Why the jews?

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They hate Eastern European Jews; they hate Israeli, Russian and Yemenite Jews; they hate blond, blue-eyed Dutch Jews as well as dark-skinned, Mediterranean-looking Jews. Any Jew will do. 


The reason why Hitler hated the Jews was because they stood in the way of his utopia. Hitler’s picture of the perfect world was a return to a state of jungle-type existence, instead of living as neighbours.

He fashioned his own brand of religion out of a philosophy based on indulging all of man’s basest desires. The "Hitler Youth" sang this song:

We are the joyous Hitler Youth,

We have no need for Christian virtue.
Our leader is our saviour;
The pope and rabbi shall
be gone. We shall be pagans once again.

Hitler’s view of how people should live was a complete contradiction to the Jews. The Jews believe in one God, peace, equality, helping the poor ect. For this reason Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews, because he thought that they were the only people standing in the way of his new world.

Look at this MurrayGold: http://www.aish.com/seminars/whythejews/wtj01000.htm

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