1. This man’s childhood friend goes into a trance and drums the earth "as if fornicating with her," and the author claims that this character literally became the cross after killing his uncle Pedro

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2007 Deep Bench
Questions by Carleton College
Edited by Rob Carson and Andrew Hart
Quads Packet Tossup
1. This man’s childhood friend goes into a trance and drums the earth "as if fornicating with her," and the author claims that this character literally became the cross after killing his uncle Pedro.  He clings to reality by listening to a tape that his secretary Padilla plays, and contrasts himself with the idealistic Gonzalo, who refused to betray the revolution.  His daughter Teresa hates him, and his son Lorenzo died in the Spanish Civil War.  He married Catalina in a scheme to acquire the Bernal family lands, and he eventually ruined many competitors and bribed his way into political office to build his business empire.  FTP, name this character who relates a series of flashbacks on his deathbed, the title tycoon of a novel by Carlos Fuentes.
ANSWER: Artemio Cruz (accept either)
2. A 1950 article by H. Leibenstein discussed the effect that leads to these entities, creating a curve for them known as "RT." C. Wright Mills posited the "Counter" effect to the one that causes these entities, and quotes John Brooks as saying this counter-effect arises from a desire not to embarrass others. These entities arise from an interaction effect similar to the bandwagon and snob effects, and Higgins and Rubin suggest that the demand for these goods could go down with widespread counterfeiting, such as with Rolex watches. FTP, name these goods such as luxury cars and champagne whose demand increases as price increase because of status-seeking, named after the economist who posited "conspicuous consumption."
ANSWER: Veblen goods (accept Veblen effect; prompt on "luxury" goods)
3. This team's minor league affiliates include the Boise Hawks and Tennessee Smokies, and its top prospects include Donald Veal and Tyler Colvin. In its early years, this team was led by "Three-Finger" Brown and the double-play combo of Tinker, Evers, and Chance. This team's 2007 playoff run was sparked by the callup of a catcher who batted .389 in 54 at bats, Geovany Soto, and after George Sianas got kicked out of their home game in the 1945 World Series, he placed the Curse of the Billy Goat upon this club. FTP, name this team that currently features stars like Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano and plays their home games in Wrigley Field.
ANSWER: The Chicago Cubs (prompt on "Chicago")
4. Their properties are catalogued in a database known as BRENDA. Relaxation and progressive curve experiments are two ways to conduct an assay of these molecules, and Aspirin works by reducing the functionality the COX-1 and COX-2 types of them. "Apo" ones require cofactors but are not bound to them, while allosteric ones change in shape after undergoing their main function. Important terms in an equation of their kinetics include the speed V and the substrate concentration S.  In addition to the Michaelis-Menten model, Emil Fischer posited the "lock and key" model for their function. FTP, name these proteins that catalyze chemical reactions.
ANSWER: enzymes (accept "we just need to study how the enzymes change" or logical equivalents)
5. Portuguese clergyman Rodolpho Aquaviva gave this man a Plantin Bible and Christian paintings by Flemish Masters. This man' "nine jewels" included the poet Faizi, singer Mian Tansen, and the witty Birbal, and his chief advisor Abul-Fazel authored this emperor's namesake "nama," a history of his reign. This ruler created the Din-i-Ilahi or "divine faith," a thinly veiled personality cult for himself, and he repealed the jizya tax against non-Muslims. His greatest military conquests came against the Hindu leader Hemu and descendents of his father's adversary Sher Shah Suri. FTP, name this son of Humayun, the victor at the Second Battle of Panipot known as the "Great."
ANSWER: Akbar the Great or Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar or Akbar-e-Azam
6. In a five-act play by this author, Ben Telfair abandons his psychology studies at a university to become an apprentice in the family business. His second novel tells of a baby abandoned in the forest by Culla without the knowledge of his sister Rinthy. In addition to The Stonemason and Outer Dark, this author told the story of Lester Ballard in Child of God and John Wesley Rattner in his first novel The Orchard Keeper. But he’s better known for the story of John Grady Cole and a series of works including Cities of the Plain and The Crossing. FTP, name this American author of Blood Meridian and All the Pretty Horses.
