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Title: Modalities of ventilatory support in septic shock: First do no harm

Author(s): Koksal, G (Koksal, Guniz); Erbabacan, E (Erbabacan, Emre); Esquinas, AM (Esquinas, Antonio M.)

Source: JOURNAL OF CRITICAL CARE  Volume: 36  Pages: 290-290  DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrc.2016.08.014  Published: DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000393078100052

PubMed ID: 27597550

ISSN: 0883-9441

eISSN: 1557-8615

Record 45 of 70

Title: Discharge criteria for Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever in endemic areas

Author(s): Leblebicioglu, H (Leblebicioglu, Hakan); Sunbul, M (Sunbul, Mustafa); Bodur, H (Bodur, Hurrem); Ozaras, R (Ozaras, Resat)

Source: JOURNAL OF INFECTION  Volume: 72  Issue: 4  Pages: 500-501  DOI: 10.1016/j.jinf.2016.01.009  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000371935300009

PubMed ID: 26828701

ISSN: 0163-4453

eISSN: 1532-2742

Record 46 of 70

Title: First HIV-2 infection in a child in Turkey

Author(s): Kadayifci, EK (Kadayifci, Eda Kepenekli); Karaaslan, A (Karaaslan, Ayse); Midilli, K (Midilli, Kenan); Soysal, A (Soysal, Ahmet); Bakir, M (Bakir, Mustafa)

Source: JOURNAL OF INFECTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES  Volume: 10  Issue: 9  Pages: 1042-1044  DOI: 10.3855/jidc.7854  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000390269400021

ISSN: 1972-2680

Record 47 of 70

Title: High Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding on Dual Antiplatelet Treatment

Author(s): Atay, K (Atay, Kadri)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY  Volume: 68  Issue: 9  Pages: 980-981  DOI: 10.1016/j.jacc.2016.05.079  Published: AUG 30 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382312900015

PubMed ID: 27561774

ISSN: 0735-1097

eISSN: 1558-3597

Record 48 of 70

Title: Clinical Significance and Potential Mechanism of Discordance Between Apolipoprotein B and LDL-Cholesterol

Author(s): Onat, A (Onat, Altan); Altay, S (Altay, Servet); Karadeniz, Y (Karadeniz, Yusuf)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY  Volume: 67  Issue: 25  Pages: 3023-3024  DOI: 10.1016/j.jacc.2016.02.083  Published: JUN 28 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000378053500019

PubMed ID: 27339503

ISSN: 0735-1097

eISSN: 1558-3597

Record 49 of 70

Title: Antihypertensive Drug Usage in Prediction of Incident Atrial Fibrillation A Factor Not to Be Disregarded

Author(s): Onat, A (Onat, Altan); Simsek, B (Simsek, Baris); Akbas, T (Akbas, Tugba)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY  Volume: 67  Issue: 14  Pages: 1753-1754  DOI: 10.1016/j.jacc.2015.11.072  Published: APR 12 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373400500015

PubMed ID: 27056784

ISSN: 0735-1097

eISSN: 1558-3597

Record 50 of 70

Title: POEMS syndrome (polyneuropathy organomegaly endocrinopathy M-protein skin changes) with xanthoma - a case report

Author(s): Kutlubay, Z (Kutlubay, Z.); Engin, B (Engin, B.); Uzuncakmak, TK (Uzuncakmak, T. K.); Demirkesen, C (Demirkesen, C.); Altiti, MM (Altiti, M. M.); Karter, Y (Karter, Y.); Tuzun, Y (Tuzun, Y.)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY  Volume: 30  Issue: 2  Pages: 353-355  DOI: 10.1111/jdv.12766  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000368993100035

PubMed ID: 25296893

ISSN: 0926-9959

Record 51 of 70

Title: Treatment of localized pagetoid reticulosis with imiquimod: a case report and literature review

Author(s): Su, O (Su, O.); Dizman, D (Dizman, D.); Onsun, N (Onsun, N.); Bahali, AG (Bahali, A. G.); Ozkaya, DB (Ozkaya, D. Biyik); Tosuner, Z (Tosuner, Z.); Demirkesen, C (Demirkesen, C.)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY  Volume: 30  Issue: 2  Pages: 324-326  DOI: 10.1111/jdv.12718  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000368993100019

PubMed ID: 25258027

ISSN: 0926-9959

eISSN: 1468-3083

Record 52 of 70

Title: Prejudice and reality about infection risk among Syrian refugees

Author(s): Ozaras, R (Ozaras, Resat); Balkan, II (Balkan, Ilker Inanc); Yemisen, M (Yemisen, Mucahit)

Source: LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES  Volume: 16  Issue: 11  Pages: 1222-1223  Published: NOV 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000385914300017

PubMed ID: 27788978

ISSN: 1473-3099

eISSN: 1474-4457

Record 53 of 70

Title: Elimination of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B

Author(s): Ozaras, R (Ozaras, Resat); Balkan, II (Balkan, Ilker Inanc); Yemisen, M (Yemisen, Mucahit); Mete, B (Mete, Bilgul); Tabak, F (Tabak, Fehmi)

