Worksheet: Journey along the Nephron

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Developed by Dr. Gregory J. Crowther – permission to reuse/adapt with attribution is granted

Worksheet: Journey along the Nephron

  • Reinforce our understanding of how various substances may be filtered, secreted, and/or reabsorbed by drawing graphs of substance levels at various sections along a nephron.

A. Background anatomy and terminology

1. Label the diagram at right (from with the following terms:
* Bowman’s capsule (glomerular capsule)

* collecting duct

* distal tubule

* glomerulus

* loop of Henle (nephron loop)

* proximal tubule

* renal corpuscle

2. Three main processes govern the formation of urine. (A short song about them, “Pee Values,” is here: Briefly define each process below.


B. Nephron graphs
For any substance that is present in the blood, we can make a graph of the amount of it passing through any given section of a nephron as shown below.

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