Writing and Research-207 Assignment 4 Body of research

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Ayesha Tariq Hussain


Writing and Research-207

Assignment 4 – Body of research

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Before proceeding towards further research, it’s essential to know the meaning or definition of multiculturalism in different countries. There are many multicultural countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Australia, America, British, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and many other who are multicultural and have different opinions about multiculturalism.

For example Canada (Just society) which is the most well-known and progressive multicultural country among all other countries, is a composition of its own less nationals Canadians with the huge number of immigrants. According to Cotter, A.M (2011, February) said that Canada has the huge number of people who came from different countries throughout the world, they are well settled in Canada and because living there for long time they themselves called Nationals Canadians. Moreover, by 2017 the population of actual or Aboriginal National Canadians may seems to be reduced to minor rate of about 20% as compare to the population of immigrants living in Canada (pg.176)

Another example of multicultural country is Australia that has a special cultural status and they also have same situation of immigrants as Canada has. In addition, according to McAllister, I (1970) stated that Australia had experienced two challenges and that is multiculturalism and second challenge is minority population of original Australians (pg.13)

However, people from such multicultural countries are contradicting to a country specifically Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, there are rare chances to be multicultural or to adopt multiculturalism especially for immigrants because of many issues they face over there.

For example, in many cultures people do celebrate their birthday by having birthday parties and fun, but in Saudi culture they avoid to celebrate birthday or to have birthday party as it is not allowed in their religion, however some of them do celebration in a very simple way like on their birthday they do give charity “Sadqa” to poor, or orphans and get good wishes and gifts from their family and friends.

Another issue is people in multicultural countries there are different situations for marriages such as Ms. Patrick, P (2011) said that in Australia maximum number of guests in wedding ceremony is 50 and the arrangement is all done by bride s parents they make dishes for the ceremony in their home . And in their cultural boy or girl are allow to marry of their own choice in other words, no restriction for selecting a person they want to marry to

However, in 2011 some students at PMU in Study skills class were interviewed for a question that what are the conditions for marriage proposal and how they celebrate marriage in Saudi Arabia? In a replied they said that in Saudi Arabia people have different tribes and casts they belong to. On the basis of these tribes and casts, it is compulsory that boy and girl should marry to the same tribes instead of different tribes or casts. They have two functions for wedding ceremony and that is henna and the wedding day. On wedding day, the hall divides into two separate section one for ladies and other for gents in addition they do dance and fun, but as groom arrives they wear Hijab. And according to them, one day before wedding groom have bachelor party where groom‘s friends do crazy stuff with groom such as throw him into a swimming pool or dance.

Basically, Saudi culture is the composition of some rules or points that are extracted from their law and religious beliefs. Which makes them cultural different from other cultures in the world

Countries such as India, Philippine, and all European countries’ culture families allow or accept to give permission to their children to have hangout with their cousins if they want to in other words a female can hangout with her male cousin, but in contrast Saudi families will definitely deny to give permission to their female daughter to have hangout with her male cousins. In addition, Saudi families might allow their daughter to talk or have conversation with her male cousin, But in public not privately. Furthermore, a divorced woman in other countries can have permission to get marry one more time, but in Saudi society people look down upon a divorced girl. And due to cultural background women don’t have enough opportunities to have co education and co working , however some private sectors especially banks such as Al-rajhi bank, Samba bank and Arab national bank and universities have private sections for males and females, so they can easily hire women as banker or as teachers

Education plays an important role in every country s development and its progression. And in today’s world many universities are at the top level on the basis of their education system and policy. Oxford University (London), Cambridge University (London) and Liverpool University (Canada) are the most famous universities in the world because according to them student must be judge on their knowledge, experience, talent and interests instead of judging them on the basis of their appearance or belongings. Furthermore in these universities to support their students financially they have a scholarship programs not only for their nationals but also for the immigrants’ students.

However on the other hand, in Saudi Arabia they allow an immigrant to get education in their universities. And they have scholarship programs but only for Saudi nationals not for non Saudis. Even in their companies most of jobs are offers to a Saudi because of Saudi nationality and private connections

Finally, everyone believes that expectations never die. With a passage of time, people in Saudi Arabia who had kind of narrow minded cultural background are somehow getting changing in them and accommodating some points of other cultural to make them a successful and bright nation and may help them to reduce these cultural differences and issues related to these differences because MULTICULTURALISM plays a backbone role in improving personality brighter and to shine like a star , and we are humans who are born with different talents and abilities, participating to enhance this world with a combination of different colors and diversity

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