Source: LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES  Volume: 16  Issue: 1  Pages: 20-21  Published: JAN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000366664900020

PubMed ID: 26738829

ISSN: 1473-3099

eISSN: 1474-4457

Record 54 of 70

Title: Comparison of International Prognostic Index and NCCN-IPI in 324 patients with de novo diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a multi-center retrospective analysis

Author(s): Ozturk, E (Ozturk, Erman); Ozbalak, M (Ozbalak, Murat); Berk, S (Berk, Selin); Erdogan, I (Erdogan, Isil); Avsar, E (Avsar, Emin); Dolgun, A (Dolgun, Anil); Cetiner, M (Cetiner, Mustafa); Mandel, NM (Mandel, Nil Molinas); Yalniz, FF (Yalniz, Fevzi Firat); Elverdi, T (Elverdi, Tugrul); Salihoglu, A (Salihoglu, Ayse); Eskazan, AE (Eskazan, Ahmet Emre); Ar, MC (Ar, Muhlis Cem); Ongoren, S (Ongoren, Seniz); Baslar, Z (Baslar, Zafer); Aydin, Y (Aydin, Yildiz); Soysal, T (Soysal, Teoman); Ferhanoglu, B (Ferhanoglu, Burhan)

Source: LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA  Volume: 57  Issue: 5  Pages: 1211-1214  DOI: 10.3109/10428194.2015.1079319  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000375027000035

PubMed ID: 26294270

ISSN: 1042-8194

eISSN: 1029-2403

Record 55 of 70

Title: Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring: an anesthesiologist's point of view

Author(s): Dilmen, OK (Dilmen, Ozlem Korkmaz)

Source: NEUROSURGICAL FOCUS  Volume: 41  Issue: 3  DOI: 10.3171/2016.3.FOCUS16103  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383442500017

PubMed ID: 27581313

ISSN: 1092-0684

Record 56 of 70

Title: Epileptic Seizures with Mirthful Laughter

Author(s): Zeydan, B (Zeydan, Burcu); Tanriverdi, T (Tanriverdi, Taner); Yeni, SN (Yeni, S. Naz)

Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 4  Pages: 364-365  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.12586  Published: DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000391572500016

ISSN: 1300-0667

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 57 of 70

Title: Stiff Person Syndrome with Pyramidal Signs

Author(s): Nalbantoglu, M (Nalbantoglu, Mecbure); Battal, H (Battal, Hasan); Kiziltan, ME (Kiziltan, Meral E.); Akalin, MA (Akalin, Mehmet Ali); Kiziltan, G (Kiziltan, Gunes)

Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 2  Pages: 188-190  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.11310  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000379331000020

ISSN: 1300-0667

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 58 of 70

Title: Can Priapism Occur as an Idiosyncratic Reaction to Risperidone?

Author(s): Senormanci, O (Senormanci, Omer); Atasoy, N (Atasoy, Nuray); Konuk, N (Konuk, Numan); Saracli, O (Saracli, Ozge); Atik, L (Atik,

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 59 of 70

Title: Successful treatment of Juvenile parkinsonism with bilateral subthalamic deep brain stimulation in a 14-year-old patient with parkin gene mutation

Author(s): Genc, G (Genc, Gencer); Apaydin, H (Apaydin, Hulya); Gunduz, A (Gunduz, Aysegul); Poyraz, C (Poyraz, Cagri); Oguz, S (Oguz, Semra); Yagci, S (Yagci, Selin); Canaz, H (Canaz, Huseyin); Aydin, S (Aydin, Sabri); Gundogdu-Eken, A (Gundogdu-Eken, Asli); Basak, AN (Basak, Ayse Nazli); Ertan, S (Ertan, Sibel)

Source: PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS  Volume: 24  Pages: 137-138  DOI: 10.1016/j.parkreldis.2016.01.018  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000372384700024

PubMed ID: 26830385

Author Identifiers:


Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 2  Pages: 186-187  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.10296  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000379331000019

ISSN: 1353-8020

eISSN: 1873-5126

Record 60 of 70

Title: Hyperostosis frontalis interna presenting as depression and parkinsonism in an older woman

Author(s): Cetiner Batun, G (Cetiner Batun, Gizem); Yuruyen, M (Yuruyen, Mehmet); Vatankulu, B (Vatankulu, Betul); Elmali, AD (Elmali, Ayse Deniz); Emul, M (Emul, Murat)

Source: PSYCHOGERIATRICS  Volume: 16  Issue: 5  Pages: 329-330  DOI: 10.1111/psyg.12166  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383612100007

PubMed ID: 26551972

ISSN: 1346-3500

eISSN: 1479-8301

Record 61 of 70

Title: Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide in the Management of Noninvasive Ventilation

Author(s): Akcil, EF (Akcil, Eren Fatma); Esquinas, AM (Esquinas, Antonio M.)

Source: RESPIRATORY CARE  Volume: 61  Issue: 5  Pages: 721-722  DOI: 10.4187/respcare.04618  Published: MAY 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000375349700025

PubMed ID: 27121631

ISSN: 0020-1324

eISSN: 1943-3654

Record 62 of 70

Title: Severity of community acquired pneumonia in asthma patients. How and what are linked?