ANSWER: Cormac McCarthy
7. In the leadup to this battle, one commander's attempt to ensnare the other turned into a skirmish near the Rippach stream. Torsten Steelglove led a cavalry charge during this battle, and the "Old Blue" and "Court" regiments of one side were wiped out. A common anecdote holds that retreating troops rallied around the singing Jakob Fabricus and the stoic third-in-command Dodo Knyphausen, and this battle saw the death of General Pappenheim to artillery fire. One side's second-in-command was Bernhard of Saxe-Weimer, whose forces held the day and drove Wallenstein out of Saxony. FTP, name this battle from the Thirty Years' War that saw the death of Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus.
ANSWER: Battle of Lutzen (1632)
8. Picasso depicted this figure with a grey body and overlarge legs sitting on a distorted man's lap in his work Musketeer and this figure. Caravaggio used typical chiaroscuro technique to depict this character with an oversized belly button, sleeping. In one work featuring this character, he is lounging on a yellowish orange blanket surrounded by three women, one of whom holds his possession above his head. In another work featuring him, he holds a bunch of flowers by his left ear while strolling towards a two women kissing while one fondles the others' breast in a painting alternately titled the "Allegory of Lust." This figure was "a captive" in a Rococo work by Francois Boucher, and he rounded out a gang of four with Venus, Folly, and Time in a Bronzino painting. FTP, name this figure that Canova sculpted with his lover, Psyche.
9. In this work, one character’s son is described as an "unfeather'd two Leg'd thing…Got, while his soul did huddled notions try; And born a shapeless lump, like anarchy." A final portion notes that "peals of thunder shook the firmament" and "henceforth a series of new time began." We hear of one character’s exile to Gath and another who is "so various, that he seem’d to be not one, but all Mankinds Epitome," the inconstant servant Zimri. Part two features Og and Doeg, who represent Elkanah Settle and Thomas Shadwell, and was likely largely written by Nahum Tate. FTP, name this work which features a virtuous David representing Charles II, an allegorical poem by John Dryden named for two Biblical characters.
ANSWER: Absalom and Achitophel: A Poem
10. Both this character's father Everes and his daughter Manto are the namesakes of butterfly genuses; Roman myth credits Manto as being the mother of the founder of Mantua. His mother, the nymph Chariclo, was also the mother of four children by the centaur Cheiron. One story about this character has Chariclo urging Athena to undo a curse she laid on this character; as she is unable to, she instead gives him the gift of augury. Another story claims that he interrupted a pair of mating snakes and was turned into a woman. Due to that experience he later revealed the secret that women derive ten times as much pleasure from sex as men, winning a bet for Zeus. FTP, name this blind seer who lived seven lives in service of Thebes.
ANSWER: Tiresias (or Teiresias)
11. Janet Coleman argued that this man was trapped between the via antiqua and the via moderna. Some of his philosophy spilled over into a play that features Callimaco trying to bed Lucrezia, while his adviser Ligurio spouts this man's own views, The Mandrake. He wrote a three-part tract on the ideal government, and he laid out the internal structure, military matters, and individual leadership in a republican monarchy in his Discourses on Livy. His most important work contrasts parsimony and generosity, cruelty and mercy, and says that rulers should avoid flatters. FTP, name this political theorist of The Prince.
ANSWER: Niccolo Machiavelli
12. The Wu-Yang variety of one of these particles is consistent with the Yang-Mills field tensor. The 't Hooft one of these was conceived because it would not be singular, and newer devices to detect these are described as spin exchange relaxation-free. More famous devices built to detect these are superconducting quantum interference devices, or SQuIDs, and Dirac showed that charge quantization follows from that of angular momentum and the existence of one of these. FTP, name this hypothetical particle, the magnetic analogue of electric point charges.
ANSWER: magnetic monopoles

