59 pythia efe she is of the earth and her inner wisdom is fire that illuminates from within the earth

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She is of the earth and her inner wisdom is fire that illuminates from within the earth.
Who is Pythia?
Pythia is the ancient snake goddess and Oracle Priestess. Connected with Delphi and the ‘Pythias’- priestess oracles. The Priestess would go into a trance and receive and transmit her information in this state. It is said that her trance was in part induced by fumes that came into her chamber from deep within the earth - the breath of her ally the great earth dragon, earth snake.

In the resurrected Pythia of our pantheon, there is no Apollo, the giant Python is not slain, rather the Oracle is herself the integrated Serpent Goddess.

Snakes are both feared and revered throughout the cultures of the world. Often featured in myths of creation, they are guardians of the underworld and holders of wisdom.

The serpent is given a bad name as the tempter of Eve in the Garden.

Snake beings as shapeshifters appear in many cultures. The Nagas and Naginis of Indian mythology are said to be a tribe of snake beings. They are divine beings with the bodies of cobras who can shift into serpent or human form. In the east snakes are associated with the guarding of treasure .

In the Goddess cults and religions, snakes often played an important role and were honored in temples for their wisdom. In very ancient times they could project their light bodies to initiate the priestesses into the secrets of healing and kundalini and acted as oracles.

Location/Sphere of Influence
Underground caves/Oracle Temple Delphi.
Nature & Description of Dakini
Pythia’s body becomes that of a snake. Her breasts and third eye are bejeweled, for snakes traditionally guard jewels and treasure.

Snakes, like people, have different natures, personalities and tendencies. They do not all have the same temperament. They can align themselves with the higher (evolutionary) or lower (regressive) tendencies.

The connection of snakes with the devil and ‘evil’ forces has come to dominate the way they are perceived. Shamans and certain sects of sadhus respect snake medicine, but in general their energy is more feared than utilized, even though snakes adorn the images of goddesses and gods in many cultures. This does not give them the opportunity to offer the healing and wisdom which is theirs to give.

‘Wise as a serpent’

Pythia sits in the center of her underground domain. She is half woman, half snake. Her hair is composed of smaller snakes which cluster around her, she has the classic hair of snakes we associate with Medusa, which represent activated female intuition and can be seen as very threatening.

She is the personification /zoomorphication of the feminine relationship with the snake beings, the snake energy.

She has six arms, one of which holds a small snake. She is adorned with living serpents and her kundalini energy is seen coiled at her sexual center.

She is snake skinned with green snake eyes and an extended forked tongue.

Surrounded by denizens of snakes, the whole surface of her cave is a seething wallpaper and carpet of living snakes which disappear into the blackness of her subterranean realm.

We see her in various forms, creating the columns and mantle/lintel of her shrine.

She has the gift of prophecy. She is an oracle and wisdom holder.
Divinatory Meaning
A gift of wisdom from Pythia, the holder of ancient serpent wisdom.

Pythia, in her manifestation as the sacred Oracle at Delphi, says that you are to interpret her appearance as a sign that consulting an oracle, the use of divination to gain insight, is of special significance at this time, so heed your guidance well. It comes from a deep dark place in your ancient and forgotten self.

Pythia calls you to remember. She calls you to awaken to your own oracle within,. To know that you yourself have access to all knowing, all the secrets that are hidden in her cave of creation. Let her help you find your way back to yourself in the darkness.

Hidden treasures. A treasure found in dark places. Something buried, perhaps in your psyche, is brought to light.

You have more value than you realize.

There is more value in the current situation than you can currently perceive.

Have patience. Employ stealth and cunning if necessary in order to ‘lie low’ until what is hidden reveals itself.

‘Wily as a serpent’.

Act in a predatory manner only if there is a higher justification, ie that it is in accordance with the divine laws of nature.

The importance of serpent energy in your life.

Snake medicine. What ails you?

An awakening of kundalini.

A challenge.

Overcoming fears.

Be unflinching as Pythia is unblinking, she stares at you so steadily she seems to see right through you.

This is a place for the overcoming of deep seated fears - of snakes, of the all-devouring feminine. Of the Gorgon who comes with hair of snakes to turn you into stone, to petrify you. Time to undo the mythos that combines, as in the Garden of Eden, the serpent with the feminine and casts upon them blame and shame.

How is your relationship with the feminine? Do you somewhere have a fear of being devoured, absorbed?

If you are a woman, how do you feel about your own real power? Does it scare you? Are you afraid to reveal who you really are, how you really perceive things? It may be time for all this to see the light of day after so long shut away in the darkness.

Own your inner power.

Kiss the snake.

Pythia wants you to confront your fear of snakes and see the jewels she guards, gems of wisdom.

Come fearlessly into her realm for these snakes are all her subjects, all extensions of her.

Light in the darkness.

A situation that may require you to use carefully considered strategy and guard your treasures well. What do you treasure most?

Are you afraid that you are in a situation/relationship that is going to squeeze the life out of you?

Do you feel suffocated?

What do you need to do to release yourself from these feelings?

A female energy that feels threatening but which could become an ally if treated appropriately and respectfully.

Something makes your blood run cold.

Overcoming fear and revulsion.

The serpent moves with its body touching the ground. It is in touch with the vibrations of the earth. It does not hear air born sounds, but is super sensitive to the vibrations carried by the earth. Its sense of smell, received through its tongue, is ten thousand times stronger than that of the human nose. It has special heat sensors beneath its eyes that detect minute changes in temperature.

Imagine yourself sensitive as a snake.

Something of value awaits you if you can overcome your pre-judgments.

Pythia likes omens, look for them as you would a snake in the grass - carefully.

1. Pythia wants you to claim and own your own domain. If Pythia has come to you, she is yours to embrace. She is you. Do not run away in fear but place yourself, in your visualization, at the center of this serpent mandala. All we experience is our own creation. Accept this as yours and see your position as one of power, not one of fear.

Become one with Pythia and feel the nature of her being. Breathe.

2. Translate this experience into the embrace of your own inner snake, your inner serpent power, your kundalini. Awaken you inner, all knowing, sensual snake. Breathe deeply and slowly. See the serpent power of kundalini coiled at the base of your spine in the form of a snake made of golden light, encircling your sexual arena. As she is activated you feel stimulated and aroused. You breathe in and contract the sexual muscles as you hold your breath. The serpent energy rises up within you, with each out breath she relaxes back down. With each successive breath, visualize the subtle snake rising higher and higher, energizing and illuminating the inner being, removing blocks and density. Enter the dark chamber and let the snakes of light enter into your subtle body and re-program your psychic wiring.
3. Allow Pythia to be your healing ally. Snake medicine is powerfully transformative, if requested and given permission.
3. Make some deliberate act of kindness towards the kingdom of the snakes. It may be a word in praise of snakes offered to a friend the next time you see the image of one. It may be that you can prevent one of the senseless slaughters of harmless snakes that happen all the time due to ignorance, fear and superstition.
*This meditation with Pythia is not intended to be reflected in your physical actions in too literal a manner. Do not fearlessly approach poisonous snakes if you meet them! But do not rush to kill harmless ones. Treat them with respect and care. Pythia is an evolved being, not just a regular snake. However she does know how frustrated many snakes are that they are unable to pass their wisdom on to humans as they used to long ago…
Dakini Transmission
I hide in the darkness

Lest you fear me

I slither in stealth

Lest you hear me

But I hold the jewel

Beyond all worth

I am one with the secrets

Of this earth

When we were made of light
I overcome

Fear and repulsion

For what appears different, alien

I replace these sentiments

With respect

I recognize

Snake medicine

And give thanks

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