Wired Broadband and Related Industry Glossary of Terms with Acronyms As of 13 June 2011 Compiled By: Conrad L. Young, Director, Broadband Technical Strategy

A group of textile or metallic filaments interwoven to form a tubular structure which may be applied over one or more wires, or flattened to form a strap.[Arr11]

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A group of textile or metallic filaments interwoven to form a tubular structure which may be applied over one or more wires, or flattened to form a strap.[Arr11]


Basic Rate Interface

Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU)

Spanning tree protocol “hello packet” sent out at intervals to exchange information among bridges in the network.

Bridged Tap

Wires that are connected to a network, in which one end of the wire is unconnected to proper termination equipment. (ex: A consumer or technician removes devices without completely disconnecting the old device.)

Bridger Amplifier

Trunk amplifiers serve not only to boost the signal and pass it along, but also to provide branching lines, called feeders, for distribution of the signals to subscribers. The bridger amplifier is housed in the same case as the trunk amplifier. It taps the trunk at about +20 dBmV and splits the signal into 2 to 4 feeder lines.

Excerpt from ANSI/SCTE 87-1 2008,

Graphic Symbols For Cable Systems Part 1: HFC Symbols
Bridging Amplifier

An amplifier connected directly into the main trunk of the cable TV system. It provides isolation from the main trunk and has multiple high level outputs that provide signal to the feeder portion of the distribution network. Synonymous with bridger and distribution amplifier. Also referred to as a “bridger amplifier”, “bridger”, or “trunk/bridger amplifier”.[Arr11]
British Institution of Radio Engineers

A professional organization for radio engineers.[1] founded in 1925.[2] The main aim of the Institution was the advancement of the practice of radio engineering, through conferences, meetings, and training.[1] The Institution published the Journal of the British Institution of Radio Engineers between 1939 and 1962.[3] From 1963–64, it published the Proceedings of the British Institution of Radio Engineers.[4] [Wik102]

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A transmission medium that allows transmission of voice, data, and video simultaneously at rates of 1.544Mbps or higher. Broadband transmission media generally can carry multiple channels—each at a different frequency or specific time slot.

Broadband Antenna

An off-air antenna that receives an entire band or bands of television broadcast signals.[Arr11]
Broadband Communications System
Frequently used as a synonym for cable television. It can describe any system capable of delivering wide-band channels and services.

Broadband Modulation
The transfer of information by a radio signal requires a certain minimum amount of spectrum space. This minimum depends on the rate at which this information is conveyed. Sometimes called wideband modulation.

Broadband Network Bridge

More commonly known as a Cable Modem, a broadband network bridge is a device that “bridges” radio-wave-like signals sent over cable TV wiring to standard Ethernet LAN connections, which you can plug into a computer's Ethernet network card.

Broad beam

A single large circular beam that covers a large geographic area. [Sat07]
A broadcast is a service that is delivered to all customers. Each customer may select a particular broadcast channel out of many.

Broadcast Addresses

A predefined destination address that denotes the set of all service access points.

Broadcast Application
A broadcast application is an application running on a set-top converter that is loaded through in-band information, inserted either at the headend or by a content provider further upstream.

Broadcast Control Channel

The channel, broadcast continually from the base station that contains telemetry, identification and configuration data.

Broadcast File System (BFS)
A broadcast file system is a data carousel system by which application data can be stored on an application server and transmitted frequently to the set-top converters for application use.

Broadcaster's Service Area
Geographical area encompassed by a station's signal.


The dissemination of any form of radio electric communications by means of Hertzian waves intended to be received by the public. Transmission of over-the-air signals for public use. Also, the transmission of electromagnetic TV and radio signals in a multidirectional pattern. Usually applied only to commercial signals.[Arr11]


A device that routes specific protocols, such as TCP/IP and IPX, and bridges other protocols, thereby combining the functions of both routers and bridges.


A program used to graphically display HTML documents from the World Wide Web or other sources. Newer versions of most browsers can also display video clips and animations, play sound and interactive games. The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator.


Broadcast Satellite Service; an ITU designation; however, DBS, or Direct Broadcast Service is more commonly used term in the satellite industry. [Sat07]

British Telecom

British Telecom International

Bell Telephone Laboratories. [Arr11]

British Telecom Research Laboratories

A coating material used to cover and protect the fiber. It can be constructed using either a tight jacket or loose tube techniques. The buffer must be removed for connectorization and splicing. May consist of more than one layer, increases apparent fiber size and is stated in microns.[Arr11]

Fiber Draw Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/b

Buried Cable

A cable installed directly in the earth without the use of underground conduits.[Arr11]
Burst Error Second
Any errored second containing at least 100 errors.

A local area network (LAN) topology in which all the nodes are connected to a single cable. All nodes are considered equal and receive all transmissions on the medium.

Bus Network

A network topology in which all terminals are attached to a transmission medium serving as a bus. Also called a daisy-chain configuration. [Fib111]

Bus Network Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/b

Business-to-Business (B-to-B)
Used to describe an e-commerce site used to facilitate business between two separate businesses.

Business-to-Consumer (B-to-C)
Used to describe an e-commerce site used to facilitate business between a business and a consumer.

Business Television

Corporate communications tool involving video transmission of information via satellite. Common uses of business television are for meetings, product introductions and training. [Sat07]
Buttonhook Feed

A shaped piece of waveguide directing signal from the feed to the low noise amplifier (LNA) behind the antenna. [Sat07]
Butt Splice

A joining of two fibers without optical connectors arranged end-to-end by means of a coupling. Fusion splicing is an example. [Fib111]

Use of satellite, local area network, wide area network or metropolitan area network as an alternative transmission facility. [Sat07] Also, the ability of a station to isolate itself optically from a network while maintaining the continuity of the cable plant. [Fib111]

Bypass Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/b

A unit of data measurement made up of eight bits, short for binary term. One byte can represent a character such as a letter, number, or punctuation mark. Large groups of bytes (megabytes and gigabytes) are typical units of measurement for things such as RAM and hard drive size.

Bits to Byte Diagram courtesy of Fiber Optics Info, http://www.fiber-optics.info/fiber_optic_glossary/b



Certification Authority

Conditional Access


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