Author(s): Erbabacan, E (Erbabacan, Emre); Koksal, GM (Koksal, Guniz M.); Esquinas, AM (Esquinas, Antonio M.)

Source: RESPIRATORY MEDICINE  Volume: 112  Pages: 134-135  DOI: 10.1016/j.rmed.2015.11.012  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000371096800024

PubMed ID: 26806597

ISSN: 0954-6111

eISSN: 1532-3064

Record 63 of 70

Title: A contribution to the Torrey et al.'s "cat ownership inchildhood is a significant risk factor for later developing schizophrenia" study

Author(s): Kocazeybek, B (Kocazeybek, Bekir); Yuksel, P (Yuksel, Pelin)

Source: SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH  Volume: 172  Issue: 1-3  Pages: 226-226  DOI: 10.1016/j.schres.2016.01.052  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373528100041

PubMed ID: 26853615

ISSN: 0920-9964

eISSN: 1573-2509

Record 64 of 70

Title: Obstructive sleep apnoea and non-restorative sleep induced by the interface

Author(s): Beyoglu, CA (Beyoglu, Cigdem Akyol); Esquinas, AM (Esquinas, Antonio M.)

Source: SLEEP AND BREATHING  Volume: 20  Issue: 1  Pages: 255-256  DOI: 10.1007/s11325-015-1258-z  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000372160800039

PubMed ID: 26483264

ISSN: 1520-9512

eISSN: 1522-1709

Record 65 of 70

Title: Difficulties in the treatment of an Infant with Hemophilia B

Author(s): Ozkasap, S (Ozkasap, Serdar); Dereci, S (Dereci, Selim); Ozdemir, GN (Ozdemir, Gul Nihal); Zulfikar, B (Zulfikar, Bulent)

Source: TURK PEDIATRI ARSIVI-TURKISH ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS  Volume: 51  Issue: 2  Pages: 120-121  DOI: 10.5152/TurkPediatriArs.2016.3626  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382992500012

PubMed ID: 27489472

ISSN: 1306-0015

eISSN: 1308-6278

Record 66 of 70

Title: Comparison and Evaluation of the Effects of Administration of Postoperative Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Methods-in for a Penny, in for a Pound? Reply

Author(s): Yaglioglu, H (Yaglioglu, Hatice); Koksal, GM (Koksal, Guniz Meyanci); Erbabacan, E (Erbabacan, Emre); Ekici, B (Ekici, Birsel)

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY AND REANIMATION  Volume: 44  Issue: 5  Pages: 274-274  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000388699700014

ISSN: 2149-0937

eISSN: 2149-276X

Record 67 of 70

Title: Laryngeal Mask Airway Anaesthesia in Hypotonic Cases with Expected Difficult Intubation Reply

Author(s): Akcil, EF (Akcil, Eren Fatma); Dilmen, OK (Dilmen, Ozlem Korkmaz); Tunali, Y (Tunali, Yusuf)

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY AND REANIMATION  Volume: 44  Issue: 4  Pages: 223-223  Published: AUG 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000386161200015

ISSN: 2149-0937

eISSN: 2149-276X

Record 68 of 70

Title: Ultrasound-Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block Experience in a Child

Author(s): Kendigelen, P (Kendigelen, Pinar); Ozcan, R (Ozcan, Rahsan); Emre, S (Emre, Senol)

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY AND REANIMATION  Volume: 44  Issue: 1  Pages: 57-58  DOI: 10.5152/TJAR.2016.32448  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373223600013

PubMed ID: 27366559

ISSN: 2149-0937

eISSN: 2149-276X

Record 69 of 70

Title: Medicine in philately: Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microscope

Author(s): Vatanoglu-Lutz, EE (Vatanoglu-Lutz, Emine Elif); Ataman, AD (Ataman, Ahmet Dogan)

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY-TURK BIYOKIMYA DERGISI  Volume: 41  Issue: 1  Pages: 58-62  DOI: 10.1515/tjb-2016-0010  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000376238200010

ISSN: 0250-4685

eISSN: 1303-829X

Record 70 of 70

Title: When Can We Rely on the Inhibitor Negativity?

Author(s): Koc, B (Koc, Basak); Zulfikar, B (Zulfikar, Bulent)

Source: UHOD-ULUSLARARASI HEMATOLOJI-ONKOLOJI DERGISI  Volume: 26  Issue: 1  Pages: 61-63  DOI: 10.4999/uhod.161130  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373662500008

ISSN: 1306-133X
37 Adet Review

Record 1 of 37

Title: Thoracic Myoepithelial Tumors A Pathologic and Molecular Study of 8 Cases With Review of the Literature

Author(s): Leduc, C (Leduc, Charles); Zhang, L (Zhang, Lei); Oz, B (Oz, Buge); Luo, JA (Luo, Jean); Fukuoka, J (Fukuoka, Junya); Antonescu, CR (Antonescu, Cristina R.); Travis, WD (Travis, William D.)

Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL PATHOLOGY  Volume: 40  Issue: 2  Pages: 212-223  DOI: 10.1097/PAS.0000000000000560  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373706600007

PubMed ID: 26645726

ISSN: 0147-5185

eISSN: 1532-0979

Record 2 of 37

Title: Bortezomib therapy in patients with relapsed/refractory acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Author(s): Eskazan, AE (Eskazan, Ahmet Emre)

Source: ANNALS OF HEMATOLOGY  Volume: 95  Issue: 11  Pages: 1751-1756  DOI: 10.1007/s00277-016-2804-x  Published: NOV 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000387353500001

PubMed ID: 27590601

ISSN: 0939-5555

eISSN: 1432-0584

Record 3 of 37

Title: EULAR recommendations for the management of familial Mediterranean fever

Author(s): Ozen, S (Ozen, Seza); Demirkaya, E (Demirkaya, Erkan); Erer, B (Erer, Burak); Livneh, A (Livneh, Avi); Ben-Chetrit, E (Ben-Chetrit, Eldad); Giancane, G (Giancane, Gabriella); Ozdogan, H (Ozdogan, Huri); Abu, I (Abu, Illana); Gattorno, M (Gattorno, Marco); Hawkins, PN (Hawkins, Philip N.); Yuce, S (Yuce, Sezin); Kallinich, T (Kallinich, Tilmann); Bilginer, Y (Bilginer, Yelda); Kastner, D (Kastner, Daniel); Carmona, L (Carmona, Loreto)

Source: ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES  Volume: 75  Issue: 4  Pages: 644-651  DOI: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2015-208690  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373403800014

PubMed ID: 26802180

ISSN: 0003-4967

eISSN: 1468-2060

Record 4 of 37

Title: One year in review 2016: Belicet's syndrome

Author(s): Hatemi, G (Hatemi, G.); Seyahi, E (Seyahi, E.); Fresko, I (Fresko, I.); Talarico, R (Talarico, R.); Hamuryudan, V (Hamuryudan, V.)

Source: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY  Volume: 34  Issue: 6  Pages: S10-S22  Supplement: 102  Published: NOV-DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000388065900001

ISSN: 0392-856X

eISSN: 1593-098X

Record 5 of 37

Title: Scaling up strategies of the chronic respiratory disease programme of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Action Plan B3: Area 5)

