World Sight Day Activities Report

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North America

In Canada, World Sight Day will be celebrated at Moorings Park with a special seminar for blind/vision impaired adults. Other events during the awareness month are the Greater Area Naples Chamber of Commerce Accelerated Networking luncheon at Lighthouse of Collier, seminar at Moorings Park and a special tour and tasting for the blind/vision impaired children at Olde Naples Chocolate.

Trinidad and Tobago’s ‘Volunteers for World Sight Day’ are a fantastic example of what can be done on WSD – from walks in WSD-branded tee-shirts and colour-coordinated balloons to meetings and endorsements from the country’s President, it looks like they have done it all! The celebrations included a walk to raise awareness on the 6th of October, with WSD13-themed t-shirts and balloons. Later that day, a tee-shirt was passed on T & T’s President, His Excellency Anthony Carmona.

In San Antonio, TX, USA, the San Antonio (SA) Eye Center, Alamo City’s ‘oldest and largest’ ophthalmology practice, talked about the importance of getting an eye examination and the importance of getting it done periodically.

With Medicare plans and the Affordable Care Act, many insurance agencies are now requiring patients over the age of 65 to get screened for glaucoma every two years and diabetes each year. By going to the eye doctor consistently, before patients have eye problems or prominent changes, their eyes can be saved.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, 12 OneSight volunteers served 300 students throughout the area’s schools during the Community Vision Care program. OneSight is an independent nonprofit providing access to quality eye care and eyewear in underserved communities worldwide.

Keeping up with its tradition of giving back,

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