What's so smart about Smart Lighting Control Systems?

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This presentation discusses a number of design trends that are currently shaping the industry and promising to redefine the role of lighting as we know it. New technologies are making dimensions such as color and dynamic behavior over time viable for main-stream lighting, and that constitutes exponential change. This presentation explores a few of the dimensions that appear to be gaining traction, and attempts to illuminate some of the reasoning behind their development. Implications to the user experience are discussed, along with the inadequacy of present lighting metrics.


  • Discover ways in which emerging technologies are being applied to affect new capabilities in lighting

  • Learn how a rich palette of dark architectural colors (including gray) may be produced with light

  • Learn how dynamic lighting systems can be coordinated to maintain constancy of illuminance and color at task surfaces

  • Learn how control systems and metrics must adapt to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry 

Stargazing vs. Safety: The dilemma of exterior lighting

Shaun Fillion Co-Presenter
Program Director

Shaun Fillion, LC Educator IALD, is an award winning lighting designer with two decades of lighting design experience and a decade of experience as an educator. Fillion has received Illumination awards, the IESNA Section Service Award and the Princess Grace Award. 

Fillion serves as Program Director for the MPS-L Lighting Design program at the New York School of Interior Design. Fillion also serves as RAB's Lighting Studio Manager for major projects and national accounts.

Fillion is secretary of the IES Progress Committee and the Libraries RP committee, as well as advisory member of the Residential Lighting Committee. Fillion serves on the board of managers for the IES New York City Chapter, and as adviser to the Student Lighting Competition Committee. He is a certified instructor for AGi32.

Jane Slade Presenter
Specification Sales Manager
RAB Lighting

Jane Slade, MID, LC, IES is the Specification Sales Manager of New England for RAB Lighting. Slade is a recent Richard Kelly Grant recipient for her explorations into the social and emotional impacts of light and lighting, through her work in creating lighting fixtures from waste materials in India, and through art installations focused on manipulating emotional experiences with light and color.

Slade is the Vice President of the DLF of New England, chairing the scholarship which sends university students to both Light + Building in Germany, as well as Lightfair in North America. Slade is also an educator, currently teaching Design Studio at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts.

Slade practices art in her studio, Waterlight, where she experiments with light as a medium and is currently working on an exhibition that seeks to explore and measure the impact of specific wavelengths of light upon human perception. She also teaches yoga in her home city, Cambridge, MA. 

Tuesday, March 13: 12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM 
Conference Session 


Can safety and stargazing coexist? Can a security light expose a trespasser without creating light trespass? Designers today are faced with a challenge of balancing best practices in security lighting without flooding the neighbors with light, all while maintaining a view of our night's sky. While the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) restricts light where it is not needed, guidelines for security lighting are often in contradiction. The seminar will cover current practices for Dark Skies and security lighting, challenges with adaptation, and the use of controls to bridge the gap.


  • Review current lighting practices to meet the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO).

  • Review current security lighting practices.

  • Understand the benefit of controls for security lighting.

  • Consider adaptation when moving from bright interiors to dark exteriors, and from a bright property to an adjacent dark sidewalk. 

Understanding California Title 24 and 20 and it's impact on lighting

Jamie Eck Presenter
Regional Sales Manager Northeast & Mid-Atlantic
Satco Nuvo Lighting

Jamie Eck has 25+ years of experience in the lighting industry. His background includes working for lighting distribution in the NY/NJ Metro market as well as working for major lighting manufacturers first with Philips Lighting for 7 years where his role included National Accounts Retail working with the end user as well as national distribution and GE Lighting for 2 years prior to joining Satco Nuvo Lighting in July 2016.

 In his role for Satco Nuvo Lighting he is responsible for the Northeast Territory which encompasses Maine through Virginia coordinating the sales efforts of 10 rep agencies as well as 5 factory direct sales representatives.  
Tuesday, March 13: 3:00 PM  - 4:00 PM 
Conference Session 

California's Title 24 and Title 20 will have a major impact in the US. as it relates lighting for end users and manufacturers alike. These regulatory codes are the most aggressive energy codes in the United States in it's pursuit to be energy efficient. The standards which go into effect January 2018 will set a new standard for lighting in the United Sates.


• Understand the history of Title 24, how it came into existence and the impact to the end user.

• Understand the history of Title 20, how it came into existence and the impact to the end user.

• Understand the impact, from a manufacturers perspective, on products that need to be produced and how to comply with current legislation.

• Current state of legal objections and actions. 

Implementing Scientific Research in the Built Environment

Gayathri Unnikrishnan Presenter
Director, Standard Development
International WELL Building Standard

Gayathri Unnikrishnan serves as the concept lead for the Light concept at the International Well Building Institute. Her responsibilities include managing technical review processes within the Standard Development team at IWBI, delving into scientific research about light and human health as well as development of the light concept in the WELL Building Standard. Her background is in lighting design and engineering, and she is passionate about human centric design in the built environment. In her free time, Gayathri enjoys going on long walks and exploring neighborhoods around New York City

Wednesday, March 14: 11:30 AM  - 12:30 PM 
Conference Session 

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