Win (Weizmann institute neuroscience) Research

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WIN (Weizmann institute neuroscience) Research

Neuroscience research at the Weizmann institute employs various cutting-edge disciplines, including molecular, computation, systems, cellular, and cognition. Many of the groups combine several approaches into a multidisciplinary research. Please visit individual labs for more information.

List of Research Groups (in alphabetical order):
Ehud Ahissar, Department of Neurobiology

Neural mechanisms of adaptive perception
Shabtai Barash, Department of Neurobiology

Mind-Brain: Neurophysiology 
Alon Chen, Department of Neurobiology

Neurobiology of stress
Mike Fainzilber, Department of Biomolecular Sciences

Molecular neurobiology
Ofer Feinerman, Department of Physics of Complex Systems

Ant collective behavior
Tamar Flash, Department of Computer Science And Applied Mathematics

Motor control in humans and robotic systems
Eran Hornstein, Department of Molecular Genetics

Regulation of cellular processes by miRNAs
Tali Kimchi, Department of Neurobiology

Neuronal basis of sexually dimorphic behaviors
Ilan Lampl, Department of Neurobiology

Processing of sensory information in the cerebral cortex
Gil Levkowitz, department of Molecular Cell Biology

Development and function of the hypothalamus
Rafi Malach, Department of Neurobiology

Vision and the human brain
Elisha Moses, Department of Physics of Complex Systems

Physics of biological computation
Rony Paz, Department of Neurobiology

Neural mechanisms of learning
Elior Peles, Department of Molecular Cell Biology

The development of myelinated nerves
Orly Reiner, Department of Molecular Genetics

Forming the Cortex-translating environmental cues to cellular responses
Michal Rivlin, Department of Neurobiology

Dynamic computations in the retina
Eitan Reuveny, Department of Biomolecular Sciences 

Ion channel – signaling Physiology and biophysics
Dov Sagi, Department of Neurobiology

From images to visual perception
Elad Schneidman, Department of Neurobiology

Neural computation, learning, and collective behavior
Michal Schwartz, Department of Neurobiology

The laboratory of the immunology of the mind in health and disease
Oren Schuldiner, Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Molecular mechanisms of neuronal remodeling
Noam Sobel, Department of Neurobiology

Ivo Spiegel, Department of Neurobiology

How experience regulates brain function
Michail Tsodyks, Department of Neurobiology

Models of brain function
Nachum Ulanovsky, Department of Neurobiology

Hippocampal neural activity in freely moving echolocating bats
Shimon Ullman, Department of Computer Science And Applied Mathematics

Avraham Yaron, Dept. of Biomolecular Sciences 

Neuronal wiring
Ofer Yizhar, Dept. of Neurobiology

Synaptic organization in neural circuits
Yaniv Ziv, Dept. of Neurobiology

Neural coding of long-term memory

Professor emeriti
Yadin Dudai, Department of Neurobiology

Learning and Memory
Amiram Grinvald, Department of Neurobiology

Seeing the brain in action
Menahem Segal, Department of Neurobiology

Neuronal plasticity
Yitzhak Koch, Department of Neurobiology

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)
Israel Silman, Department of Neurobiology

Acetylcholinesterase, a synaptic enzyme
Zvi Vogel, Department of Neurobiology

Mechanisms of Drug Abuse

Ephraim Yavin, Department of Neurobiology

Oxidative stress, bioactive lipids and cell death 

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