1. Left brachiocephalic trunk (artery) Left common carotid artery

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1. Left brachiocephalic trunk (artery)

2. Left common carotid artery

3. Left subclavian artery

4. Left common (carotid artery/jugular vein)

5. Left brachiocephalic vein

6. Left subclavian artery

7. Left axillary artery

8. Left brachial artery

9. Splenic artery and vein

10. Hepatic artery and vein

11. Gastric artery

12. Celiac trunk

13. Superior and inferior mesenteric

14. Right renal artery and vein

15. Descending (abdominal) aorta

16. Inferior vena cava

17. Left common iliac artery and vein

18. Right internal iliac artery and vein

19. Left external iliac artery and vein

20. Median sacral artery

21. Left deep palmar arch

22. Left femoral artery

23. Right great saphenous vein

24. Right femoral vein

25. Right femoral circumflex artery/vein

26. Right digital arteries

27. Right Superficial palmar arch

28. Right ulnar artery and vein

29. Right radial artery and vein

30. Right median cubital vein

31. Right cephalic vein

32. Right basilic vein

33. Right brachial vein

34. Right axillary vein

35. Right humoral circumflex artery

36. Right subclavian vein

37. Right subclavian artery

Note: right brachiocephalic vein is tiny!

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