Author(s): Bousquet, J (Bousquet, J.); Farrell, J (Farrell, J.); Crooks, G (Crooks, G.); Hellings, P (Hellings, P.); Bel, EH (Bel, E. H.); Bewick, M (Bewick, M.); Chavannes, NH (Chavannes, N. H.); de Sousa, JC (de Sousa, J. Correia); Cruz, AA (Cruz, A. A.); Haahtela, T (Haahtela, T.); Joos, G (Joos, G.); Khaltaev, N (Khaltaev, N.); Malva, J (Malva, J.); Muraro, A (Muraro, A.); Nogues, M (Nogues, M.); Palkonen, S (Palkonen, S.); Pedersen, S (Pedersen, S.); Robalo-Cordeiro, C (Robalo-Cordeiro, C.); Samolinski, B (Samolinski, B.); Strandberg, T (Strandberg, T.); Valiulis, A (Valiulis, A.); Yorgancioglu, A (Yorgancioglu, A.); Zuberbier, T (Zuberbier, T.); Bedbrook, A (Bedbrook, A.); Aberer, W (Aberer, W.); Adachi, M (Adachi, M.); Agusti, A (Agusti, A.); Akdis, CA (Akdis, C. A.); Akdis, M (Akdis, M.); Ankri, J (Ankri, J.); Alonso, A (Alonso, A.); Annesi-Maesano, I (Annesi-Maesano, I.); Ansotegui, IJ (Ansotegui, I. J.); Anto, JM (Anto, J. M.); Arnavielhe, S (Arnavielhe, S.); Arshad, H (Arshad, H.); Bai, C (Bai, C.); Baiardini, I (Baiardini, I.); Bachert, C (Bachert, C.); Baigenzhin, AK (Baigenzhin, A. K.); Barbara, C (Barbara, C.); Bateman, ED (Bateman, E. D.); Beghe, B (Beghe, B.); Ben Kheder, A (Ben Kheder, A.); Bennoor, KS (Bennoor, K. S.); Benson, M (Benson, M.); Bergmann, KC (Bergmann, K. C.); Bieber, T (Bieber, T.); Bindslev-Jensen, C (Bindslev-Jensen, C.); Bjermer, L (Bjermer, L.); Blain, H (Blain, H.); Blasi, F (Blasi, F.); Boner, AL (Boner, A. L.); Bonini, M (Bonini, M.); Bonini, S (Bonini, S.); Bosnic-Anticevitch, S (Bosnic-Anticevitch, S.); Boulet, LP (Boulet, L. P.); Bourret, R (Bourret, R.); Bousquet, PJ (Bousquet, P. J.); Braido, F (Braido, F.); Briggs, AH (Briggs, A. H.); Brightling, CE (Brightling, C. E.); Brozek, J (Brozek, J.); Buhl, R (Buhl, R.); Burney, PG (Burney, P. G.); Bush, A (Bush, A.); Caballero-Fonseca, F (Caballero-Fonseca, F.); Caimmi, D (Caimmi, D.); Calderon, MA (Calderon, M. A.); Calverley, PM (Calverley, P. M.); Camargos, PAM (Camargos, P. A. M.); Canonica, GW (Canonica, G. W.); Camuzat, T (Camuzat, T.); Carlsen, KH (Carlsen, K. H.); Carr, W (Carr, W.); Carriazo, A (Carriazo, A.); Casale, T (Casale, T.); Sarabia, AMC (Sarabia, A. M. Cepeda); Chatzi, L (Chatzi, L.); Chen, YZ (Chen, Y. Z.); Chiron, R (Chiron, R.); Chkhartishvili, E (Chkhartishvili, E.); Chuchalin, AG (Chuchalin, A. G.); Chung, KF (Chung, K. F.); Ciprandi, G (Ciprandi, G.); Cirule, I (Cirule, I.); Cox, L (Cox, L.); Costa, DJ (Costa, D. J.); Custovic, A (Custovic, A.); Dahl, R (Dahl, R.); Dahlen, SE (Dahlen, S. E.); Darsow, U (Darsow, U.); De Carlo, G (De Carlo, G.); De Blay, F (De Blay, F.); Dedeu, T (Dedeu, T.); Deleanu, D (Deleanu, D.); Keenoy, ED (Keenoy, E. De Manuel); Demoly, P (Demoly, P.); Denburg, JA (Denburg, J. A.); Devillier, P (Devillier, P.); Didier, A (Didier, A.); Dinh-Xuan, AT (Dinh-Xuan, A. T.); Djukanovic, R (Djukanovic, R.); Dokic, D (Dokic, D.); Douagui, H (Douagui, H.); Dray, G (Dray, G.); Dubakiene, R (Dubakiene, R.); Durham, SR (Durham, S. R.); Dykewicz, MS (Dykewicz, M. S.); El-Gamal, Y (El-Gamal, Y.); Emuzyte, R (Emuzyte, R.); Fabbri, LM (Fabbri, L. M.); Fletcher, M (Fletcher, M.); Fiocchi, A (Fiocchi, A.); Wagner, AF (Wagner, A. Fink); Fonseca, J (Fonseca, J.); Fokkens, WJ (Fokkens, W. J.); Forastiere, F (Forastiere, F.); Frith, P (Frith, P.); Gaga, M (Gaga, M.); Gamkrelidze, A (Gamkrelidze, A.); Garces, J (Garces, J.); Garcia-Aymerich, J (Garcia-Aymerich, J.); Gemicioglu, B (Gemicioglu, B.); Gereda, JE (Gereda, J. E.); Diaz, SG (Diaz, S. Gonzalez); Gotua, M (Gotua, M.); Grisle, I (Grisle, I.); Grouse, L (Grouse, L.); Gutter, Z (Gutter, Z.); Guzman, MA (Guzman, M. A.); Heaney, LG (Heaney, L. G.); Hellquist-Dahl, B (Hellquist-Dahl, B.); Henderson, D (Henderson, D.); Hendry, A (Hendry, A.); Heinrich, J (Heinrich, J.); Heve, D (Heve, D.); Horak, F (Horak, F.); Hourihane, JOB (Hourihane, J. O'. B.); Howarth, P (Howarth, P.); Humbert, M (Humbert, M.); Hyland, ME (Hyland, M. E.); Illario, M (Illario, M.); Ivancevich, JC (Ivancevich, J. C.); Jardim, JR (Jardim, J. R.); Jares, EJ (Jares, E. J.); Jeandel, C (Jeandel, C.); Jenkins, C (Jenkins, C.); Johnston, SL (Johnston, S. L.); Jonquet, O (Jonquet, O.); Julge, K (Julge, K.); Jung, KS (Jung, K. S.); Just, J (Just, J.); Kaidashev, I (Kaidashev, I.); Kaitov, MR (Kaitov, M. R.); Kalayci, O (Kalayci, O.); Kalyoncu, AF (Kalyoncu, A. F.); Keil, T (Keil, T.); Keith, PK (Keith, P. K.); Klimek, L (Klimek, L.); N'Goran, BK (N'Goran, B. Koffi); Kolek, V (Kolek, V.); Koppelman, GH (Koppelman, G. H.); Kowalski, ML (Kowalski, M. L.); Kull, I (Kull, I.); Kuna, P (Kuna, P.); Kvedariene, V (Kvedariene, V.); Lambrecht, B (Lambrecht, B.); Lau, S (Lau, S.); Larenas-Linnemann, D (Larenas-Linnemann, D.); Laune, D (Laune, D.); Le, LTT (Le, L. T. T.); Lieberman, P (Lieberman, P.); Lipworth, B (Lipworth, B.); Li, J (Li, J.); Carlsen, KL (Carlsen, K. Lodrup); Louis, R (Louis, R.); MacNee, W (MacNee, W.); Magard, Y (Magard, Y.); Magnan, A (Magnan, A.); Mahboub, B (Mahboub, B.); Mair, A (Mair, A.); Majer, I (Majer, I.); Makela, MJ (Makela, M. J.); Manning, P (Manning, P.); Mara, S (Mara, S.); Marshall, GD (Marshall, G. D.); Masjedi, MR (Masjedi, M. R.); Matignon, P (Matignon, P.); Maurer, M (Maurer, M.); Mavale-Manuel, S (Mavale-Manuel, S.); Melen, E (Melen, E.); Melo-Gomes, E (Melo-Gomes, E.); Meltzer, EO (Meltzer, E. O.); Menzies-Gow, A (Menzies-Gow, A.); Merk, H (Merk, H.); Michel, JP (Michel, J. P.); Miculinic, N (Miculinic, N.); Mihaltan, F (Mihaltan, F.); Milenkovic, B (Milenkovic, B.); Mohammad, GMY (Mohammad, G. M. Y.); Molimard, M (Molimard, M.); Momas, I (Momas, I.); Montilla-Santana, A (Montilla-Santana, A.); Morais-Almeida, M (Morais-Almeida, M.); Morgan, M (Morgan, M.); Mosges, R (Mosges, R.); Mullol, J (Mullol, J.); Nafti, S (Nafti, S.); Namazova-Baranova, L (Namazova-Baranova, L.); Naclerio, R (Naclerio, R.); Neou, A (Neou, A.); Neffen, H (Neffen, H.); Nekam, K (Nekam, K.); Niggemann, B (Niggemann, B.); Ninot, G (Ninot, G.); Nyembue, TD (Nyembue, T. D.); O'Hehir, RE (O'Hehir, R. E.); Ohta, K (Ohta, K.); Okamoto, Y (Okamoto, Y.); Okubo, K (Okubo, K.); Ouedraogo, S (Ouedraogo, S.); Paggiaro, P (Paggiaro, P.); Pali-Scholl, I (Pali-Scholl, I.); Panzner, P (Panzner, P.); Papadopoulos, N (Papadopoulos, N.); Papi, A (Papi, A.); Park, HS (Park, H. S.); Passalacqua, G (Passalacqua, G.); Pavord, I (Pavord, I.); Pawankar, R (Pawankar, R.); Pengelly, R (Pengelly, R.); Pfaar, O (Pfaar, O.); Picard, R (Picard, R.); Pigearias, B (Pigearias, B.); Pin, I (Pin, I.); Plavec, D (Plavec, D.); Poethig, D (Poethig, D.); Pohl, W (Pohl, W.); Popov, TA (Popov, T. A.); Portejoie, F (Portejoie, F.); Potter, P (Potter, P.); Postma, D (Postma, D.); Price, D (Price, D.); Rabe, KF (Rabe, K. F.); Raciborski, F (Raciborski, F.); Pontal, FR (Pontal, F. Radier); Repka-Ramirez, S (Repka-Ramirez, S.); Reitamo, S (Reitamo, S.); Rennard, S (Rennard, S.); Rodenas, F (Rodenas, F.); Roberts, J (Roberts, J.); Roca, J (Roca, J.); Manas, LR (Manas, L. Rodriguez); Rolland, C (Rolland, C.); Rodriguez, MR (Rodriguez, M. Roman); Romano, A (Romano, A.); Rosado-Pinto, J (Rosado-Pinto, J.); Rosario, N (Rosario, N.); Rosenwasser, L (Rosenwasser, L.); Rottem, M (Rottem, M.); Ryan, D (Ryan, D.); Sanchez-Borges, M (Sanchez-Borges, M.); Scadding, GK (Scadding, G. K.); Schunemann, HJ (Schunemann, H. J.); Serrano, E (Serrano, E.); Schmid-Grendelmeier, P (Schmid-Grendelmeier, P.); Schulz, H (Schulz, H.); Sheikh, A (Sheikh, A.); Shields, M (Shields, M.); Siafakas, N (Siafakas, N.); Sibille, Y (Sibille, Y.); Similowski, T (Similowski, T.); Simons, FER (Simons, F. E. R.); Sisul, JC (Sisul, J. C.); Skrindo, I (Skrindo, I.); Smit, HA (Smit, H. A.); Sole, D (Sole, D.); Sooronbaev, T (Sooronbaev, T.); Spranger, O (Spranger, O.); Stelmach, R (Stelmach, R.); Sterk, PJ (Sterk, P. J.); Sunyer, J (Sunyer, J.); Thijs, C (Thijs, C.); To, T (To, T.); Todo-Bom, A (Todo-Bom, A.); Triggiani, M (Triggiani, M.); Valenta, R (Valenta, R.); Valero, AL (Valero, A. L.); Valia, E (Valia, E.); Valovirta, E (Valovirta, E.); Van Ganse, E (Van Ganse, E.); van Hage, M (van Hage, M.); Vandenplas, O (Vandenplas, O.); Vasankari, T (Vasankari, T.); Vellas, B (Vellas, B.); Vestbo, J (Vestbo, J.); Vezzani, G (Vezzani, G.); Vichyanond, P (Vichyanond, P.); Viegi, G (Viegi, G.); Vogelmeier, C (Vogelmeier, C.); Vontetsianos, T (Vontetsianos, T.); Wagenmann, M (Wagenmann, M.); Wallaert, B (Wallaert, B.); Walker, S (Walker, S.); Wang, DY (Wang, D. Y.); Wahn, U (Wahn, U.); Wickman, M (Wickman, M.); Williams, DM (Williams, D. M.); Williams, S (Williams, S.); Wright, J (Wright, J.); Yawn, BP (Yawn, B. P.); Yiallouros, PK (Yiallouros, P. K.); Yusuf, OM (Yusuf, O. M.); Zaidi, A (Zaidi, A.); Zar, HJ (Zar, H. J.); Zernotti, ME (Zernotti, M. E.); Zhang, L (Zhang, L.); Zhong, N (Zhong, N.); Zidarn, M (Zidarn, M.); Mercier, J (Mercier, J.)

