World Sight Day Activities Report

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World Sight Day Activities Report


World Sight Day 2013 saw numerous organizations putting together events of great verve and colour to draw attention to avoidable blindness and rehabilitation. The report includes over 300 events from every region with some images to accompany the stories.

World Sight Day 2013 re-kindled a lot of excitement and participation from a number of stakeholders. After two years without a theme, IAPB chose to focus on the WHO’s ‘Global Action Plan: Towards Universal Eye Health’ and made it the theme for this year.  IAPB believes that we should use a rolling theme – ‘Universal Eye Health’ will remain the theme for the next couple of years.

Each year, we will focus on one aspect of the theme to develop a “Call to Action”. For 2013, the call to action was: Get your Eyes Tested.

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