[Year] Engagement Agreement & Fee Disclosure

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[Year] Engagement Agreement & Fee Disclosure

By signing this agreement you accept the terms and conditions discussed herein. The parties to this agreement are [Company Name] and its employees and agents

(Company) and __________________________________________________________________________ (You).
You are hiring [COMPANY] to prepare tax returns and related reports. This preparation is based on the information provided by you. [COMPANY] has not examined or audited that information. You represent that you have adequate documentation to support those claims as required under IRS rules and regulations, and that you have provided true and complete information to [COMPANY] in connection with this engagement.
You agree to review all reports or returns prepared by [COMPANY] for accuracy before submitting or, in the case of electronic filing, authorizing them for submission. Further, you attest to the accuracy of these reports or returns by not correcting inaccuracies you discover by examining your copy of said reports and returns. You agree to contact [COMPANY] immediately if you discover information that will lead to a change in returns prepared, or if you receive any communication from Federal, State, or Local taxing authorities. In the event of a change in your original tax [COMPANY] will pay any penalties that result from our negligence or our error.
From time to time [COMPANY] may recommend planning strategies that may or may not result in the benefit targeted. [COMPANY] understands that you will not share any benefits gained, and you won’t hold [COMPANY] responsible for benefits not realized.
You will not ask for, pay for, or receive legal advice from [COMPANY], and are encouraged to retain legal counsel when appropriate. You will not ask for, pay for, or receive investment advisory services.
[COMPANY] will charge for services as follows: Tax preparation by the published fee schedule in effect at the time of this engagement, Federal/State/Local tax authority consultation and audit representation at $195.00 per hour, accounting services at $75.00 per hour, other services on a negotiated fee basis. Payment is due for services rendered at the time services are rendered. For this reason a retainer or other form of payment may be required prior to the commencement of work. Please note, we will NOT electronically file your tax returns until payment is received. Our payment and/or retainer agreement is made part of this agreement by reference here. Any unearned retainer will be refunded within 30 days of completion of all work.
[COMPANY] may use knowledge of your situation to advise you of opportunities that may become available. You invite [COMPANY] to make you aware of planning or investment opportunities that may be appropriate for you. [COMPANY] may be compensated by way of fees or commissions. This represents a conflict of interest. Therefore, you acknowledge this inherent conflict and accept it as part of our relationship. Rest assured [COMPANY] will not share any private or personal information about you without your express instruction. [COMPANY] will need written authorization from you to release your tax or financial information to a third party like a lender, and will charge you $25.00 each time we provide a copy of a tax return or other tax data to a third party at your request.
In the event of a dispute between us, you and [COMPANY] agree to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.




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