World Sight Day Activities Report

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Congo, the Minister of Public Health gave a speech about sight-related issues in DRC and their efforts to tackle avoidable blindness on national television and five other private TV channels, on the evening of Wednesday, October 9, 2013. ON WSD itself, the General Secretary of public health launched WSD commemorative events with a speech attended by the Mayor of Masina city, hundreds of volunteers and over 400-500 listening public.

The event saw participation from the local WHO staff and DRC municipal and health authorities, who heard about the government’s commitment to eye health at the highest level. The event and other activities were made possible by the support of Masina Eye Centre COM; This secondary level eye centre is integrated in the PNSOV. Other activities included an Awareness walk by eye centre staff dressed in WSD-themed tee-shirts, who shouted slogans with eye health messages and carried banners. In the Masina’s marketplace, the staff distributed pamphlets with messages on glaucoma and positive stories about sight loss and its aftermath. The Masina Eye Centre also conducted free eye examinations and glasses distributions at three sites. Consultations were preceded by awareness sessions on eye problems and health education on eye health. 357 free consultations were completed, out of them 39 cases of cataract and 48 cases of glaucoma were referred to the main eye hospital.

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