World Sight Day Activities Report

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ORBIS International

ORBIS International launched some wonderful infographics on prevalence of visual impairment around the world. Taking to social media, the event included some wonderful cover photos released for World Sight Day.


Sightsavers released details of their ‘Eye Test’ survey in the UK and found that although a third of respondents said their employers offer subsidised eye tests, only 22 per cent of them have taken advantage of this offer in the past year. So, for WSD13, Sightsavers asked its supporters to claim their eye test subsidy through work, and donate the equivalent amount to Sightsavers. In the developing world eye screenings cost around GBP 1.50 per person, so an eye test subsidy of GBP 15, for example, would provide eye screening for ten people.

Standard Chartered bank

Standard Chartered bank announced a new strategic partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (The Trust) on World Sight Day 2013. The partnership will focus on two main causes of avoidable blindness – blinding trachoma and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). The partnership will also support the Fellowships, Research and Technology Programme, designed to develop expertise in eye care and strengthen health systems across the Commonwealth. It will also introduce potentially life-changing new technologies that will enable eye care to be delivered for a fraction of the current cost in rural and isolated areas.

Regional Events and activities


In Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of

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