Wired Broadband and Related Industry Glossary of Terms with Acronyms As of 13 June 2011 Compiled By: Conrad L. Young, Director, Broadband Technical Strategy

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Unobstructed elevation and azimuth angles necessary to properly aim a satellite antenna at a communications satellite. Also called look angle. [Arr11]
Line Level

The level of a signal at a certain point on a transmission line, usually expressed in decibels. [Arr11]
Line Speed
The rate at which individual bits are transmitted on a telephone connection. A modem's line speed may be set at 14,400 bits per second, an ISDN line at 64,000 bits per second. Line speed does not take into account whether the data it is sending has been compressed to increase actual throughput.

Line Terminator

A device used to electrically terminate the end of a coaxial line in its normal impedance for the primary purpose of minimizing ghosting. [Arr11]

The characteristic of a device or network whose output signal voltage is directly proportional to its input signal voltage. [Arr11]
Linear Distortion

Amplitude characteristics that are not flat over the pass band and phase characteristics that are not linear over the pass band. [Arr11]


A circuit or transmission path, including all equipment, between a sender and a receiver. [Arr11]
Link Encryption
Cryptography applied to data as it travels on data links between the network devices.

Lissajous Curves
Lissajous curves are the family of curves described by the parametric equations:

Sometimes also written in the form

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