13. One work by this author tells the story of the title sculptor's relationship with the castrato Zambinella. His novel about the Flemish Claes family was alternately titled Balthazar: Or, Science and Love, while masters Frenhofer and Porbus meet with a young Nicholas Poussin in "The Unknown Masterpiece." Raphael de Valentin discovers the Sanskrit-engraved title object in a crap shop in his The Wild Ass's Skin, which also features the young gambler Rastignac. The dandy Charles marries the title heiress in his Eugenie Grandet, and his better known protagonists include a boarder at the Maison Vauquer and a relative of the Baroness Hulot. FTP name this author of Pere Goirot and Cousin Bette.
ANSWER: Honore de Balzac
14. Jude Jordan wrote the libretto for a work by this composer based on an earthquake, I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky. The movement "Negative Love" was set to the words of John Donne, while "Wild Nights" and "Because I could not stop for death" were poems by Dickinson set to music in his Harmonium. He wrote a two-part, 24-aria opera-oratorio that quotes Gabriela Mistral and Martin Luther. He composed an homage to the September 11 victims with "On the Transmigration of Souls," while another of his works sees the line "We'll teach those motherfuckers how to dance," before the iconic foxtrot in the Chairman Dance. FTP, name this composer of Nixon in China.
ANSWER: John Coolidge Adams
15. Andrey Tychonoff lends his name to classes of separation axioms of this type of structure, a classification system that has separate schemes for Kolmogorov, Frechet, and Hausdorff examples of this type of construct. If every open cover contained in one of these has a finite subcover, it is known as compact. If one of these is contained in another one of these, it is often called coarser than the second. For ten points, name this mathematical set of subsets of a set, such that it is closed under union and closed under a finite number of intersections, and contains the original set and the empty set, an object which lends itself to a branch of mathematics, including Algebraic, Differential, and Point-Set varieties.
Answer: Topology (accept Topological Space, I guess prompt on space)
16. Operation Killer during this conflict was an effort to destroy the enemy below the Arizona Line, and was followed up by Operation Ripper, which had a similar objective using the Idaho Line. The enemy capital was the subject of a flyby of a nuclear capable plane in Operation Hudson Harbor during this conflict. Five battles took place during this war at "Old Baldy," and nearby fighting took place at Alligator Jaws, Hill Eerie, and T-Bone Hill. Arthur Trudeau commanded U.S. forces at the Battle of Pork Chop Hill in this conflict, while an early objective was defending the Pusan Perimeter. FTP, name this war that saw the landing at Inchon, during which Douglas MacArthur's hubris caused about a million Chinese dudes to swarm across the Yalu River.
ANSWER: Korean War
17. The cosmogony of this religion describes 36 levels of heaven and 72 planets, of which Earth is number 68. It also describes three ages of man; namely, the Eras of Innocence, Progress, and the current Era of Annihilation. Its name, which comes from an epithet for the supreme god, means "high tower;" said God is represented by the Eye of Providence. Adherents are required to practice vegetarianism for ten days per month and believe God speaks to its priesthood using a corbeille a bec. Its priesthood is organized into three branches that resemble those of the United States' government and is led by its Pope, or Giao Hoang, from its Holy See at Tay Ninh. FTP, name this syncretic Vietnamese religion that has canonized, among others, Victor Hugo, Julius Caesar and Sun Yat-Sen.
ANSWER: Dao Cao Dai or Caodaism or Dao Dai Tam Ky Pho Do
18. The Ceratium genus of these organisms has large horns and a gonyaulacoid tabulation, while the Protoperidinium genus has an apical horn and a cingulum. At one point, the Silurian Arpylorus of North Africa was considered to be a cyst of them. They were particularly prominent in the organic-walled microflora starting in the Jurassic and continued to play an important role through the Cenezoic. They possess a complex cell covering called an amphisema but are best known, however, for their periodic blooms, which can kill fish and even cause sickness in humans who consume infected shellfish. FTP, name this type of algae responsible for red tides.
ANSWER: dinoflagellates

