William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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 will make you the onely Lord & maister ouer me, and of all things that I possesse, beyng prest and readie in all points to folowe your commaundement. But if your intent be otherwise, and thinke to reape the frute of my virginitie, vnder pretense of wanton , you be greatly deceiued, and doe praye you to auoide and suffer me from henceforth to liue in rest a|mongs mine equals. Rhomeo which loked for none o|ther thing holding vp his handes to the heauens, with incredible ioy and contentation, answered: Madame for somuch as it hath pleased you to do me that honour to accept me for such a one, I accorde and consente to your request, and do offer vnto you the best part of my heart, which shall remaine with you for guage & sure testimonie of my saying, vntill such time as God shall giue me leaue to make you the entier owner and pos|sessor of the same. And to yt intent I may begyn mine enterprise, to morow I wil to Frier Laurence for  the same, who bisides that he is my ghostly Fa|ther, is accustomed to giue me instruction in all my o|ther secrete affaires, and fayle not (if you please) to méete me againe in this place at this very hour, to the intent I may giue you to vnderstande the deuise be|twene him and me, which she liked very wel, & ended their talk for that time. Rhomeoreceiuing none other fauor at hir hands for that night, but only words.

This frier Laurence of whom hereafter we shal make more ample mention, was an au~cient Doctor of Diuinitie, of the order of the friers Minors, who bisides the hap|py profession which hée had made in studie of holie writ, was very skilful in Philosophy, and a great sear|cher of nature secrets, & excéeding famous in Magike knowledge, and other hidde~ and secret sciences, which nothing diminished his reputation, bicause he did not

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abuse the same. And this Frier through his vertue and pietic, had so wel won the citizens hearts of ,  he was almost the confessor to them all, and of al men generally reuerenced and beloued: and many tymes for his great prudence was called by the lordes of the Citie, to the weightie affaires of the same. And amon|ges other he was greatly fauored by the lord of , that time the principal gouernor of Verona, and of al yt familie of , and of the Capellets, and of many other. The yong Rhomeo (as we haue alredy declared) fro~ his te~der age, bare a certein particle amitie to frier Laure~ce, & departed to him his secrets, by means wher|of so soone as he was gone from ,  straight to ye FriersFra~ciscans, wher fro~ point to point he discour|sed ye successe of his loue to yt good father, & the co~clusion of the mariage betwene him & , adding vpon the end of talk, yt he wold rather choose shameful death,  to faile hir of his promise. To who~ the good  after he had debated diuers matters, & proposed the incon|ueniences of that secrete mariage, exhorted hym to more mature deliberation of the same: notwithstan|ding, all the alleged persuasio~s wer not able to reuoke his promise. Wherfore the Frier vanquished with his stubbornesse, and also forecasting in his minde that the mariage might be some  of reco~ciliatio~ of those two houses, in the ende agréed to his request,  him, that he might haue one delayed day for  to  what was beste to be done. But if Rhomeo for his part was carefull to prouide for his af|faires, Iulietta like wise did hir . For seing yt  had none about hir to discouer hir passions, she deuised to impart the whole to hir nurse which laye in hir , apointed to  vpon hir, to whome she commit|ted the intier secrets of ye loue betwene Rhomeo & hir.

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