Source: CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL ALLERGY  Volume: 6  Article Number: 29  DOI: 10.1186/s13601-016-0116-9  Published: JUL 29 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000390119300001

PubMed ID: 27478588

ISSN: 2045-7022

Record 6 of 37

Title: Epidemiology and risk factors for venous thromboembolism in lung cancer

Author(s): Ay, C (Ay, Cihan); Unal, UK (Uenal, Umut Kaan)

Source: CURRENT OPINION IN ONCOLOGY  Volume: 28  Issue: 2  Pages: 145-149  DOI: 10.1097/CCO.0000000000000262  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000369538700008

PubMed ID: 26730487

ISSN: 1040-8746

eISSN: 1531-703X

Record 7 of 37

Title: Pediatric vasculitis

Author(s): Barut, K (Barut, Kenan); Sahin, S (Sahin, Sezgin); Kasapcopur, O (Kasapcopur, Ozgur)

Source: CURRENT OPINION IN RHEUMATOLOGY  Volume: 28  Issue: 1  Pages: 29-38  DOI: 10.1097/BOR.0000000000000236  Published: JAN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000366370100006

PubMed ID: 26555448

ISSN: 1040-8711

eISSN: 1531-6963

Record 8 of 37

Title: Management of Behcet's syndrome

Author(s): Ozguler, Y (Ozguler, Yesim); Hatemi, G (Hatemi, Gulen)

Source: CURRENT OPINION IN RHEUMATOLOGY  Volume: 28  Issue: 1  Pages: 45-50  DOI: 10.1097/BOR.0000000000000231  Published: JAN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000366370100008

PubMed ID: 26555450

ISSN: 1040-8711

eISSN: 1531-6963

Record 9 of 37

Title: Dasatinib for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia: patient selection and special considerations

Author(s): Keskin, D (Keskin, Dilek); Sadri, S (Sadri, Sevil); Eskazan, AE (Eskazan, Ahmet Emre)

Source: DRUG DESIGN DEVELOPMENT AND THERAPY  Volume: 10  Pages: 3355-3361  DOI: 10.2147/DDDT.S85050  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000385206300001

PubMed ID: 27784993

ISSN: 1177-8881

Record 10 of 37

Title: Outcomes with frontline nilotinib treatment in Turkish patients with newly diagnosed Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase

Author(s): Saydam, G (Saydam, Guray); Haznedaroglu, IC (Haznedaroglu, Ibrahim Celalettin); Kaynar, L (Kaynar, Leylagul); Yavuz, AS (Yavuz, Akif S.); Ali, R (Ali, Ridvan); Guvenc, B (Guvenc, Birol); Akay, OM (Akay, Olga M.); Baslar, Z (Baslar, Zafer); Ozbek, U (Ozbek, Ugur); Sonmez, M (Sonmez, Mehmet); Aydin, D (Aydin, Demet); Pehlivan, M (Pehlivan, Mustafa); Undar, B (Undar, Bulent); Dagdas, S (Dagdas, Simten); Ayyildiz, O (Ayyildiz, Orhan); Akkaynak, DZ (Akkaynak, Diyar Z.); Dag, IM (Dag, Ilkiz M.); Ilhan, O (Ilhan, Osman)

Source: EXPERT OPINION ON PHARMACOTHERAPY  Volume: 17  Issue: 14  Pages: 1851-1858  DOI: 10.1080/14656566.2016.1219338  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384401200003

PubMed ID: 27501474

ISSN: 1465-6566

eISSN: 1744-7666

Record 11 of 37

Title: The Syrian conflict and infectious diseases

Author(s): Ozaras, R (Ozaras, Resat); Leblebicioglu, H (Leblebicioglu, Hakan); Sunbul, M (Sunbul, Mustafa); Tabak, F (Tabak, Fehmi); Balkan, II (Balkan, Ilker Inanc); Yemisen, M (Yemisen, Mucahit); Sencan, I (Sencan, Irfan); Ozturk, R (Ozturk, Recep)

Source: EXPERT REVIEW OF ANTI-INFECTIVE THERAPY  Volume: 14  Issue: 6  Pages: 547-555  DOI: 10.1080/14787210.2016.1177457  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000377286400004

PubMed ID: 27063349

ISSN: 1478-7210

eISSN: 1744-8336

Record 12 of 37

Title: Advances in understanding gender difference in cardiometabolic disease risk

Author(s): Onat, A (Onat, Altan); Karadeniz, Y (Karadeniz, Yusuf); Tusun, E (Tusun, Eyyup); Yuksel, H (Yuksel, Husniye); Kaya, A (Kaya, Aysem)

