22nd Budapest Nephrology School cme course Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis, Transplantation and Nephropathology

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22nd Budapest Nephrology School

CME Course

Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis, Transplantation and Nephropathology

Under the Auspices of ISN, ERA-EDTA, IFKF and ISP

26-31 August, 2015

Semmelweis University

International Nephrology Research & Training Center

Worldwide Hungarian Medical Academy

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

University of Toronto

Avicenna International College

Hungarian Kidney Foundation
Held at the Semmelweis University with a highly distinguished international faculty, this program is one of the best known and oldest refresher courses on nephrology that has attracted many young physicians from Europe and around the world during the past two decades.

The 22nd Budapest Nephrology School is being accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). Las year the 21st Budapest Nephrology School was designated for a maximum of 30 hours of European external CME credits. For Hungarian participants the couse is accredited by OFTEX for 50 credits.

Main topics of the upcoming school include:

  • Salt in the Body
  • Salt and Hypertension
  • Clinical Aspect of Salt and Water Balance
  • Real-Time Imaging of Kidney Functions

  • Regeneration in the Kidney
  • Nephroprotection: Where are we in 2015?
  • Hypertension in Systemic Diseases
  • Genomics and Hypertension
  • My Most Interesting Cases
  • Effects of Alcohol and Wine on Kidney
  • Advance in Primary Aldosteronism
  • Intestinal Environment and CKD
  • Congenital Anomalies - Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radiation Considerations in Diagnostic Imaging
  • Aging – from Molecules to Bedside
  • Use of Vitamin D in Patients with Renal Failure. Fact and Fancies
  • Membranous Glomerulonephritis
  • Tubulointerstitial Nephritis
  • Transmission of the NPHS2-associated Podocytopathy
  • KDOKI-CKD Classification and Clinical Reality
  • C3 Glomerulopathy, Update

  • Thrombotic Microangiopathy
  • New Trends in Glomerular Nephritis due to Bacterial Infection
  • Pathology Quiz
  • Metformin in Diabetic Patients with Renal Failure
  • Transplantation Versus Home Dialysis
  • Prevalence of Protein Energy Wasting in CKD: Geographical Regional Comparison
  • Recipient with a Failed Kidney Transplant
  • BK Viremia/Nephropathy-an Update
  • Basic Transplant Immunology
  • Recurrent Disease in the Transplant
  • Ferric Citrate: A New Phosphate Binder

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease

  • Dry Weight
  • New Trends in Transplantation
  • Complex Rehabilitation, Hungarian Experience
  • Renal Biopsy Diagnostic Algorithm
  • Present and Future of Home Dialysis
  • Starting with Home Dialysis
  • Meet the Professors
  • Bring your own Cases

Poster session will be organized for discussion of your own research results and questions in clinical and basic sciences
Ernő Péter Botos, Marc E. De Broe, Simin Goral, Ágnes Haris, J. Harold Helderman, Marta Hernanz-Schulman, Eva Honsova, Sadayoshi Ito, Béla Iványi, Friedrich C. Luft, Zoltán Máthé, Miklos Z Molnar, Tibor Nadasdy, János Peti-Peterdi, György Reusz, László Rosivall, Gerald Schulman, Balázs Sümegi, Ágoston Szél, Mihály Tapolyai, Jens Titze, Kálmán Tory, Tibor Tóth,Patrick D. Walker, Andrzej Wiecek

  • “Meet the Professors”: a session during which the participants discuss their experiences and observations with the faculty

  • “My most Interesting Cases” to encourage lively and fruitful interaction amond the faculty members and the partipants too

  • Poster session during which the participants discuss and consult their own research cases with the faculty

  • Modest participation fee which includes:

  • Attendance to nephrology refresher CME course,

  • Certificate of Attendance,

  • Refreshment, lunches and dinners,

  • 13th International Wine and Health Symposium,

  • Evening Danube Cruise,

  • Sightseeing Tour with Parliament visit

  • Organ Concert at St. Stephen’s Basilica,

  • Farewell Reception,

  • Free access to electronic version of Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis, Transplantation from Pathophysiology to Bio-Psycho-Social Aspects (L. Rosivall),

  • Special Hungarian hospitality

  • ERA-EDTA grants are available

For further information and application please visit the website:

László Rosivall, MD, PhD, DSc

Professor of Pathophysiology

Semmelweis University, Institute of Pathophysiology

Nephrology Research and Training Center

Nagyvárad tér 4, 1089 Budapest, Hungary

Fax: +361-2100-100; Email: rosivall.laszlo@med.semmelweis-univ.hu

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