18. This man's brother, Henry of Winchester, provided Church support for his rise to power, securing approval from Innocent II for his succession; he ran into administrative problems after he sacked his predecessor's chief advisor, Roger of Salisbury, due to the latter's family monopoly on English bishoprics. His succession was secured through the Treaty of Walingford, which brought an end to the civil war prompted by his maneuvers to secure his succession over that of his cousin, the widowed Empress Matilda, bringing about "The Anarchy." Succeeded by Matilda's son, Henry II, he was the last Norman king of England. FTP, name this English monarch, the successor to William II and the only ruler from the house of Blois.
ANSWER: Stephen I or Stephen of England (accept Stephen of Blois early)
19. Act two begins with a motor car broken down in front of a clump of trees and the main character is focused on some legs in blue trousers which protrude from the car and actually have a speaking part. This play was published with an epistle dedicatory to Arthur Bingham Walkley. It’s revealed in the fourth and final act that there are two men named Hector Malone, the elder of whom invested in Mendoza Limited and the younger marries Violet Robinson. It begins with Roebuck Ramsden in his study opening the morning letters and the main plot follows Ann Whitefield’s pursuit of Jack Tanner, while act three features the famous Don Juan interlude. FTP, name this play subtitled “A Comedy and a Philosophy,” by George Bernard Shaw, which takes its title from the work of Nietzsche.
ANSWER: Man and Superman: A Comedy and a Philosophy
20. The city of Hat Yai has been the center of several recent attacks by Islamic separatists centered in the Pattani region of this nation, despite overtures from General Sothni. After 10 months, CNS, the group currently in power in this country, disbanded the former ruling party, TRT, and lifted the ban on political activity here, which had been in effect since it placed General Surayud Chulanont into power. In August, a constitution drafted by CNS won a referendum here, replacing the 1997 constitution, and paving the way for the promised return to elections in, FTP, what Southeast Asian nation which was formerly headed by Thaksin Shinawatra, with a capital at Bangkok?
ANSWER: Thailand
TB. In the leadup to this battle, the victorious side captured the city of Methone. Many vessels were unoccupied for one side during this battle because of a malaria outbreak among his troops, and the losing commander escaped this battle when a hole opened up a hole in the line, because Gaius Sosius was ordered south. The victorious side commanded 400 swift liburnian vessels, while the loser had fewer ships, mostly quinqueremes. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was the winning commander in this battle, and the loser committed suicide shortly after, thinking that Cleopatra had died. FTP, name this naval victory for Octavian over Marc Antony.
ANSWER: Battle of Actium