Source: EXPERT REVIEW OF CARDIOVASCULAR THERAPY  Volume: 14  Issue: 4  Pages: 513-523  DOI: 10.1586/14779072.2016.1150782  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000390227600012

PubMed ID: 26849352

ISSN: 1477-9072

eISSN: 1744-8344

Record 13 of 37

Title: Personalized prophylaxis in people with hemophilia A: challenges and achievements

Author(s): Ar, MC (Ar, Muhlis Cem); Baslar, Z (Baslar, Zafer); Soysal, T (Soysal, Teoman)

Source: EXPERT REVIEW OF HEMATOLOGY  Volume: 9  Issue: 12  Pages: 1203-1208  DOI: 10.1080/17474086.2016.1252670  Published: DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000390127300010

PubMed ID: 27809624

ISSN: 1747-4086

eISSN: 1747-4094

Record 14 of 37

Title: Vitamin D and cognition in older adults: international consensus guidelines

Author(s): Annweiler, C (Annweiler, Cedric); Dursun, E (Dursun, Erdin); Feron, F (Feron, Francois); Gezen-Ak, D (Gezen-Ak, Duygu); Kalueff, AV (Kalueff, Allan V.); Littlejohns, T (Littlejohns, Thomas); Llewellyn, D (Llewellyn, David); Millet, P (Millet, Pascal); Scott, T (Scott, Tammy); Tucker, KL (Tucker, Katherine L.); Yilmazer, S (Yilmazer, Selma); Beauchet, O (Beauchet, Olivier)

Source: GERIATRIE ET PSYCHOLOGIE NEUROPSYCHIATRIE DE VIEILLISSEMENT  Volume: 14  Issue: 3  Pages: 265-273  DOI: 10.1684/pnv.2016.0613  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000385470800003

PubMed ID: 27651008

ISSN: 2115-8789

eISSN: 2115-7863

Record 15 of 37

Title: Prevalence of Primary Antimicrobial Resistance of H-pylori in Turkey: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Kocazeybek, B (Kocazeybek, Bekir); Tokman, HB (Tokman, Hrisi Bahar)

Source: HELICOBACTER  Volume: 21  Issue: 4  Pages: 251-260  DOI: 10.1111/hel.12272  Published: AUG 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000380269000001

PubMed ID: 26395982

ISSN: 1083-4389

eISSN: 1523-5378

Record 16 of 37

Title: Synchronous Primary Cancers of the Endometrium and Ovary With the Same Histopathologic Type Versus Endometrial Cancer With Ovarian Metastasis A Single Institution Review of 72 Cases

Author(s): Bese, T (Bese, Tugan); Sal, V (Sal, Veysel); Kahramanoglu, I (Kahramanoglu, Ilker); Tokgozoglu, N (Tokgozoglu, Nedim); Demirkiran, F (Demirkiran, Fuat); Turan, H (Turan, Hasan); Ilvan, S (Ilvan, Sennur); Arvas, M (Arvas, Macit)

Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER  Volume: 26  Issue: 2  Pages: 394-406  DOI: 10.1097/IGC.0000000000000600  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000377146500027

PubMed ID: 26588233

ISSN: 1048-891X

eISSN: 1525-1438

Record 17 of 37

Title: Primary signet ring cell carcinoma of the cervix: A case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Sal, V (Sal, Veysel); Kahramanoglu, I (Kahramanoglu, Ilker); Turan, H (Turan, Hasan); Tokgozoglu, N (Tokgozoglu, Nedim); Bese, T (Bese, Tugan); Aydin, O (Aydin, Ovgu); Demirkiran, F (Demirkiran, Fuat); Arvas, M (Arvas, Macit)

Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY CASE REPORTS  Volume: 21  Pages: 1-5  DOI: 10.1016/j.ijscr.2016.02.007  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000374179300001

PubMed ID: 26874582

ISSN: 2210-2612

Record 18 of 37

Title: Augmentation cystoplasty in neurogenic bladder

Author(s): Cetinel, B (Cetinel, Bulent); Kocjancic, E (Kocjancic, Ervin); Demirdag, C (Demirdag, Cetin)

Source: INVESTIGATIVE AND CLINICAL UROLOGY  Volume: 57  Issue: 5  Pages: 316-323  DOI: 10.4111/icu.2016.57.5.316  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383342500003

PubMed ID: 27617312

ISSN: 2466-0493

eISSN: 2466-054X

Record 19 of 37

Title: Panniculitis in juvenile dermatomyositis: Report of a case and review of the published work

Author(s): Salman, A (Salman, Andac); Kasapcopur, O (Kasapcopur, Ozgur); Ergun, T (Ergun, Tulin); Durmus Ucar, AN (Durmus Ucar, Ayse Nigar); Demirkesen, C (Demirkesen, Cuyan)

Source: JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY  Volume: 43  Issue: 8  Pages: 951-953  DOI: 10.1111/1346-8138.13335  Published: AUG 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000380922800016

PubMed ID: 26971888

ISSN: 0385-2407

eISSN: 1346-8138

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