1. Click on introduction to show the write up and let the slide show play

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Demo for Daily Life Online http://dailylife.greenwood.com “greenwood” for UN and “beginning” for password

Home Page Overview:

The Daily Life homepage has many features that facilitate productive research.

The first is the Topic Guide in the middle of the screen. This addresses a commonly studied topic and points the user to content that will help them get started researching.
1. Click on introduction to show the write up and let the slide show play through a few images (will happen automatically).

2. Now Click “Featured Content” on the left to show the 6 pieces dealing with Clothing though various time periods.

3. Click on “Pre-historic Clothing” and show the Timeline and Article

4. Go back the homepage and show that there are more Topic Guides on the right sidebar as well as more Featured Content in the middle of the screen.

5. Lastly, Scroll to the bottom of the page and show the “Did you know,” which provides rotating facts with links to full text content on the history of the fact.

Search # 1:

There are many different ways to find useful content in Daily Life but perhaps the most commonly used is the Quick Search.

Here is an example of how a researcher would use Quick Search to study the Black Death
1. From the home page enter “Black Death” (w/ the quotes) in the Quick Search box.

2. Click on hit# 3 “Daily Life During the Black Death: An Intro.”

3. This article gives an excellent introduction to the Black Death and features an image as well as a map that details the spread of the Plague.

4. From here point out that at the top right we allow students to email, cite, or use the dictionary look-up easily.

5. Also show the TofC on the left hand side of the page and note that all the articles are hyperlinked.

6. Lastly show the “Find More” function on the left hand side of the page. This lists the Topics found in the article you are reading and allows you to cross search the entire resource for more.

7. So if a researcher wanted to find all of our content on “Diseases in Europe” they could check the boxes for Europe and Diseases and pull up a new list of content.

Search # 2:

Using the Browse functionality is another great way to find content.

Here is an example of how a researcher would use the Browse to find content on the Weapons of the American Revolution.

1. Open up Subject on the left hand side and click “Warfare”

2. Under Time click “Modern”

3. Next click “18th Century”

4. Here is a list of all articles pertaining to your selections. Click hit # 12 for an article on “Artillery” in the American Revolution.

Resources Overview:

On the right hand side of the homepage you will see a listing of the resources in this DB.

1. The first three (Primary Docs, Images, and Maps) will isolate all of those particular content types in to one list. This is very useful if you need to find an image, etc. for a presentation or a paper. (Don’t Click)

2. The entire Greenwood Dictionary of World History as well as Library of Folktales can be accessed with one click from here (don’t click)

3. Click the State-by-State resource guide. Here researchers can find ready reference on all 50 states as well as links to full text content on all states.

4. Click on Colorado then click on the Map

6. Click Denver under “Related Articles” for a write-up on the city

7. Lastly click Uniting States under “Read more in.” This article gives the history of CO

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