2007 Deep Bench

Questions by Carleton College
Edited by Rob Carson and Andrew Hart
Quads Packet Tossup
1. Given a line and some clues, identify the poem written by Samuel T. Coleridge, FTPE:
[10] "Beware ! Beware ! / His flashing eyes, his floating hair !" This poem also talks about a pleasure dome in Xanadu, or something like that.
ANSWER: "Kubla Khan"
[10] "The owlet's cry / Came loud—and hark, again! loud as before." This poem details the "secret ministry" of the title thing.
ANSWER: "Frost at Midnight"
[10] "Joy is the sweet voice, joy the luminous cloud. / We in ourselves rejoice!" This eight-stanza work takes its epigraph from the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spence.
ANSWER: Dejection: An Ode
2. Robert McHendry rushed onto the field and touched this man's shoulder, then ran away. FTPE:
[10] Name this Brazilian goalkeeper who chased after McHendry for two steps, then took what may be the most notorious and magnificent flop in soccer history.
ANSWER: Dida or Nelson de Jesus Silva
[10] Dida plays for this Serie A team, whose other stars include Cafu, Gennaro Gattuso, and Fillipo Inzaghi. Former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi owns this team.
ANSWER: A.C. Milan (prompt on "Milan")
[10] This A.C. Milan superstar midfielder won all sorts of awards in 2007, including FIFPro World Player of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, and UEFA Champions League Top Scorer. His younger brother Digao also plays for A.C. Milan.
ANSWER: Kaká or Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
3. It generates four haploid cells known as gametes.  FTPE:
[10] Name this process in which a diploid cell divides to form sex cells such as sperm and eggs. 
ANSWER: meiosis 
[10] During prophase I of meiosis, genes from chromosomes in a homologous pair can recombine in this process. 
ANSWER: crossing over or chromosomal crossover (prompt on "homologous recombination")
[10] In female meiosis, known as oogenesis, only one of the four haploid cells are functional sex cells; the other three are tiny non-functioning cells formed by asymmetric cytokenesis and are known as this type of body. 
ANSWER: polar bodies 
4. Identify these works of John Constable FTPE:
[10] The titular vehicle is walking towards Flatford Mill on the River Stour. It's being pulled by some oxen or something.
ANSWER: The Hay-Wain
[10] This Constable canvas shows some trees, the sky, and the namesake vale that he was fond of painting.
ANSWER: Dedham Vale
[10] Constable depicted this cathedral "from the meadows." A hay-wainesque scene is in the foreground of the painting, while a rainbow arches over the cathedral as some kickass mid-afternoon thunderheads roll past.
ANSWER: Salisbury Cathedral (accept Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadow
5. This work features Bird, whose defective baby's birth causes him to flee to former girlfriend Himiko.  FTPE:
[10] Name this novel in which Himiko steals Bird's dream of going to Africa, while Bird is resigned to caring for his child.
ANSWER: A Personal Matter
[10] This novelist of Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids and The Silent Cry wrote A Personal Matter.
ANSWER: Kenzaburo Oe (accept in reverse order, prompt on "Kenzaburo")
[10] This Oe short story was published in the collection Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness. In it, the narrator learns that "D" killed his infant son who could only say the title nonsense word.
ANSWER: "Aghwee the Sky Monster" or "Sora no kaibutsu aguii"

6. This man claimed that "woman is meant to obey" in the essay On Women, and in his most famous work he expressed a desire to have "scoundrels" castrated and have "men of noble character [given] a whole harem." FTPE:

