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Office of the Coordinator

201 N Washington St

Alexandria, VA 22314-2539

Tele: 703-838-5807 FAX: 703-838-8173

Corporation President: Herb Rosenbleeth, JWV, 202-265-6280

Corporation Secretary: Phil Odom, MOAA, 703-838-8534

Co-Chairmen: Mike Hayden, MOAA, 703-838-8103

Morgan Brown, AFSA, 301-899-3500 x227

Coordinator: Jamie Naughton, MOAA 703-838-5807

Treasurer: Mike Blum, MCL, 703-207-9588


125 N West St Alexandria, VA 22314

1. The monthly TMC meeting was called to order by Co-Chairman Morgan Brown. All member organization representatives were present except: AMVETS, AAAA, EANGUS, JWV, MCRA, MOPH, NAUS, NGAUS, USAWOA

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: Co-Chairman Brown

  1. Introductions: GSW introduced Donna Eldridge, and IAVA introduced their summer intern

  2. Presentations: none

  1. Minutes approved for July 2 meeting.

  1. No Treasurer’s report to approve.

2. Co-Chair Discussion Items: Co-Chair Brown (AFSA) discussed the status of the NDAA.

3. Committee Co-Chairs briefed on key issues since the last TMC meeting. Highlights are noted below.
a. Awards. Co-chair Huck (NMFA) thanked organizations for their nominations and announced that the nominees are: Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.), and Anthony Lazarski (Sen. Inhofe’s MLA). Nominations were approved unanimously.
b. Guard and Reserve. Co-chair Madison (TREA) said that committee hosted meeting last month discussing enhancing communication of programs to the G/R community.
c. MilCon/MWR. No report.
d. MilPersonnel/Compensation/Commissaries. No report.
e. Retired Affairs. Co-Chair Barron (MOAA) gave status update on NDAA.
f. Survivor Benefits. Joe Racalto (GSW) announced that Gold Star Wives of America is in the process of changing their name to: Gold Star Surviving Spouses.

g. Taxes, Social Security. No report.

h. Veterans. Co-Chair Brown (AFSA) recapped last month’s committee meetings discussing the role of nurse anesthetists within the VA, TriWest’s role in VA Choice, and veterans’ hiring initiatives. Vet ID card approval was also discussed.
Co-Chair Norton (MOAA) provided a status update on a number of vets bills.

i. Health Care. Co-Chair Washington (FRA) discussed TRICARE pharmacy co-pay provisions in the NDAA, upcoming contract mergers. Mandatory mail order will go into effect on Oct 1.

j. Membership and Nominations. Bob Norton (MOAA) solicited nominations for Mike Hayden and Jamie Naughton’s (MOAA) Co-Chair and Coordinator positions, respectively, by September 30. Nominations for TMC treasurer are due by August 30.
k. Website. No report.
5. Old Business. None.
6. New Business: None

7. Good of the Order. Rene Campos (MOAA) invited everyone to attend MOAA’s Warrior-Family Symposium.

Kelly Hruska (NMFA) discussed the NMFA Annual Leadership Luncheon on September 29.

Bill Rausch (IAVA) announced that IAVA will be closed from 8/31 – 9/3 for their annual break, as well as an upcoming collaboration luncheon (invite to follow soon).

Scott Porter (AFSA) announced that today is his last TMC meeting, as he is moving to FL to teach JROTC.

Bernie Edelman (VVA) encouraged organizations to support legislation on toxic exposure (H.R. 1769 and S. 901).

Morgan Brown (AFSA) requested all to check rosters and committee assignments, and also encouraged those interested in more involvement sign up for open co-chair positions.
a. Appreciation was extended to FRA for hosting today's meeting. The next TMC meeting will be 10:00 AM, September 3, 2015 at FRA, unless otherwise decided.

8. Adjournment: 10:46 AM this date.


Jamie Naughton, Coordinator

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