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        CEU Immigration Reform Paper: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is strongly in favor of immigration, but mainly for specific reasons such as labor. There is a strong need for foreign, skilled laborers in our country which is why we feel the European Union should stand in the best concerns for immigrants. They should have rights including the fundamental right to family life based on the passing of the Alien’s Act of 2005 in the reunification of families and also have the right to health insurance.

        However, a common misconception is the Czech Republic’s stance on illegal immigration, which we are strongly opposed to. Since joining the European Union, we have made attempts to strengthen our borders and make it simple for legal immigrants, yet difficult for illegal immigrants. This has had little success which is one example and reason for why the Council must make it more difficult to enter into the European Union countries. In the past several decades, the Czech Republic has had an influx of illegal immigrants from multiple countries in Europe, taking  away labor opportunities for our own citizens.

The unemployment rate in many of the European Union’s member countries ranges from 8% to 11% which is unacceptably high. A contributing factor is the increase in illegal immigrants from around this region that take jobs from the legal citizens and immigrants of the countries. At the same time, while immigrants are economically favored, they are expected to assimilate themselves into the country’s culture, in the views of the natives in the Czech Republic. The building of mosques and other temples by the Muslim immigrants is unacceptable in our eyes and the legal immigrants should be gracious to be a part of whichever country they choose.

Essentially, the main concern of the council of the European Union should be to strengthen borders of the member countries to dismiss any opportunities for illegal immigration as it only hinders the countries’ economies. In regards to legal immigration, the Czech Republic believes that it should be allowed, but simply for labor opportunities; the culture of the host country should not be compromised because of these immigrants as it has had in the past.

CEU Ukraine Crisis: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic believes that based on the unjust actions in Ukraine, the European Union should play an intervening role in the Ukraine. We believe that even though the country is not in the European Union, basic human rights of the protesters are being compromised by the Ukrainian regime using lethal weapons against them. These actions have resulted in the loss of multiple people’s lives, which cannot be ignored. The Czech Republic suggests placing an embargo on non-lethal weapons that are being used against the protesters. The actions of Russia can lead to threats against neighboring countries that are members of the EU which causes for the European Union to act against the violence.

Essentially, the European Union should stick to helping its own members before intervening in other countries’ affairs. However, in this specific situation, Russia’s actions may affect the safety of other nations including that of the EU. Additionally, the Czech Republic understands the situation especially since the soviet invasion in 1968 into their own country. Ukraine is conflicted at this time and there is no help that will come within their own country so the EU’s intervention is necessary. If the country’s actions have an effect on the EU’s members, then there should be intervention in countries outside the EU, the Czech Republic believes.

As previously stated, the protesters are victims to a plethora of violence so restricting the Ukrainian’s regime to non-lethal weapons is the first step to protecting the people. At the same time, there needs to be more regulations on the protesters themselves, as they are provoking the police. Organizing a conference with the Ukrainian government and representatives of the protesters is necessary for a peaceful end to such corruption. As an outside party, the EU can mediate the compromise without being biased. Such a meeting is necessary for stopping the conflicts and will peacefully lead the nation on the road to compromising and pleasing not only the people, but the government as well. Once the situation calms, then the EU can allow the nation into its council, if the nation chooses.

CEU LGBT Rights: Czech Republic             

               Homosexuality in Czech Republic, like other European countries, has been legal for numerous years. Although, the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender persons) hasn’t granted the same privileges, our country is working towards equality for same-sex couples to freely express their feelings without the fear of being discriminated. Laws such as the recognition of relationship, discrimination, and adoption have granted same-sex partners the ability to lead normal lives without being treated maliciously. Czech Republic’s recent update of the laws for the LGBT is making a successful progress and is widely accepted throughout the country.

               It wasn’t until 2006 when the Czech Republic legalized same-sex partnership. Before it was legal, the partnership was denied four times in 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2005. After becoming legal, people then slowly begin to accept and those who are a part of the LGBT. When a poll was taken in 2005 61% of people agreed with same sex partnership, but in 2013 it went up by 11% and becoming 72%. Not long after the legalization of partnership; in 2009 a law against discrimination in work, school, houses, access to goods and services becomes illegal.

               The new law that was developed in 2009 against the illegal discrimination of homosexuality has provided many with an improved lifestyle. The LGBT no longer have to fear being tormented and now feel comfortable expressing themselves. Czech Republic has even accommodated by permitting adoption as a single person, for the couples. The city of Brno has even held a gay parade in 2011 and 2012 with full support by the governor. Now after many years of fighting for their right, 72% of people have agreed that they feel more comfortable and are open about being a part of the LGBT in public. Based on our experience with our country believes that the approval of the law would guarantee the effective implementation. We strongly recommend that the State considers the adoption of the anti-discrimination bill to ensuring equality and practical protection against discrimination.

               Czech Republic, since 1962 has taken steps to equalize and limit the discrimination between the citizens and the LGBT. Though it took four years before the Czech Republic could legalize same sex-partnership, it finally became legal in 2006. After three years Czech Republic then passed a law against the discrimination, which gave the LGBT the peace of mind. As the years progress, our goal towards bettering the country and making it a safer place for all citizens is including those in the LGBT.  

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