[10] Name this German philosopher, whose other works include On the Will in Nature and On the Basis of Morality.
ANSWER: Arthur Schopenhauer
[10] In his doctoral thesis, Schopenhauer classified this principle into the forms of becoming, knowing, being, and acting.
ANSWER: the principle of sufficient reason
[10] The appendix of this notable Schopenhauer work contains a criticism of Kant’s failure to distinguish between intuitive and conceptual knowledge. The main body of the work also mentioned some stuff about dichotomizing existence into its two title concepts.
ANSWER: The World as Will and Idea or The World as Will and Representation or Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
7. He led the Ottoman defense of Gallipoli against the British. FTPE:
[10] Name this Turkish leader who would later become the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey.
ANSWER: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (accept either)
[10] This treaty annulled the Treaty of Sevres and was a much more lenient treaty towards Turkey.
ANSWER: Treaty of Lausanne
[10] This post-WWI agreement between Britain and France, with Russia's assent, dealt with spheres of influence in West Asia.
ANSWER: The Sykes-Picot-Sazanov Agreement
8. Answer these questions about huge shit you can find in your very own universe, FTPE:
[10] Discovered thanks to the variations in a number of galactic redshifts, the Norma cluster lies somewhere near the center of this gigantic fuckin’ gravitational anomaly.
ANSWER: Great Attractor
[10] The Canes Venatici Cloud is just one of the many groups of galaxies contained in this supercluster, which also contains the Local Group and, by extension, the Milky Way.
ANSWER: Virgo Supercluster
[10] This extremely compact source of radio waves may or may not be a supermassive black hole. Regardless, it’s located at the center of the Milky Way.
ANSWER: Sagittarius A* (a-star)
9. Answer the following questions about famous composers from relatively small countries FTPE:
[10] This Bohemian composer of the operas Alfred, Vanda, and Rusalka also composed a whole bunch of Slavonic Dances and a symphony in E Minor composed during a visit to the United States.
ANSWER: Antonin Dvorak
[10] This dude from Armenia composed a mass dance called Budenovka and the Bell Symphony, but he's probably most famous for the third movement from his ballet Gayane, the Sabre Dance.
ANSWER: Aram Khachaturian
[10] This composer's works include the tintinnabular piece Spiegel im Spiegel and the instrumental Für Alina, but he's better known for his Berlin Mass, his double concerto Tabula Rasa, and his Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten. Also, he's from Estonia.
ANSWER: Arvo Pärt
10. Answer the following things about everyone's favorite religion, Buddhism, FTPE:
[10] The oldest and best-known version of this collection of Buddhist scriptures is the Pali Canon; its sections are known as the Vinaya, the Sutra, and the Abidharma.
ANSWER: Tripitaka
[10] The Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism focuses on the use of chanting and recitation of koan to achieve this goal of Zen Buddhism, while the Soto sect attempts to reach it through silent meditation.
ANSWER: satori (prompt on "enlightenment" or similar)
[10] The Four Noble Truths consist of the nature of, origin of, cessation of, and the following of the Eightfold Path to end this concept; nirvana is achieved when one is no longer subject to it
ANSWER: dukkha (prompt on "suffering" or similar)
11. In order for this reaction to work, the diene must be in s-cis conformation. FTP:
[10] Name this organic chem reaction in which a conjugated diene and a substituted alkene form a cyclohexene.
ANSWER: Diels-Alder reaction
[10] Generally, the strongest interaction between the diene and the dienophile occurs between these two orbitals, according to frontier orbital theory. Name either.
ANSWER: highest occupied molecular orbital or lowest occupied molecular orbital (accept HOMO or LUMO)
[10] This rule for figuring out what happens when you carry out a Diels-Alder reaction works best for cyclic dienes and dienophiles. Basically, it states that maximum accumulation of double bonds occurs at the most stable transition state.
ANSWER: Endo addition rule
12. Who doesn’t like dragons? Clearly, chumps. Name the following dragons and dragon-like beings from various mythologies, FTPE:
[10] Apollo pegged this dragon-like creature with arrows to claim his very own oracle at Delphi. Apollo's attendant
ANSWER: Python
[10] This dwarf from Norse mythology turned into a dragon to guard his treasure horde. That is, until Sigurd showed up and stabbed him good. Then Sigurd bathed in this dragon’s blood to become essentially invincible.
ANSWER: Fafnir
[10] In Zoroastrian tradition, this world dragon bled vermin, prompting his imprisonment on a mountain. At the Zoroastrian apocalypse, he busts out and terrorizes the populace.
ANSWER: Azi Dahaka
13. Answer the following about the fall of the Aztec civilization FTPE:
[10] This Aztec emperor had the bad luck of being forced to deal with the Spaniards, to whom he essentially surrendered. Legend had he was killed by rocks thrown by his disgruntled subjects.
ANSWER: Montezuma II
[10] After Montezuma’s death, Cortes and his crew were trapped in the palace until they decided to break out of Tenochtitlan in the event commonly known by this name. The Spaniards were almost annihilated in the attempt.
ANSWER: Noche Triste (Accept "Sad Night," I guess)
[10] Many of the hostilities between the Spaniards and Aztecs were set up when Cortes was forced to return to the coast to deal with this conquistador who was supposed to arrest him. He later led an expedition to Florida which was almost completely destroyed, and Cabeza de Vaca was one of the few who survived.
ANSWER: Panfilo de Narvaez
14. Officially formed in 1919, it grew out of a so-called "revolution from the top," when Hindenburg, Ludendorff, and others sought to shift blame for Germany's defeat away from the military. FTPE:
[10] Name this short-lived parliamentary democracy which ruled Germany until the rise of Adolf Hitler.
ANSWER: Weimar Republic
[10] This SDP leader was the Weimar Republic's first president and chancellor of the previous interim government. He is remembered for a "pact" with Wilhelm Gröner, which allowed to military to crush revolutionary uprisings.
ANSWER: Friedrich Ebert
[10] Also concluded out of fear of revolution, this agreement between the labor unions and industry granted some concessions to workers, but helped to establish the ZAG, which allowed employers to later erase those concessions.
ANSWER: Stinnes-Legien Agreement
15. In classical mechanics it is defined for a particle as r cross p. FTPE:
[10] Name this important physical quantity, which is conserved for a system unless an external torque acts on it. Torque is the time derivative of this measure.
ANSWER: Angular Momentum
[10] The conservation of angular momentum can be derived by applying this theorem, which states that there is a conserved quantity for every symmetry of a system, to rotation in space.
ANSWER: Noether's Theorem
[10] In quantum mechanics, these coefficients named for two German mathematicians are used when adding angular momenta.
ANSWER: Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients
16. Name these Hemingway short stories FTPE:
[10] The unnamed narrative is a sponger in the Florida Keys. He finds a capsized ocean liner and sees a dead chick in the porthole, but he can't break it. Later, some Greeks blow it open with dynamite and the narrator sees a giant jewfish.
ANSWER: "After the Storm"

