Wired Broadband and Related Industry Glossary of Terms with Acronyms As of 13 June 2011 Compiled By: Conrad L. Young, Director, Broadband Technical Strategy

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Federal Acquisition Regulation; the guidelines by which the U.S. government purchases goods and services. Also the criteria that must be met by the vendor in order to be considered as a source for goods and services purchased by the U.S. government. [Fib111]
Far-end Crosstalk

See wavelength isolation.
The Internet Explorer equivalent of a bookmark, it is a Web site location which has been saved to an organized list for quick access at a later time.


A fiber optic connector developed by NTT. [Arr11]

Photo courtesy of http://www.timbercon.com/

Federal Communications Commission

Flexible Call Offering

The final piece of hardware (familiar to subscribers) on a drop cable. It is cylindrical with a center pin sticking out, that plugs into the set-top box, cable ready TV or VCR.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in cooperation with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), has issued standards covering F-connector design, manufacture, and test. The following standards are representative:

ANSI/SCTE 01 2006

Specification for "F" Port, Female, Outdoor

ANSI/SCTE 02 2006

Specification for "F" Port, Female, Indoor

ANSI/SCTE 03 2008

Test Method for Coaxial Cable Structural Return Loss

ANSI/SCTE 04 2007

Test Method for "F" Connector Return Loss

ANSI/SCTE 05 2008

Test Method for "F" Connector Return Loss In-Line Pair

ANSI/SCTE 103 2004

Test Method for DC Contact Resistance, Drop cable to F-Connectors and F81 Barrels

ANSI/SCTE 123 2006

Specification for "F" Connector, Male, Feed-Through

ANSI/SCTE 124 2006

Specification for "F" Connector, Male, Pin Type

ANIS/SCTE 146 2008

Outdoor "F" Female to "F" Female Inline Splice

ANSI/SCTE 147 2008

Specification for 75 ohm, Inline Attenuators

ANSI/SCTE 148 2008

Specification for Male "F" Terminator, 75 Ohm

ANSI/SCTE 149 2008

Test Method for Withstanding Tightening Torque- "F" Female

ANSI/SCTE 155 2008

Indoor "F" Female to "F" Female Inline Splice

ANSI/SCTE 160 2010

Specification for Mini ‘F’ Connector, Male, Pin Type

Latest edition of these standards may be found using the following links: http://www.scte.org/standards/Standards_Available.aspx or www.webstore.ansi.org


Fiber optic connector

Ratio of antenna focal length to antenna diameter. A higher ratio means a shallower dish. [Sat07]
Frequency Division Duplex

Fiber Distributed Data Interface

Frequency Division Multiple Access

F/D Ratio

The ratio of an antenna's focal length to diameter. It describes the "depth" of a dish. [Arr11]
Forward Error Correction; a class of methods for controlling errors in a communication system. FEC sends parity information with the data which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data. [Cab11]

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The agency that regulates communications services, including cable television, at the federal level. Or a US Federal agency responsible for establishing policies to govern interstate and international communications.


Energy that is extracted from a high-level point in a circuit and applied to a lower level. Positive feedback reduces the stability of a device and is used to increase the sensitivity or produce oscillation in a system; negative feedback, also called inverse feedback, increases the stability and fidelity. [Arr11]
Feeder Cable
Coaxial cables that run along streets within the served area and connect between the individual taps which serve the customer drops.

Feeder Line

Cable distribution lines that connect the main trunk line or cable to the smaller drop cable.


A splitting device used to provide multiple outlet connections from distribution amplifiers. [Arr11]

An amplification technique which provides improved distortion performance and output capability compared to conventional push-pull amplification techniques. [Arr11]

A device that collects signals reflected from the surface of an antenna. It is mounted at the focus in all prime focus parabolic antennas. [Arr11]
Feed-Thru Connector

A device that seizes the outer conductor of a coaxial hard-line cable. The cable center conductor extends through this type of connector and is retained within the equipment housing. [Arr11]
Female Adapter

A female adapter is designed to receive the pin of a male connector. [Arr11]
Female Splice Adapter

A female splice adapter is used to splice two chassis connectors. It enables splicing of any type cable to any other. [Arr11]

A femtocell is a wireless access point that improves cellular reception inside a home or office building. The device, which resembles a wireless router, essentially acts as a VoIP repeater. When connected to Internet broadband, it broadcasts the connection using radio waves. A cell phone call initiated in a home equipped with femtocall would start at the handset, be sent to the femtocell, go from the femtocell to the Internet through the broadband connection, and end up back on the cellular network. Femtocells are compatible with CDMA2000, WiMAX, or UMTS mobile telephony devices, using the provider's own licensed spectrum to operate. One femtocell can potentially service up to five mobile devices concurrently. Femtocells were originally called access point base stations. The term was derived from cell and "femto," a metric prefix that stands for 1015, or one-quadrillionth, six orders of magnitude smaller than nano. The development of femtocells is credited, in part, to the work of a skunkworks team at Motorola in the UK, where they created the world's smallest full power UMTS base station. Femtocell technology is still in its infancy, in terms of actual installations. Service providers are promoting the technology as a cost-effective way for customers to extend indoor coverage. [Sea11]

Representative femtocell, Photograph courtesy of http://searchtelecom.techtarget.com/definition/femtocell

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