Wired Broadband and Related Industry Glossary of Terms with Acronyms As of 13 June 2011 Compiled By: Conrad L. Young, Director, Broadband Technical Strategy

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A network in which all terminals are connected through a single point, such as a star coupler or concentrator. [Fib111]
Start Bits
A sequence of bits sent by a device transmitting data so that the device receiving the data can synchronize its clock, which dictates the intervals at which individual bits are expected to be sent and received.


Minor orbital adjustments that are conducted to maintain the satellite's orbital assignment within the allocated "box" within the geostationary arc. [Sat07]
Statute Mile

A distance of 5,280 feet. [Tim11]
Set-top Box

STB Client

A device employed in switched digital video (SDV) capable headends and hubs that monitors and captures user channel usage (remote control “clicks”) and requests SDV servers. The STB Client receives HFC and RFoG network downstream (DS) commands from the SDV server to tune to the appropriate channel to match customer requests.
Step-index Fiber

Fiber that has a uniform index of refraction throughout the core that is a step below the index of refraction in the cladding.  [Fib111]

Step-index Fiber Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/s

Steering Coil

A Steering Coil in a television is simply a large bind of copper wire that is hooked up to the power supply, effectively creating an electromagnet. There are two (2) steering coils in a television: the first one is used to control horizontal direction of the electron beam and the second is used for vertical control. Since the electron beam in the cathode ray tube carries a negative charge, it can be directed by manipulating the magnetic fields that the steering coils produce. Using this vertical and horizontal directional system the electron beam can be pointed at any space on the television screen. [Glo07]
Steering committee

A group of persons who meet periodically to evaluate the progress and success of the implementation of the technology solution. [Tim11]
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS)

The easiest fiber nonlinearity to trigger. When a powerful light wave travels through a fiber it interacts with acoustical vibration modes in the glass. This causes a scattering mechanism to be formed that reflects much of the light back to the source. [Fib111]

SBS Threshold (SBSt) Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/s

Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Threshold (SBSt)

Defined by ITU-T 650.2, SBSt is the laser pump power threshold for the onset of SBS impairments.
Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS)

A fiber nonlinearity similar to SBS but having a much higher threshold. This mechanism can also cause power to be robbed from shorter wavelength signals and provide gain to longer wavelength signals. [Fib111]

SRS Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/s


Coaxial cable connector employed to connect hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network transmission line optical nodes, trunk/bridger, and line extender (LE) amplifiers to low loss large diameter coaxial cable. Also known as a pin-type or chassis connector. Male connectors of this type are defined by ANSI/SCTE 111 2010 Specification for 5/8-24 Plug, Male Adapters. This specification serves as a recommended guideline for the physical dimensions of 5/8 – 24 plug (male) hard-line adapters that are used as interconnects in the 75 ohm RF broadband communications industry. It is not the purpose of this standard to specify the details of manufacturing. This type of termination is also known as a “trunk and distribution” coaxial cable connector.

Representative of this type of connector are the Coning Gilbert GRSTM 3-Piece Series (link: http://www.corning.com/gilbert/broadband_products/trunk_distribution/GRS.aspx) described below:

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