[10] In this story, the younger of two waiters in a Spanish café orders a deaf old man to leave; he then argues with his older counterpart. After he leaves, the older waiter asks himself why he needs the title entity.

ANSWER: "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

[10] The titular characters of this story, gangsters named Al and Max, enter a diner and tie up its patron and employees in order to lie in wait for the Swede Ole Andreson, who never shows.

ANSWER: "The Killers"
17. Answer the following about externalities, FTPE:
[10] The traditional response to externalities is to enact this type of tax. Its namesake laid out these taxes in his Economics of Welfare.
ANSWER: Pigovian tax
[10] This man theorized that when transaction costs are low, private bargaining will resolve externalities.
ANSWER: Ronald Coase
[10] Coase posited his eponymous theorem in the Journal of Law and Economics under this title.
ANSWER: "The Problem of Social Cost"
18. Answer the following about the mutiny on the Bounty, FTPE:
[10] This dude somehow ended up in Timor after being set adrift during the mutiny. The Bounty's captain, this man would later serve as governor of New South Wales.
ANSWER: Vice-Admiral William Bligh
[10] This dude seized power from Bligh on April 28. He landed the mutineers on Pitcairn and Norfolk islands, where their descendents live today.
ANSWER: Fletcher Christian
[10] Bligh commanded the Glatton at this Sir Hyde Parker and Horatio Nelson victory over Olfert Fischer and Steen Bille.
ANSWER: Battle of Copenhagen
19. The protagonist has been withholding sex from his wife for eight years, and she has been having an affair for two. FTPE:
[10] Name this novel in which Kaname and Misako may or may not get a divorce at the end.
ANSWER: Some Prefer Nettles or Tade kuu mushi
[10] This author of The Makioka Sisters and The Sound of the Mountain wrote Some Prefer Nettles.
ANSWER: Junichiro Tanizaki (accept in reverse order, prompt on Junichiro)
[10] This mistress of Misako's father in Some Prefer Nettles is described as doll-like. She brings some old woodblock books to Kaname as the novel ends, while they're waiting for Misako to return and announce whether she will seek a divorce.

20. Hey, it's a geography bonus. FTPE:

[10] This river has Black, White, and Red Courses. It used to give its name to the country now known as Burkina Faso.
ANSWER: The Volta River
[10] Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake in the world! Name the dam on the Volta behind which Lake Volta is formed.
ANSWER: Akosombo Dam
[10] Lake Volta takes up a crapload of space in this African nation. Its capital is at Accra.
ANSWER: Republic of Ghana

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