • Senator Peot

Thought that with adding an ASL translator they would develop a minor ASL curriculum or something when in reality it is just assisting students—why should the whole student body fund something for just a few students?

Technology proposal - thinks this is a high cost

Career Services adding student assistance and staff – seems like a lot of people to add to the staff of career services.

Looking forward to a good debate about these topics.

  • Senator Campa

Technology seems to be a bit much with one and a half more workers –the half person seems to be wasting money because of training (internships?)

How much has tuition increased each year?

  • Director Stensland

Surprised at how much they were asking overall in differential tuition.

ASL translator is very needed and stresses the importance of having one at UWS

Problem with technology fees, there are 2 ways technology is funded here. Is there prioritized spending being done currently for expenses? Shouldn’t students be able to use online payment methods on the website without a 3% transaction fee if students are already paying $75/semester for technology services?

Very important tuition increase – we have a choice to make.

  • Senator Hanson

Clarification of goal – Timeframe to discuss this issue

Will it be discussed in sections? Approved in sections?

Response: President Fletcher--vote on each proposal separately, can be amended as we move forward, questions can be answered.

Process: SUFAC will review and submit proposals to SGA at the next meeting

Then Senate needs to make a decision whether the proposal needs to be voted on by a student referendum or if the Senate could vote on it and it would be final. (Consult with students)

  • Senator Hanson:

The same people who would come out and vote in a referendum would be the ones who would contact Senators or the President so a Senate vote should work.

  • Senator Peot:

If SUFAC is going to look at it specifically including details, (what are the departments budgeting for?) he wants to see something more exact than the rounded figures provided currently.

  • Senator Campa:

Are they planning on having the library open longer? More workers?–President Fletcher thinks the hours will be maintained, perhaps with exploration of longer hours once it is renovated.

  • Director Stensland:

Take in mind this will be a good feedback system, but he has been told on different occasions that the Senators are elected but students feel they didn’t get to say how they specifically felt on the issue. Feels that a referendum is a lot of work but students should get their own voice heard on such a big decision.

  • Senator Zuchowski:

In favor or student referendum

  • Senator Erickson:

How long would we have to do a referendum? President Fletcher – until the end of April sometime.

  • Speaker Toth:

Could the SUFAC meeting be catered to a time when Senators and students could be present so everyone could voice their opinions on the budget for this?—good idea

  • Senator Campa:

This decision needs to be considered carefully.
Proposed Timeline

SUFAC would meet 4/7 at 7:30p.m.

SUFAC will present recommendations to SGA 4/14

Senate Vote would be held 4/28

Referendum 4/29

  • Senator Erickson:

Vote for Senate on 28th idea—vote gets pushed up to the 21st then the remaining week could be used for SGA to inform student body about referendum, give exact information.

  • Senator Peot:

Has a referendum been done recently? President Fletcher -- United Council referendum was the last one. Voter turnout? Referendum for the RSC 700ish others, about 500, like usual election turn-outs

  • Senator Hanson:

Is this body going to try to present a unified front? Do they have to vote before the referendum? Stefan—yes to the vote before hand, impossible to be completely unified.

  • Director Stensland:

It is important to send the message through a referendum.

  • President Fletcher:

If poll was now which approach should be used? By a show of hands:

Senate making decision-3

Referendum approach-4

Middle ground-3

  • Senator Wilkerling:

These changes affect us also, we can make a good judgment of student opinions

  • Director Berman:

We are a representative body, if we can talk to students at the SUFAC meeting (promote it!) a vote would speed up the process. If uproar happens in the meeting then have a referendum if everyone seems to be ok with the proposal, take a Senate vote. To have a referendum and present all this information the final line (the total amount) will turn uninformed students away from it. Confirmed by Senator Koltes.

  • Senator Hanson:

What type of information would we give and how informed would students be if there were to be a referendum? What type of materials should be presented to students so that they could make an informed decision? Wants to make sure students would not place uninformed votes.

  • Director Stensland:

Volunteers himself for a classroom approach, go to the classes and talk about this. Not fair to put a lot of stress on one meeting.

  • Senator Hanson:

Request to end discussion until after the SUFAC meeting.

Promote SUFAC meeting APRIL 7th 7:30

Bradshaw and Lozon write up an article for the student paper tonight.

  • Director Ryder:

Concerned with throwing too many events at students in a 3 day period. Promote to students carefully so as not to muddle all the promo together.
2. PR03089-01 Wilkerling/Campa

  • Senator Koltes:

Spoke with his advisor and chair of Ed. Admin. Program. Graduate studies doesn’t even have degree progress reports. If a student comes to the grad program, leaves and comes back, they have to go through a ton of paperwork instead of just being able to bring up what classes they had. No organization within the program. We are lacking basic fundamental issues that the graduate students deserve on this campus. Graduate advisory committee came in and made recommendations but there was no action taken on any of the recommendations given.

  • Director Ryder:

Is there a possible element of interoffice politics? President Fletcher- issues do exist and do need to be addressed; the primary focus is to support the students in the department.
10-0-0 Approval of Resolution
3. PR0308-02 Ferpa Waiver Resolution Campa/Wilkerling
Concerns/proposed changes are listed as comments on the paper copy presented at tonight’s meeting.

  • Senator Erickson:

Why would 1 year change to 90 days? President Fletcher- 90 days would be more limiting in the length of time information is released if a year is not needed; protects them more.

  • Senator Zuchowski:

Thinks before reforms the form seemed to vague, agrees with the changes.

  • Senator Erickson:

How vague would [S5] be? (the student understanding FERPA) President Fletcher – Would be a brief explanation of what FERPA rights a student has.

  • Senator Collins:

Can this document be voided? Hajewski – it can be voided

  • President Fletcher:

Can this be added in the form? Student has the right to retract, revoke, etc. this document.
10-0-0 unanimous approval of Resolution IE0308-02
4. IE0308-02 Constitutional Amendment Hanson/Peot

  • Ryder:

Changes the wording of Department to English, and World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.
10-0-0 unanimous approval of Resolution
5. Report from Vicki Hajewski

Campus telephone service will be undergoing a significant upgrade—all campus phones will be down from 8:30 Saturday morning until? –should be back up and running sometime on Sunday. This affects all campus phones, even campus security offices. Contact 911 directly in an emergency situation. Phones are seriously outdated so this is a needed service.

Are payphones on the same system? –Vicki will check…

  • President Fletcher:

Why now? Vicki - Cannot be postponed (was said in Vicki’s previous meeting)

E-mail Vicki with other questions.

Adjourn at 9:38 Campa/Zuchowski to no objection

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