Yard Ramp Specification

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Yard Ramp Specification

For Structural rigidity ramp must be constructed of Steel with built-in Side Rails located on both sides of the ramp and must be 8” high and run the full length of the ramp (except on the lip & tail plate) with the following:

Load Capacity: Up to 35,000 Pounds

Ramp Dimensions: 90” Wide x 34’-8” Long

Incline Section: 24’-8” Long

Service Width: 86” Wide

Upper Level-Off Section: 10’ Long

Ramp Height-Adjustable: 46” to 56”

Upper Lip Plate-Hinged: 20” x 90” (Full Width)

Leveling Jacks: Dual Speed

The lift truck operator must be able to exit the trailer in the fully horizontal position prior to backing down the ramp. The lift truck and a pallet sized load must be able to clear the trailer and prevent the load from scraping the top of the trailer during descent.

To help ramp stability and to help create a smooth transition on and off the ramp, the Hinged Tail Plate must be 60 inches long and located on the lower end of the ramp. The Hinged Plate must remain flat on the ground regardless of the ramps height adjustment.

The hinged lip plate must float on the trailer to compensate for height variations caused by a change payload weight in the trailer to help provide a safe transition between the ramp and the truck trailer.

Ramp must be equipped with mobility package featuring large wheels with heavy duty tires and axles that will enable users to easily move the ramp around the yard with a lift truck or loader.

The full length of the deck must have an Anti-Slip surface,

Ramp must have leveling jacks that are strategically located to maximize the stability of the ramp for optimum operator safety Leveling jacks must require minimal physical effort to make height adjustments.

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