Wisconsin High School Model United Nations

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Wisconsin High School Model United Nations


--Humanitarian aid to Palestine

The country of Palestine, unfortunately, cannot be considered the best country to reside in. The country has been in an economic crisis, with workers receiving getting low wages, and internal and external closure effecting business severely. For over 60 years, Palestinian refugees have lived in Lebanon. These several hundred thousand refugees are not granted civil or social rights from Lebanon. There has also been the long, violent feud with Israel. It is easy to see that Palestine is in desperate need of humanitarian aid.
Much Humanitarian support has been channeled through the United Nations, and Norway is doing its best to help the country in need. The Norwegian People’s Aid is working to strengthen Palestinian society and its resistance of the occupation policy. NPA has been active in Palestine since 1987. NPA is working to strengthen local organizations and their effort in the community, and promoting democratic processes. NPA would like groups in society to participate and be heard politically and socially. These groups include young people, women, and refugees. NPA is also supporting aid projects within farming/fishing and training. Support is given to Palestine’s land and resources. NPA’s partners in Palestine include the Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, the Union of Agriculture Work Committees, Al Majd Women’s Association, El Wedad society for Community Rehabilitation, and the Students Forum.

Another Norway Aid group, NORWAC (Norwegian Aid Committee) has been offering much support to Palestinians in need of jobs. They have met with Palestinian leaders and have funded hospitals and libraries, and have worked to give support to nurses and midwifes in Gaza.

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